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Episode 4 - "sticking a giant zuchini up their ass"

Huora: Hayden Moss...Jaclyn Schultz...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Rebecca Boreman...Rob Mariano
Narttu: Aubry Bracco...Cirie Fields...Crystal Cox...Gary Stritesky...Todd Herzog
Vittu: Brenda Lowe...Dan Foley...Robb Zbacnik...Spencer Bledsoe

*the lonesome foursome returns from tribal, all seeming to be a little upset, Dan speaks to the group*

Dan: Let's just win and not have to go back.

*the others nod solemnly*

Dan (confessional): Matt's gone and our tribe is down to four. There's no place to run and no place to hide. Right now, Brenda is the queen bee. That's because we allowed her to be. That's fine by me. The less threatening I seem to be the farther I can go in this game. Let her take all the heat. Tonight, tho. Tonight is gonna be w tough if we lose. I know Robb seriously wants to stay but from my vantage point he's the next to go. Robb's my bro, tho. He's an annoyin bro, but a bro's a bro, ya know? I need to keep Robb with me for as long as possible. If we survive tonight maybe we can get lucky and there's a swap. This ain't just us wantin to win. This is a must win situation.

*the camera then shifts to all 15 players left gathering in a challenge area, Aubry glances at Robb falling asleep standing up*

Aubry (confessional): I want to know why some people seem to go so long without showing up for the most basic parts of the game like challenges. I've been tardy a few times, but I always did my best to show up. Why even sign up if you're not going to try to do anything at all? It's a bit ridiculous how hard things have been for Brenda and Dan and I can't help but feel bad for them.

Tina: We're gonna do a fun little activity. Everyone put your name by a number and also....drop your buffs.

*cue random shots of shocked people*

Spencer (confessional): So Tina and Sandra are making us put our names next to a list and told us to drop our buffs so I'm expecting a tribe swap. Now the question is will we have uneven tribes, will we have 7 and 7 and one gets exiled or could we even switch into 3 new tribes? Who knows? Personally, I want to go to 2 tribes just because if we lose and I'm not there. It's easier to survive on a tribe of 7 then a tribe of 5.

Todd (confessional): I am kind of excited about a tribe switch. I want to make a fresh start.

Hayden (confessional): Tribal swaps suck and we were dominating. Hoping to keep Rob and Jaclyn wit me. This could give me the chance too work with Brenda she's so sweet. Hoping for good news.

*once the buffs were randomly distributed, we had 3 new tribes of 5*

Welcome Tribe NuHuora
Crystal Cox
Kelley Wentworth
Natalie Anderson
Spencer Bledsoe
Robb Zbacnik

Welcome Tribe NuNarttu
Aubry Bracco
Brenda Lowe
Cirie Fields
Hayden Moss
Todd Herzog

Welcome Tribe NuVittu
Dan Foley
Gary Stritesky
Jaclyn Schultz
Rebecca Boreman
Rob Mariano

*Crystal hugs Aubry & Cirie before the tribes depart*

Crystal: A swap Sad
Cirie: Looks that way. Hopefully we end up on the same tribe again
Crystal: I posted a thing in the tribe area so we keep Todd and Gary close!
Cirie: Yes we need to do that. We dont want them pulled to the otherside if they are not on a tribe qith us.
Crystal: Good luck ladies! Stick with Todd and you are set! I should be ok as well.

*Hayden bear hugs Rob & Jaclyn*

Hayden: Good luck you too. Stick together.
Rob: Good luck to you too! We can all manage, I'm sure.


Aubry (confessional): Joining up with the girls in the little room really was a good idea as it gives us a chance to connect and discuss the votes and Todd seems like someone who would be good to add on as well. I have no idea what to think of Jaclyn and Kelley, they message me and seem to like me but I feel like they probably have groups on their own tribes and we haven't confirmed anything solid. So I don't know how much I can really count on them, do I count them as allies? I don't know.

Cirie (confessional): I miss my tribe already. Even though I still have most of mine. Aubry needs to shape up and stop being late, if we go to tribal again she will have to go.

*the soundtrack stings as Aubry smiles at Cirie*


*all five new members (sans Robb) share a group hug*


*Kelley and Crystal meet together*

Kelley: YES! we are together. Have you spoken with Natalie before? I feel like the three of us should stick together now and get those pesky Vittu boys out. I am going to try to help in the challenge but will be busy.
Crystal: I'm good with that! I wanna go for spencer cuz he's rude to me lol
Kelley: Awesome, I've never talked to the guy so no issue with me. I already asked for a room for us 3 so we can talk.
Crystal: Sweet! It's cool we can actually blend together now cuz if we waited too long it would be harder to do IMO.

*Kelley then departs from Crystal and meets with Natalie*

Kelley: YES we stayed together!! Let's work with Crystal, unless you have any other ideas? I talk to her and she seems cool.
Natalie: Crystal was going to be my pick too!! Do you think we can trust her? I'm hoping so!
Kelley: I hope so too! Spencer and Robb are from Vittu so I see no reason she would go with them over us, especially since Vittu is already down in numbers, might as well get them all out haha. And ugh, I am going to be busy during the time of the challenge. I will do my best to help but I will not be very reliable I hope we win!


*Rob and Jaclyn meet alone*

Rob: Glad we're together! Who were you thinking? I spoke to Dan briefly and reached out to Rebecca, but obviously I wanna do whatever you want to do.
Jaclyn: Same here. I am off work for a few days so I will be around a lot more. I was so relieved that we stuck together. You are my only alliance! Rebecca suggested us 3 stick together, vote Gary. I am friendly with Dan. If we wanted to get Rebecca before a merge, we can use Dan you know? Or not. I think voting Gary gives us better options. I haven't talked to him. How are you? Yay nu Vitu <3

*Rob smiles and then slithers away*

The immunity challenge made all the tribes participate. Every tribe member had to post 10 times consecutively. The first tribe to be done wins and the other two go to tribal. NuHuora won immunity, sending NuNarttu and NuVittu to tribal council.

*With two tribes going to tribal and many cross-tribal connections, many conversations were happening among different tribes as well as within them*

Brenda: Ugh!! Good job Spencer!!
Spencer: Thanks! Good luck over there Brenda! I'm not sure which one needs it more since your whole tribe was here and Dan was the only one that was here on his.
Dan: Yeah. How fittin' is that. The purple tribe is cursed. CURSED I TELLS YA In case it is me tonite. Brenda and Spence it was fun.
Brenda: Me too Dan. Vote Gary lol.
Dan: Lol I guess theres only room in this game for one fat guy. Ill consider it

Dan (confessional): The Survivor gods must be laughin so hard right now. There's a tribal swap and I'm thinkin 'Pretty awesome. A new tribe. Some new people. I can be on a tribe with a bunch people who want to be here and work hard to win.' Yeah. That didn't happen. I'm on the Houdini tribe. Right after the tribe swap there's an immunity challenge. Surprise, surprise! I'm the only guy that showed up to the challenge. One challenge in and I feel like I'm on a tribe full of Matts. Dammit I tried though. That might work against me I don't know. Lookin at my tribe I'm the only Vittu member here. I'm the easy target. I'm the fat guy for cryin out loud. You cant miss a target as big as me. I'm thinkin it ain't lookin' too good for the world's sexiest mantie guru.

*Dan forcefully pulls Rob into a conversation*

Rob: Sorry, dude. Had a long day. Who did you want to vote out?
Dan: Sorry you had a long day. But dude. It does not matter. Here's where I vent now. The novelty of bein the only guy at challenges is startin' to wear thin. I have an ass print on my stump at tribal council I've been there so often. Btw. If this is some plan to vote out the fat guy, not cool bro. So pick a name. I don't give a rats ass who goes as long as who stays shows up. Who seems least active?
Rob: Dan, I know you've been here every single tribal. That sucks. Things will be better now. Lol. I wouldn't try to vote you out, man. I don't play that way. Not only do I genuinely like you, but it would be incredibly stupid for my game. Vote you out and take a chance with inactives? No thank you. I like you and I'd like to think you like me, so no dude, you ain't going anywhere on my watch. We stick together and we stay here for these challenges. We will get that win! The only person I know aside from you is Jacquelyn, and that's because she was on my tribe. I'm not entirely certain of the tribe switch and who switched from where, but are all of these players on our tribe inactive? Let me look at the list.
Dan: Bro, I don't have many people I talk to regularly in this game. You, Brenda, and maybe Robb. I don't mean to go all Danimal on ya but you were the first person I saw from the tribe. There's no reason why the New England dudes can't work as a team and make like the Pats and win, win, win.
Rob: Dude, don't even worry about it. You know I respect you, and I see you put in a good fight for every competition. I respect that. I agree, there's no reason why we shouldn't work together. It's a solid plan bro.
Dan: We can do this bro. So whos it gonna be Gary or Rebecca? Flip a coin or what?

*Rob shrugs and slithers away again*

Dan (confessional): The only person I've seen from my new tribe is Boston Rob. I just let out my frustration at bein the only guy to compete in the challenge and me worryin' about gettin' voted out. He starts in tellin' me how he wouldn't do that and how he genuinely likes me. The guy is makin' it sound like we have ' The Princess Bride' of bromances here. I'm not buyin what he's sellin. Yet. Its not like I have the comfort of choosin' between Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos. I have to take what I can get at this point. If it works out great. If not then that's that

*Brenda and Hayden meet up*

Hayden: I think we are outnumbered hun.
Brenda: Ugh we are. But we can win now.
Hayden: Agreed Aubry seems not helpful.
Brenda: I've spoken to Cirie. Maybe they aren't together?
Hayden: Let's hope.
Brenda: Try speaking to her. We can get her to vote Audrey I feel.
Hayden: I will we'd keep losing if Aubry stays.

*Hayden sighs and goes to find Natalie*

Hayden: Miss ya. Yellow is lonely.
Natalie: Miss you Sad are you going to be okay during tribal??
Hayden: Not sure outnumbered for sure.
Hayden: I think I am gone hun three are together. Wish I would have won reward. Get revenge for me. Cirie is the leader of Todd and Aubry please don't let them win. <3
Natalie: I won't!! <3 Miss you already boo

*Natalie wipes away a tear and walks to Kelley*

Kelley: Hey girl, I know I said we should work with Crystal, but Hayden is telling me that he thinks the original yellow tribe is gonna do everything they can to stick together and then reunite at the merge. So I wonder if Crystal is in on that plan? They are planning on voting Brenda or Hayden out on the new yellow tribe. I just hope Rebecca, Hayden, and Jac stick together.
Natalie: Hmm, I'm with you I think it might be smart to cut down the yellow tribe. I just haven't talked to Robb or Spencer enough to trust them to vote crystal. Just because we have to look like a threat with six people still in the game. I'm hoping they don't vote out Hayden to hurt us, but it's possible :/
Kelley: Ugh girl i am stressing the fuck out. Pardon my French. I want to trust Crystal but Aubry is sketchy AF and I dont doubt she has at least an agreement with Crystal going on. They only have 4 though. And they are in a majority on one tribe. So I hope another swap comes soon or a merge so we can just vote them all off

*Cirie paces*

Cirie (confessional): I really hate to get rid of Hayden since he is showing up more for the game but I have to keep our numbers. I worry Hayden has an alliance and thats why he never showed up before because he knew he was safe. I think wentworth is going to be a problem once we merge, you cant see when shes been on and im worried Natalie and Crystal may get to close to her.

*Crystal finds her and hugs her*

Cirie: Darn it. At least you are with natalie
Crystal: I feel good about this switch, so don't you worry about me!! You have Todd and Aubry....PERFECT!
Cirie: Yea I think im good we have the numbers
Crystal: Try to look out for Brenda too...Hayden seems like a threat to me. Next time if you want I can try to throw so we don't lose any on your tribe! We can coordinate
Cirie: I tried talking to aubrey shes not answering. Hayden and Brenda want to vote aubrey. Me and todd said hayden.
Crystal: She'll vote with you I bet. If you lose Aubry, those two will force a tie on you and Todd next! Not a good option!

*As if she heard her name and ran, Aubry enters the scene*

Cirie: Aubry, what are you thinking for the vote. I was thinking Hayden
Crystal: I know I'm not a part of this vote ha ha but Hayden makes sense to strike against the old strong green group.
Cirie: Lol. Right
Aubry: Hayden makes sense to me, he seems like he'd be hard to take out after he got back with his old group. Sorry for being slow again Cirie. My phone decided to kill itself during Todd's run and I was pissed.

Aubry (confessional): I sucked at the challenge because I was on my phone. I couldn't load things fast because my phone is one of those ones you can get for free and then only pay 30 dollars a month for and it crashes frequently. I haven't been able to live up to Aubry's awesomeness very much from all the shit I have to do. I know they will probably vote me out and I really don't blame them. I hate the thought that Hayden and Brenda will automatically think that I'm weak and useless though. I tried my best, but my technology froze up and it's a terrible first impression.


*Hayden reunites with Brenda*

Brenda: Cirie isn't answering me Sad.
Hayden: She answered me but wouldn't say her thoughts. I threw out Aubry might as well say it as it is.
Brenda: I'll say that too.
Hayden: Don't say were together can't make it obvious.

*Hayden takes this opportunity to meet with Rob & Jaclyn*

Hayden: Pretty sure I am in trouble y'all. If I go Brenda was on my side help her if you can.
Rob: But are you headed to tribal too? No right?
Hayden: Yes two tribes went. Mine and yours. Good luck.
Jaclyn: Brenda thinks it's her. I hope you stay Hayden! target Brenda if you have to.
Hayden: Cirie is there leader and has been very vague. Todd won't even answer my pm's and Aubry stated she can't make it to challenges. Obvious easy person too use for a vote.

*At the same time, Cirie responds to Brenda*

Brenda: Who are you wanting out?
Cirie: Lol I forgot we have. Room
Brenda: Lol. What are you thinking?
Cirie: Hayden? He rarely shows up. Aubrey is a little late but usually here. What do you think
Brenda: Hayden at least did help. Hmm, does he not show. I'm just worried as I'm going to be the only non yellow tribe left if he goes. I still think Aubry. She said work was getting in the way. We need a strong team.
Cirie: Idk. Im worried of what kind of allaince Hayden has for after merge.

*Brenda frowns and reunites with Hayden*

Hayden: He ignored me as well.
Brenda: Lol. Cirie isn't speaking to me just now.
Hayden: Me either crap this sucks.
Brenda: They have a room I think.
Hayden: Who Aubry and Cirie?
Brenda: Yeah and Todd and Crystal.
Hayden: I don't know. If they have any intelligence they'd get rid of the weak link. All I will say is that I won't vote for you.
Brenda: I won't vote you too.
Hayden: Did she get back to you?
Brenda: Yes but she said nothing about the vote.
Hayden: Same here. Wonder what they're thinking.
Brenda: That voting you is not great? Ugh I'm next.
Hayden: They are voting me?
Brenda: Well if they were ignoring you. I voted Aubry. Have an idol please. She ignored me now. Confused!
Hayden: Haven't voted but I am as well voting her. Ignoring people is so smart.
Brenda: I'm calling Todd out at TC.
Hayden: Do it. FYI if I go Rob and Jaclyn and I were working together and will help you.

*the soundtrack stings as we lead into the first of ~two~ tribal councils, it's the NuNarttu tribe that enters, Hayden lights his torch*

Sandra: Todd, the entire tribe was on, how did you guys lose this to a tribe with only 3 members on?
Todd: It seemed like we were the only full tribe too.
Sandra: Hayden, are you missing life on the winning tribe?
Hayden: Winning helps. Not sure how we lost. There penalty for not all being here must have been a millisecond. Think we can be a strong tribe just off tonight.

*Brenda nods her head*

Sandra: Brenda, you're used to being on the losing tribe but do you appreciate the effort your tribe put forward this time?
Brenda: I'm glad we had a tribe who showed up lol. We tried but sadly it didn't work out for us. We were not fast enough.
Sandra: Aubry, is NuHuora pretty intimidating at this point?
Aubry: Yes, it's a terrible first impression for some of them. I am strictly mobile only after 9EST because I have to be in bed for possible calls to work at 6. My phone froze during Todd's turn and I had to take the battery out and completely restart, wait for it to turn back on and go back in the forum. And I can't stay up much later discussing the vote with the new tribe either. I kinda feel like a burden. I know I would've sped through this on a regular computer and I'm really sorry my real life keeps leaking in and hurting my tribe.

*Hayden raises his hand and Tina nods at him*

Hayden: It's so nice to be on a tribe that communicates with all tribe members. Oh wait that isn't this tribe where people down right ignore people. Refusing to socialize with people will be the downfall of some. That and keeping those who are weak will cause the tribe to loose. I doubt this will reward you with the win if you play this way.

Tina: It's time to vote. Aubry, you're up.

*Aubry votes*

*Hayden writes down a name and reveals it*
Hayden: My vote is for the weak Aubry who can't make challenges.

*Cirie votes*

*Todd votes*

*Brenda votes*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..


1 vote Aubry and 1 vote Hayden.



2 votes Aubry and 2 votes Hayden.

Fourth person voted out....

Hayden Moss

Thank you for agreeing to play and also for being active. Sorry that a swap got you but it happens to the best of players. Glad you signed up <3

You've survived your first tribal council as a new tribe. Let's see if this gives you the fire you need to win tonight's challenge. Head back to camp.

Hayden: No shock there. Keep the weak around excellent way to win. Peace out Girl Scouts.
Brenda: I'm just annoyed that I got ignored by someone. Bye Hayden thanks for being helpful.
Hayden: Ignoring people is a wuss move.
Brenda: Yes. At least say " sorry don't know". I'll see you soon.
Aubry: I wouldn't say anyone on this tribe is weak.

*Hayden flips her off as he leaves and Tina shrugs and motions for the tribe to leave*

*the next team of losers enter the scene, Jaclyn, Rebecca and Rob light their torches*

Dan: Oh great. My stump is still warm from last night.

*this gets a few chuckles from everyone*

Sandra: Dan, you were the only one on for your tribe. How worried are you?
Dan: On a scale of 1 - 10? A gazillion which sucks since I was the only one at the challenge. Was there a memo or smoke signal or somethin' sayin whoevers on Dan's tribe can take the night off? Contrary to popular opinion but tribal ain't my favourite place in the world. Shocking I know.
Sandra: Rebecca, same question for you, how does it feel to leave a winning tribe and come to the inactive one?
Rebecca: it feels like you're rewarding the active players by sticking a giant zuchini up their ass as special reward Very Happy Saying that , I wasn't active tonight , so maybe that's rich coming from me...

*this also gets a few giggles*

Sandra: Jaclyn, what can you do to contribute in the future success of this tribe?
Jaclyn: What I can do is show up more. I am off work for the next few days, and have vacation coming up. So I can stay true to this. Good luck nuVittu~!
Sandra: Gary, do you think things can turn around or is Vittu just cursed?
Gary: Someone tell me how to vote please.

*everyone is a little taken aback by this and Gary just shrugs grinning*

Tina: It's time to vote. Gary, you're up.

*Gary votes*

*Dan writes down Gary's name*
Dan: Right now, Your just another person who didn't show up for a challenge.

*Rob votes*

*Jaclyn writes down a vote and reveals it to the camera*
Jaclyn: Right now it makes the most sense to do something to "keep the tribe strong" and appear boring. I want to target Rebecca before the merge but we can't do it yet.
My vote is for

*Rebecca votes*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..



2 votes Gary and 1 vote Rob.

Fifth person voted out....

Gary Stritesky

Thank you for agreeing to play. I'm sorry to see you go here and I wish you could've played more! Now, sashay away.

You've survived your first tribal council as a new tribe. Let's see if this gives you the fire you need to win tonight's challenge. Head back to camp.

Hayden - reveal
I was so heartbroken when I was putting together the results and saw Hayden was being voted out. This person could've done some serious damage in this game. They had a solid social game but one bad swap can take out even the best player. I'm so proud of this person and hope they had fun. This fun and fab player is none other than bria2005!

Gary - reveal
I was so happy that this person signed up because they are fierce and one of my favorite sistas <3 Unfortunately, they were a tad too busy at the time to really get into this game. I'm proud to reveal that Gary is the legendary Firebolt102890

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Episode 4 Hevonk18

Edgic chart - so far
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