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Post by Tina Wesson on Tue 7 Jun - 14:40:47

Episode 3 - "Call me the Big Schmoozer."

Huora: Hayden Moss...Jaclyn Schultz...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Rebecca Boreman...Rob Mariano
Narttu: Aubry Bracco...Cirie Fields...Crystal Cox...Gary Stritesky...Todd Herzog
Vittu: Brenda Lowe...Dan Foley...Matt Quinlan...Robb Zbacnik...Spencer Bledsoe

*Narttu returns back to camp, Aubry looks saddened by the nights' events*

Aubry (confessional): I feel bad that Penner left when it turned out he was on vacation for the first round, but we couldn't have known that. Purple group doesn't seem to be very active since that's why they keep missing challenges, and green looks really strong. I can't tell if they're all getting along well or if they just work together nicely, but it might be a problem to break through later. I hope I don't lose motivation, usually it's when I stop giving a shit that I play poorly.

*all 3 tribes receive news that a reward challenge is coming up next. The camera zooms in on Crystal, Dan and Kelley's reactions on each tribe*


Dan (confessional): If there was a Cloud 10 I'd be on it. We won immunity. Brenda and me we're keepin' this tribe together. I've got an alliance with Brenda and an alliance with Robb. After the immunity challenge I may have made a connection with Cirie. I'm back in it. There's also a reward challenge comin' up. Maybe it's an idol clue. Maybe it's an idol. Maybe the winnin' tribe gets an advantage at the next immunity challenge. Maybe there's a tribe swap happenin' and two people win the chance to pick new tribes. It might suck if it's new tribes but then again it might not. Brenda and me, we are battling to keep this tribe together. When a challenge pops up Matt and Robb become the Houdini twins. Spence is inconsistent. This tribe would sink without Brenda and me.

Kelley (confessional): So tonight is our second reward challenge. Usually my opinion in regards to rewards is that it is nice to be the one that has them and not have to be paranoid about who might have them. But I figured if an Idol was handed out, it was for the reward challenge #1. I am sure this one will be a double vote or a vote nullifier. I wonder if I should show up or not. Last night was not my best moment, challenge wise, so I could use a reward in case we lose the next immunity, but I dont want to look too threatening. I will probably skip it and pretend I forgot or something Laughing

The reward challenge involved putting the users who competed in the first 3 seasons of Spooky's Survivor IMDb in alphabetical order. The first one done would win the reward. It was a hard fought reward but Natalie ended up winning it.

Sandra: Congratulations! You have won this reward challenge. Your prize is....A DOUBLE VOTE. You can use this at any TC you attend from now until and including final 7. You can also give this power to someone but it has to be given before voting opens. You must use it at the same time as your vote, you can't vote and then use it later. Please ask if you have any questions.
Natalie: Thanks boo <3

Natalie (confessional): So when I saw the reward challenge, I immediately knew I needed to win it. Not because I really thought I need the reward, but mainly I don't want anyone else to have it! And especially since the winner is secret, there were no downsides for going for the reward. And what do you know! I won it! A double vote is definitely going to help me in this game. There's still 16 people left, and it's good up to the final seven. That's a lot of tribals I can use it at! Hopefully I won't have to use it at all and my alliances will carry me through, but I have it up my sleeve just in case. I'm also not going to tell anyone about it, mainly because I don't know who my closest allies are yet. It's definitely on a need to know basis, and frankly no one needs to know it!

*the camera pans to Kelley approaching Brenda*

Kelley: Hey girl did you win the reward? please say yes!
Brenda: I didn't no. I thought Natalie might of.

*Kelley frowns as the camera pans to Hayden standing in front of Natalie*

Hayden: That reward was hard. Did you do it?
Natalie: I did it but I mis-typed one of the names! I'm asking the other blood v water people if they got it. Did you win it?
Hayden: Nope missed a name.

*Hayden walks away and Natalie smirks at the camera, the camera then shows Cirie approaching Dan to talk about the reward challenge*

Cirie: I wasnt able to play the reward challenge, my internet is being stupid tonight. How about you? I think the prize may have been an idol or extra vote, something like that
Dan: I started to but somethin' came up and I had 20 minutes by the time I came back on. I submitted but like a second later the answers were posted. The advantage or reward or whatever woulda been good to have but I won't lose sleep over it.

*Dan walks away from Cirie with purpose*

Dan (confessional): Yea, I didn't win the reward. Its not the end of the world. I've got a solid alliance with Brenda. I've got a pretty good alliance with Robb. If our tribe continues on its current path Brenda and me will show up and do our best and everyone else will not.

*We see Dan is lumbering towards Rob, Rob seems a little startled at first but then strikes up a conversation*

Rob: I hope this doesn't sound too forward, but us guys gotta stick together. It's the only way we'll make it, in the event we all make merge.
Dan: Bro, I'm not disagreeing with ya. It's definitely somethin to consider but since Brenda and me are the only ones showin up for challenges over here it's not the best strategy. But if a swap is comin then it's somethin I could get on board with.
Rob: Yeah, it sucks that you and Brenda are the only ones really showing up for the challenges. I wish you guys the best, truly. If I can help you guys in anyway in the future, let me know.
Dan: Yeah next time buy a guy a drink first before offerin' up a sweet deal alliance that I can't join at this present moment.

Dan (confessional): Call me the Big Schmoozer. I'll schmooze my way to the end. Boston Rob offered a kind of bros before hoes alliance. Not that I'm really considerin' that at this point. The guy makes a good case though. There are a lot of strong women in this game. I'm on a tribe with one of 'em. However I can't trust Boston Rob. Cuz he's BOSTON ROB. The seed is planted though. Then there's Cirie who I've developed a whats the word? Repartee. There's Jaclyn. I can't say anything negative about Jaclyn. I haven't spoken to some of the other people since the schoolyard pick. Like Gary and Aubry and that's about it. If I thought it would be benefit me to do so I would reach out. I'm no Boston Rob it'd take a giant chunk outta my ass if people found out. Ill have to keep the schmoozin' to myself for now.

The third immunity challenge involved finding different quotes on the IMDb message boards and supplying the username who posted it. Narttu scored 4 points & Huora scored 3 points, both besting the 2 points of the Vittu, winning them immunity and sending the underdog purple tribe back to tribal council.


*The tribe mates celebrate another victory, Kelley & Natalie high five and then start whispering*

Natalie: Why do you think Jaclyn sat out? Rebecca and Rob aren't here from what I can tell!
Kelley: At least she had the decency to tell us she couldnt be here. Not the same for Reb and Rob lol. But at least Rob randomly showed up to help. I feel like if we lose, it's pretty obvious who should go.
Natalie: Yep, bye Rebecca lol

Natalie (confessional): Somehow by the grace of the Survivor gods, we pulled it out. And you know why? Freaking CIRIE helped me win it! She PMed me and told me that her tribe used a special board reader website to easily find the posts. I used it and got my third answer in RIGHT before the 30 minutes were up! Luckily Vittu only had 2 answers correct, and we pulled out the win! Rebecca is kind of pissing me off by not showing up for the challenges. Also why the actual fuck would Jaclyn sit this challenge out!? We should have sat someone out who wasn't going to be here. Jaclyn was here to say "I'll sit out" so she was definitely here. Rebecca wasn't at all. If we sat out Rebecca, we would have had an extra person to send in at the challenge. Ugh, regardless, I haven't had to go to tribal so I don't really care <3


*the camera shows Crystal & Cirie talking*


Crystal: Cirie, I have to apologize girl. I was not able to win the reward last night and like you struggled to attempt it! No word yet that I've heard on who won it. I will be on tonight for the tribe competition!
Cirie: There wasnt that many people on I know Aubry was on. 2 from green. Its okay we didnt win, it would just put a target on our back. I think it was an idol or an extra vote
Crystal: We should also be thinking about cross tribe connections to help us in a swap or merge. I don't feel good about the black girls staying loyal (Natalie and Rebecca) b/c we've never spoken outside that room.
Cirie: I have talked to Natalie but not Rebecca. I talk to Brenda and Dan the rest of the people I only talked to once or twice.
Crystal: I know Dan a little. I also know Jaclyn and Kelley.

Cirie (confessional): Looks like Vittu is floating by, except Dan and Brenda. Todd is useless but at least he shows up. Gary was late last time and didnt show up tonight. Looks like I should have picked Dan and Brenda.


*the camera shows a very depressed foursome with Matt asleep against a tree

Dan (confessional): We lost. Man, those dirty Huoras are hard to beat. That sucks. There's nowhere to hide with five people left on our tribe. Spence and me each scored a point. Brenda tried her damndest. Yet again, the Houdini Twins appear or disappear before the challenge starts. Once the phrase "Survivors ready" was said Robb and Matt (who made a very special appearance for like 3 seconds) they both scattered into hiding like cockroaches after a light is turned on. We cannot win if people dont show up. It's that simple. I do like Robb when he's not being a douche and when he's around but the guy doesn't show up. I don't know if hes lazy or just doesn't give a rats ass. Matt has done nothin since day one. That's not hyperbole. That's the God honest truth.

*Robb scatters away to do bro things and Matt stays asleep, Spencer, Brenda and Dan nod at each other*

Spencer: lol So who are we thinking?
Brenda: Matt lol. We tried. You two did great.
Dan: Thanx Brenda. We did our best. This challenge was not easy.
Spencer: Matt it is.
Dan: That was quick lol

Spencer (confessional): Looks like we lost immunity yet again and Dan, Brenda and I were the only ones to show up to the challenge. According to Brenda, since I haven't been on since the last immunity challenge, Matt hasn't showed up to any of the challenges we have had so far. I personally saw him online right before this one but I don't know whether he was just checking out the game real quick or not. Robb has been MIA as far as I know but maybe he was here during the second immunity challenge or the reward. So basically tonight it looks like it is either going to be Matt or Robb and Brenda seems to want Matt. I wanted Matt the first round because he is also not very talkative and that kinda stuff makes me really nervous to be around. I might send Robb a PM to try to get some kind of relationship going there. If we don't switch tribes (which I'm not expecting until at least the round after the next coming one, Final 14) then I might need to see if Robb is willing to go to a tiebreaker situation. But as for tonight, I think it's pretty clear cut that Matt is going home.

Dan (confessional): Spence, Brenda and me had a little strategy session that took like 12 seconds. She says Matt. Part of me thinks it a good idea to keep him around as an easy vote. However he's the kinda guy that might weasel his way to the merge over people that bust their ass at challenges. The only way this doesn't work is if Spence is really workin with Matt and Robb. That might be a problem if he tells them especially Robb, that I'm workin with Brenda. It could work against me. If its my time its my time but I ain't ready to go just yet.

*Robb scatters into frame and approaches Dan*

Robb: Sorry I wasn't here bro. I really don't wanna go.
Dan: I dont want you to go either bro. Brenda said she wanted to vote Matt. It ain't me, it ain't you and it ain't like Matt's been around anyway.
Robb: That's who I'll vote then
Dan: We need to start winnin bro
Robb: I know! It makes me worried that I'm always busy but I really want to be here. I want us to shine at the merge
Dan: Bro, I know you wanna be here. That's what sucks. Which is why we need to do well at the next challenge to keep our asses in the game and dude if a tribal swap happens at 14 its a new game. We gotta knock down the filthy Hueras and them to tribal.

Dan (confessional): Robb came up and says he wants to stay. I told him Brenda wanted Matt gone. He says he's votin that way too. Robb and me are in an alliance. I dont like that he doesnt show up to challenges but a deals a deal. It looks like everybodys votin Matt. It seems almost to easy don't it?

*camera cuts to the sun setting and the tribe entering tribal council, the five members sit on their stumps*

Sandra: Brenda, what is happening with this tribe?
Brenda: We just couldn't get this one. It was a tough challenge. I think we did good.

*Dan nods his head at this answer*

Sandra: Dan, can you use your wisdom and knock some sense into your tribemates?
Dan: You need a sledgehammer to knock sense into this tribe. We've lost 2 of the last 3 challenges. Not even Bill Belichick in his awesome wisdom could knock sense into this tribe.
Sandra: Robb, where were you tonight?
Robb: You know honestly I could care less whether we lose or not. I'm here to win the game not a smelly pussy ass immunity challenge. If we win we win if we lose, whatever.

*Dan and Brenda both visibly cringe at this answer*

Sandra: Dan and Brenda, are you hoping and praying for a tribe swap in the near future?
Dan: A tribe swap ain't happenin' at 15. Right now we need to worry about the vote and the next challenge. If ya start focusin' on the possibility of a tribe swap comin' up then you ain't focusin' on what needs to happen right now. If a tribe does happen in the very near future I'm thinkin' I could be Vittued.
Brenda: Swap? Not yet. If we did I would still be nervous.

Sandra: Alright time to vote, Robb you're up.

*Robb votes*

*Brenda votes*

*Dan votes*
Dan: You can't play the game if you dont show up. *shows vote for Matt*

*Spencer votes*

*Matt is seen writing Spencer's name down*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..



2 votes Matt and 1 vote Spencer.

Third person voted out....

Matt Quinlan

That's 3, that's enough. Thank you for agreeing to play. I'm sorry you couldn't be more active but I appreciate you signing up <3

You've survived another tribal council. You guys were able to bounce back after last tribal, we'll see if this lights the same fire in you. Head back to camp.

Matt - reveal
I was so very excited when I found out this person agreed to play this game. He's someone who always adds something fun to a season and is an amazing player. Unfortunately, this wasn't amazing timing for him and he didn't get to play as well as he is capable of. I'm talking about xsourxgumxrocksx

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Episode 3 Hevonk16

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Episode 3 Hevonk15
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