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Post by Spencer Bledsoe on Sat 4 Jun - 21:32:00

I'm not going to lie, while I do like Kelley and wouldn't be angry to see her win, I'm just not a big fan of the "winning her way to the end" game she played. Even with the twist I expect someone to have a hand in the votes and the strategy. So I will be voting either Dan or Jaclyn.

I talked to Dan way more and he truly cared about this game and made an effort to make sure he was in a good spot with others but I also feel for Jaclyn because I've been in a spot where I was called undeserving because they rode the coattails of someone like Natalie who is a more visible player. The truth is while Jaclyn may have gotten on late and been on the less active side, I do think she had more to do with the game then what Natalie says. (But less than what Jaclyn says herself)

I believe I'm taking everything into account and because of this, I vote to for Dan to win Survivor: Hevonkakki.
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