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Huora: Crystal Cox...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Robb Zbacnik...Spencer Bledsoe
Narttu: Aubry Bracco...Brenda Lowe...Cirie Fields...Todd Herzog
Vittu: Dan Foley...Jaclyn Schultz...Rob Mariano

*The last 3 NuVittus return to camp, Dan is still stunned*

Dan (confessional): Oh my God! (laughing) I survived another one. Any question I've had of Boston Rob's loyalty is gone. He voted Rebecca with me and I'm on cloud 15. For right now. I'm not stupid. I know Boston Rob and Jaclyn have been together since day one and they could easily vote me out. After tonite though, I don't think I can vote for Boston Rob. Unless there's another tribal swap I might be forced to vote out Jaclyn since she took a penalty vote and the only person to vote with me was Rob (with one B). It would kill me to do that because she is likable and trustworthy and we get along pretty well. However, I think I can trust Jaclyn more down the line. I really believe she has my back. But she didn't vote. This is like Sophie's Choice. Either decision I make could be the wrong the decision.

*Camera speeds up and shows the 12 players in the challegne area*

Tina: Come on in guys, Rebecca voted out at last night's tribal council. As you can tell by the title, it's time to drop your buffs again because you are now MERGED.

Aubry Bracco
Brenda Lowe
Cirie Fields
Crystal Cox
Dan Foley
Jaclyn Schultz
Kelley Wentworth
Natalie Anderson
Rob Mariano
Robb Zbacnik
Spencer Bledsoe
Todd Herzog

Go ahead and mingle before tomorrow night where the first Individual Immunity Challenge will take place.


Spencer: Bye Rebecca! Congrats on Merge Everyone!
Dan: Merge!
Cirie: Congrats everyone for making Merge
Tina: Yes, you've all made jury.

Todd (confessional): Yay merge I am going to start playing hardcore now

Rob: Congratulations on merge!
Todd: Congratulations on the merge
Brenda: Hey all.

Dan (confessional): We have merged. All of my blood sweat and tears has paid off. I made merge and here's where all the real schmoozin' has to happen but not just yet. I'm not an idiot. People are gonna look at me and see the guy that was stuck on two loser tribes and overcame four tribal councils. I know comin in there's people gunnin for me. I just need to lay low right now and rely on people like Brenda, Jaclyn, Boston Rob, and the less impressive but I like'em anyway Robb with two B's.

*the 12 start to go back to the merge camp*

Tina: Um, don't leave yet BITCHES.

*everyone halts*

Tina: Every season of my survivor series always has a twist. The twists in the first 3 seasons were a lot more dramatic but this one is a little more minor. In the pre-merge portion of the game, the winners of immunity don't attend tribal council. Usually this changes once we get to the individual portion. But, this season it will remain the same. If you win individual immunity, you won't be able to vote at tribal council. We'll still allow you to see what happens at tribal regarding answers to questions and the vote reveal but you can't vote or be voted for.

Dan (confessional): The twist with individual immunity is interesting. The person that wins immunity is safe but doesn't get a vote. The interesting thing about it is if there's six people in one alliance and six people in another alliance, if you win immunity your safe but you have just put your alliance at a numbers disadvantage. This is a case where winnin immunity might not be the best option. Unless you have no alliance then you can be safe without getting your hands dirty and watch the bloodbath unfold as if you were watchin Game of Thrones.

Spencer: Can you give immunity away, maybe even to someone who doesn't need or want it?
Tina: Yes if you give away immunity, that person will not vote.


*The castaways leave for real this time*

Rob (confessional): Okay, so I was in an alliance with Hayden and Jac since day one. Hayden went home...Anyway, I started to align myself with people on other tribes...Dan, Crystal, Brenda... I wanted to have people in my back pocket incase we make merge. Well we did. I've been meaning to keep you guys up to date, but I've been playing so sloppy I must have forgotten. I voted Rebecca out because I think she was close to Natalie and because she sucked at comps. Dan is better... I'm in an alliance with Natalie but I don't trust her. People keep telling me she has rooms with them... I didn't want Rebecca to be another vote for her.

*Rob and Dan meet up*

Dan: Spence asked what happened I basically told them you granted me one last shot to win but made it clear I was next. I'm not close with Spence so I'm not givin him too much. I am gonna see where a coupla people stand but I'm with you and to a lesser extent Jaclyn.
Rob: Oooooh that's a great thing you did, Dan! I'm with you no matter what to be honest. I vibed well with you from the start.  Have you talked to Brenda? I'm going to talk to Circe and see what's up? Okay, so Natalie wants you, me, Kelly, herself, Jaclyn and someone else to make the core group... Just so you know. She suggested Spencer.
Dan: Im down with that. Ill shoot a very nice message to Nat. Im wary of Spence though he doesnt click with me I dont know why. Im a teddy bear lol. . Im with you no matter what so if thats the best move so be it. Robb has been talkin with Crystal and Spence and wondered if you and Jaclyn would align with them. Im pretty cool with him considerin hes Robb. The question comes down to basic math. I've said it before and Ill say it again superfans can't do simple math. Whichever path gets us the farthest is the path we should take.
Rob: Glad you mentioned your feelings about Spencer. That kid rubs me the wrong way. I haven't spoken a word to Robb, but if you trust him I'm down. Apparently Cirie, Aubrey and Todd are a tight group, so be careful. I didn't realize that winning this immunity loses a vote. I think you're right then. It's not worth it to win. Ideally it'd be nice if we could just play the middle and let the two sides get each other off, but I don't see that happening. Natalie has rooms with multiple people, so I don't trust her 100%, but I do think she'll stick with the core of us for the time being. She's paranoid.
Dan: Robb does not communicate as much as I would like him to. However he's not given me any indication to not trust him. Spencer only talks to me if he wants information and he's very cagey when he responds back. I want to talk to Natalie before immunity cuz I want to get a better sense of her. We need to keep in mind someone won somethin' during that last reward challenge.
Rob: Yes, someone did win something. It was only four of us on though. Myself, crystal/Circe (I mix them up to be honest)... I definitely didn't win it. I forgot who else was on at that time. Makes me nervous, but I'm sure with the paranoia someone will start talking...
Dan: I was on. I lost. Brenda was on but she told me she lost. I know Cirie was on and I thought Natalie and Kelley were on but I'm not 100%. We know it's out there and there might even be a coupla people that might have forgotten. Have you heard from Jaclyn recently? I ain't heard nothin from her since the Gary vote.
Rob: Yeah, I'm thinking Cirie got it considering she wrote that "congrats on whoever got it" spill on the thread. I haven't heard a peep out of Jaclyn either. She's very inactive. Hate to say it, but we're going to need to cut her lose and get someone who is a bit more reliable when it comes to voting and what not.  If Aubrey got that reward though we're f*****. She's really good.  Natalie hasn't responded yet, but I know she's paranoid and wants to be in the majority. Spencer is sketchy and seems like a douchebag to be honest... even douchier than me. Not chill brah. Todd seems irrelevant, and crystal is playing a wonderful social game. She's reached out to me a couple times. I told her we should "look after" one another possibly just to see what she'd say after a couple of exchanges. She agreed, naturally, but something tells me I should not trust her one bit. I haven't talked to Brenda yet, but I feel like I should. She seems cool.
Dan: I'm not disagreeing with anything you just said. I would also message Robb, dont give him anything concrete. Feel him out. I'm on good terms with him but if hes in really good with Crystal and Spence we'd have be careful on how much to share with him. Ive spoken to Crystal and we have a similar agreement. My opinion not that you asked is if you just have an agreement to let someone know about a vote that won't hold too much water for too long. I prefer to have somethin more concrete.
Rob: Well noted, brother. Thanks.
Dan: You're welcome, bro. I'm gonna play it cool as a cucumber and see who comes to me and Ill let you know what I hear and you and me can take it from there.

Rob (confessional): My real alliance is Dan and Jac. Jac is inactive all the time so I'm going to have to find a number 2 replacement soon... Maybe Todd? Or someone obnoxious like Robb. He hasn't approached me yet, which is fine...My goal is to play the middle.. Get Aubrey/Spencer/Natalie out... Find an idol or find out WHO has the idol, and then throw a massive amount of competitions, because really who has time for that? Essentially I want everyone to trust me. I want everyone to love me... And then... I want to ruin their dreams. Lol :p I'll eat my words when I'm gone soon. *knocks on wood*

Dan (confessional): Spence asked me how I'm still here. The dude is fishin'. I don't know for who or who he's aligned with or anything like that. I gave him some baloney about how Boston Rob allowed me to survive because Jaclyn disappeared but if there was a revote on a tie he'd vote me out in a Boston second. Spence, I don't trust that dude AT ALL. There is no Vittuing way in hell I'm gonna tell that weaselly little boy bot anything about aligning myself with Boston Rob. Or Jaclyn. It would make my day if we could vote his ass out of this game.

*Kelley and Natalie excitedly dance*

Natalie: Gurl we made it to the merge!!! We need to get an alliance of 6 together ASAP! Do you have any connections? I've talked to Spencer a little bit but not too much. Maybe Jaclyn and Rob know Dan? Since they voted out Rebecca and not Dan, so they must be aligned with him at least a little bit to where we can use them!
Kelley: Oh we can definitely get with Jac, Rob, and Dan. I have been talking with Brenda too, but I think she doesnt like Dan so that could be a problem. I dont really trust Spencer, he gives me vibes that he could be a snitch. Pretty sure the yellow tribe will stick together, so im thinking crystal is not really with us. I'll talk to Brenda again and see how she is feeling.
Natalie: I know that Cirie/Todd/Aubry are really tight, so we just need to make sure we get the others against them before they get them against us lol

Natalie (confessional): WE MERGED!!! Super excited about this, because I think we're really getting down to the fun part of the game where the best players remain. Plus I *hope* I've made enough connections that they will carry me through a few rounds. I also have my advantage but I don't want to play it until I have to. I have found one downside to having the advantage - people are scared that someone has an idol! From my knowledge, there's not an idol in the game and that makes me super happy. But people aren't going to target the threats if they're scared of an idol. I hope I've managed to get people on my side. For the past few days I've been planting seeds that Cirie/Aubry/Todd are aligned. It's definitely true, but I want everyone to see that and forget that I have a group of four with Kelley/Jaclyn/Rob.

*Kelley glances at Cirie & Todd smiling and glares*

Kelley (confessional): Cirie, Todd, and Aubry voted out Hayden. Aubry, you're dead to me. *begin playing The Lonely Shepherd* *Wentworth begins writing her Death List Five* "Revenge is never a straight line. It's a forest...and just like a forest, it's easy to lose your way"
1. Robb
2. Aubry
3. Cirie
4. Todd
5. Dan
"That woman deserves her revenge...and....we deserve to be voted off"

*Crystal walks over while Kelley is in her trance and waves her hand in front of her face*

Crystal: GURL the merge! What are we doing lol
Kelley: Wow surprised that Rebecca went  lol. Crazy game. OMG SO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH ME AND NATALIE? I feel like me, you, nat and maybe Brenda? I believe Jac is also someone we could work with. So that's 5. Do you talk to anyone else that I didnt mention?
Crystal: I like Cirie and Todd, I knew them from early on in the game AND YES I AM WITH YOU AND NATALIE

*We then see Robb approaching Dan*

Robb: We actually did it man! Anyway I've been thinking about the game from here on out. I've talked to Spencer and Crystal some and we thinking maybe we could allign. Any ideas of other people we could add?
Dan: We frickin' did it! Boston Rob is a maybe. I'm sure he's probably takin some heat for votin Rebecca. After keepin me I feel obligated ya know? There's also Brenda maybe but I need to see if we're still cool.
Robb: K talk to her and let me know
Dan: Sent her a message yesterday and I havent heard back. Im thinkin no ones willin to budge until immunity.

*Rob approaches Natalie and they hug*

Natalie: YAY we merged and are back together!!!! What are you thinking for the merge? You/me/jaclyn/kelley are the original tribe, so we just need two more. Maybe Dan and Spencer?
Rob: Hi! Woah merge this early. So crazy. I love that plan. I don't know what other two we should get though. I'm not sure I really trust anyone but y'all.
Natalie: I agree! I just know Cirie/Aubry/Todd are in a tight alliance so I'm hoping we get people against them before they get people against us lol
Rob: Aubry is scary good at competitions also. As long as we seriously stick together we'll be okay. Has crystal reached out to you at all? So many people just don't seem to be talking which makes me nervous. I hope we're the majority.
Natalie: Crystal talked to me on my tribe but I know she's with cirie
Rob: Figures... We gotta stick together.. You, me and whoever else we have on board.
Natalie: Spencer told me that he and Robb would vote with us. With them and you, me, Kelley and Jaclyn that should be enough if one of them win immunity
Rob: Okay. Great! Who were you guys thinking?
Natalie: I haven't talked to Aubry or Todd, I was thinking one of them unless people had other ideas! I'm flexible as long as we're all safe lol. I know Aubry is good at challenges though.
Rob: Yeah Aubrey scares me too. She's crazy good. I don't care to be honest. As long as it's not the core.

*We see Dan & Crystal catching up*

Dan: I don't know your situation but Im pretty cool with Robb. I appreciated your honesty and openness from a coupla nights ago. I dont know where I stand with alot of other players cuz they might see me as a threat. But I'm a straight shooter and I think your a straight shooter. If your interested Im lookin for a place to fit in.
Crystal: Ya I shoot straight. I'm just not sure what or who everyone is thinking for the vote.
Dan: Im thinkin tomorrow night will be bonkers after immunity challenge.
Crystal: Yep! I'll keep you updated on what I hear.

*camera pans to the 12 players entering the challenge area*

The first individual immunity challenge of the season required the will to want it. Basically, the person who posted the most in their thread in their confessional wins. That person, with 173 posts, ended up being Cirie.

*the players come back with Cirie wearing the necklace*

Todd (confessional): So cirie won immunity which makes me very nervous because there is a good chance I could be voted out tonight. I need to do some scheming.

Dan (confessional): Cirie won immunity. Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. Unless I go home. Then it stings just a little cuz I coulda gone longer. The votes are more important right now than immunity. Ive spoken with Natalie and if she is to be believed we would need 2 more solid votes. There's Boston Rob, Jaclyn, Natalie, and me. I dont know where Kelley fits in. I have to assume that Crystal Todd Cirie and Aubry are all together. The good news is if Cirie keeps her immunity then she can not vote. Im hopin she keeps it

Todd: Hey Dan, I know we haven't had a chance to talk yet but my gut is telling me you could be a good ally.
Dan: Todd, I'm gonna be honest I got a shortage people usin the word "ally" with me. What do you have in mind?
Todd: I am sure the word ally comes up a lot . I am just very low on allies right now and I think you would be a good person to work with.
Dan: Not as much as you might think. Your not the only one low on allies. Im pretty cool with Crystal and Robb. I was good with cirie early on but that's cooled. But at this stage it really ain't about allies. It's about what gets you farther in the game. If you can help me get farther, im listening

Dan (confessional): So after the challenge, Todd approaches me for an alliance. Come on bro! If Todd really wanted to align with me he woulda done so by now. I remember before the schoolyard pick and tried to reach out to him I was ignored. Before the challenge, he at no point came up to me to offer any kind of congratulations or anything. Only after the challenge he approaches me, when he knows he needs a vote. I feel bad, I do. I don't want to lie to the guy. But I can't just tell em the truth either now can I?

Todd (confessional): I am very worried about Dan he seemed very suspicious of me which sucks its not like there are any idols in the game.

*Crystal and Cirie meet up and hug*

Crystal: Merge!! I am hoping Natalie sticks with the Black alliance. I was closest to her and Kelley on the green tribe, so if we got them + Todd/Aubry? Idk. We could pin a target on original purple: Robb, Spencer, Brenda or Dan. I know you like Dan. He was upset I eliminated him first from the challenge.
Cirie: If we can get todd and aubry to work with us we should be good. Start with robb and work through them. It seems no one can get on the same page
Crystal: I heard Aubry and Todd's names and idk how to stop it. I think we are being excluded. Before the next vote we need to get in a 6 person alliance!
Cirie: Thats ridiculous why dont people vote the ones who never show up like Robb
Crystal: I know. Who do I vote
Cirie: I have no idea. I guess pick someone and then tell todd and aubry so they can vote with you. What is natalie saying? Todd said something about jaclyn
Crystal: I think everyone is voting Aubry
Cirie: Thats Brendas doing then. She wanted aubry gone bad because she was late to the challenge
Crystal: I'm trying to stop it by saying she has an idol which is how I heard tidds name. I think one of us is going, could be me
Cirie: Well I think its bullshit. Most the people havent showed for most of the game and now that they were carried this far they want to play. Todd said he thinks you all should vote robb. If we have to lose someone I guess aubrey would be better since shes late most nights. But I dont want to lose either. Have you talked to natalie since the merge
Crystal: I know. Talked to her a little. We gotta get her with us as the black alliance

*Dan leaves Rob and goes to find Natalie*

Dan: Alright, talk to me Nat. I've been on the bottom so long Ive made friends with sewer dwellers. I want to be a part of a core alliance. None of this wait and see crap. 'Wait and see' means ' You might be goin so I aint promisin nothin'. I am indebted to Boston Rob and Jaclyn because they kept me in. Granted they told me I'd be next out but that was before merge was a posibility and I'm not gonna think about the past. This is about feelin safe and secure in a blanket of an alliance. I think your smart enough to see what everyone doesnt.
Natalie: I see the alliances being formed, and I don't like it lol. I need someone to be tightly aligned with, and I don't think anyone would suspect us being so tight. I like this idea Dan! We need to get a private room ASAP. I don't know who's telling me the truth. All I know is that Cirie/Aubry/Todd are tight, and that Robb and Spencer will vote together. As long as we keep Spencer and Robb away from CAT (lol Cirie/Aubry/Todd) then we should be safe! I've talked to Spencer a little, but if you talk to him then that'd make it even more a sure thing for us!
Dan: I think you, me, Boston Rob, and Jaclyn that's 4. We need two more at least. If Spence wasn't so anti-social towards the Danimal I'd be on board with him. I've got a decent relationship with Robb but I know Robbs been talkin with Crystal (who hasnt) but I worry she might be too close to the CAT.
Natalie:  I think I can get Kelley, so as long as either Spencer or Robb vote with us then that should be enough!! Who are you thinking we should vote? Aubry since she's good at challenges? We should get a room with you me Jaclyn and rob maybe!
Dan: I already got Todd tryin to align with me. I'm playin it cool. Don't worry.  Spence told me Aubry or Todd. I would prefer Aubry. But Todd is the safe bet. If Aubry or Cirie has an idol they could play it at any time it just depends on who and when.
Natalie: I don't think spooky would give out an idol for reward, it seems too cliche lol but it's possible. And we have so many people against her another reward wouldn't really affect it I don't think. But I'm not against voting Todd either. I told crystal "I'm voting with majority whatever they want!" I haven't told her about the Aubry plan. Crystals wanting to vote Spencer or Robb, but we obviously don't want to do that.
Dan: Wow. I did not see that comin. I figured Brenda before Robb. But with that info we can get Robb on board.
Natalie: I mean crystal seemed like she'd vote whoever, but she threw out Spencer and Robb as options. Maybe she was trying to find out if I would vote them? Sneaky if so lol
Dan: I can't keep up with you. If it were me I'd throw out a name to Gage a response. Voting Aubry means we all need to be on board. No backsies. No flip flopping. All in. I know Jaclyn wants Aubry gone. Spence seems like he wants Aubry as well. I think if Spence and I can convince Robb, we are fine.
Natalie: Okay that sounds good to me then! Have you heard where Kelley or Jaclyn or Rob lie? They were on my first tribe with me so I assume they'd vote with us, but I haven't heard much about them. I'll message them and tell them, so if you do too then that'll make it seem even more like majority! Okay numbers wise, you, me, Jaclyn, Rob, Kelley and then Spencer/Robb, that's 7/11. Awesome!
Dan: Jaclyn wants Aubry gone. I don't mind votin (that way)

Dan (confessional): I don't mind tellin ya but I'm feelin pretty good right now. Rob and me talked and we're on the same page. Natalie and me talked and I think I've convinced her of my intentions. I think Todd figures I'm not takin his offer but theres a good chance he's stayin. You gotta be ahead of the game. I have a very good feelin he may have been fishin for info but who knows. The vote right now seems to be Aubry. This game is crazy and things change. Its always in the back of my head that it could be me. I will continue to think that way until I'm sittin there in the Final 3.

*We then see the four original Narttus talking in a group*

Aubry: Old tribe <33
Crystal: <3 we gotta stick together. Let's keep our ears open for potential people that we can get a majority on. We gotta not seem close!
Cirie: Hey guys I would love if our old tribe sticks together
Aubry: I can't stay any longer this night guys. Tell me what you decide and I'll vote in the morning.
Todd: Have any ideas about the vote.
Cirie: I havent heatd anything, have you.
Todd: No I thought you couldn't vote though.
Crystal: Cirie, can't vote. No one is saying a word to me either on the vote. I have a busy morning tomorrow too so I wish I was hearing something! My guess is people will wanna go for Spencer or Robb.
Cirie: No I cant vote
Todd: Do any of you talk to Dan?
Crystal: A little, but I took him out first in that challenge the other day so he probably isn't too happy about that.
Todd: I started talking to him for the first time because he's one of the few online lol I hope the other tribes aren't working together to get us out.
Crystal: That's my fear and why us 3 have to make sure to vote together. I suspect nothing more will happen tonight but will check tomorrow to see.
Todd: I sent Rob a message about the vote awhile ago still no response. Dan told me u Crystal and Robb are his closest allies.
Aubry: Logged in now right before work....still don't know who to vote
Cirie: I talk to Dan, when him and Brenda was the only ones showing up for their tribe I reached out. I knew they wouldnt have anyone once merge came. But brendas mad that I didnt vote Aubry out and voted Hayden instead. I reached out to to rob also and still no response either
Todd: Robb and jac don't seem to be active maybe vote one of them?
Crystal: Sorry been busy. What are we doing?
Todd: What about voting jac? I heard my name has come up
Cirie: Todd have you heard anything about the vote.
Todd: Brenda says she heard me and Aubrey come up. I think we should just vote robb because he hasn't been active since around one yesterday
Cirie: I think so to. It pisses me off that people want to save the people who never show up instead of the ones who would challenge them
Todd: He will probably penalty vote so maybe if we all vote Robb he could go
Crystal: I heard both of you too. More so Aubrys. Agh


*Natalie approaches Kelley*

Natalie: Spencer says that he and Robb would vote with us, and he likes Dan. As long as we get everyone against Cirie/Todd/Aubry then we should be good.
Kelley: So should we vote Todd, or what are you thinking?
Natalie: I was thinking Aubry since that's who Dan seemed to say he was voting, but I'm fine with Todd too. As long as we all vote together lol
Kelley: Oh yea Aubry is definitely more dangerous. And yea we need to vote together. I will send Dan a message later, I dont think I've talked to him yet

*Kelley leaves Natalie and finds Brenda*

Kelley: Hey Brenda! Congrats on merge girl! How are you feeling?
Brenda: Hey Kelley. I wanted Hayden to be here too. I'm annoyed Cirie is kind of Crystal's follower, I think so. How you feeling? Dan has been great with me since the tribes.
Kelley: I am doing great. I feel like, if the former Vittu and Huora tribe sticks together, we can get rid of Todd/Cirie/Aubry without problem.
Brenda: Agreed. I like that idea.
Kelley: Yea. I heard Aubry is the vote so I am going to do that!
Brenda: I didn't get a PM about it but I'll vote now.

Kelley (confessional): Ugh and Now I am hearing that Aubry, Cirie, Todd and CRYSTAL are aligned. Fuck I'm never good at picking loyal allies in mystery games. I trust Natalie and Jaclyn, but they just dont TALK. I know they are busy with real life and stuff, but still....

*Natalie and Rob reunite for a moment*

Natalie: Crystal wants to vote Spencer or Robb but I think we can use them to vote with us. I'm leaning towards Aubry for now since it seems like that's what you want too. But I'm up for changing if others want something different! I wish Jaclyn and Kelley were on to tell us!
Rob: Hm yeah I'd rather get Aubrey out while we have the chance. Like you said though, if the group wants to do something else, that's fine too. It sucks that they haven't been on. I hope those ladies are okay.
Natalie: Yeah I think Aubry's the best choice
Rob: I agree. Aubrey it is then.
Natalie: Sounds good! Let everyone know and I will too so everyone gets the memo haha.
Rob: I'll message them asap rofl

*Natalie finds Dan to see what he was talking to Robb about*

Natalie: I think I'm going to vote Aubry now! I heard Rob and Kelley were down, and as long as we get Spencer and Robb we're golden! Smile I assume Jaclyn is down too?
Dan: Ill shoot her a message. I already voted.
Natalie: Awesome. And let me know if you hear from Spencer or Robb, I haven't gotten confirmation from them but I assume they'd be down since Crystal and them are trying to vote Spencer anyways? Lol
Dan: I would assume so. Ill let you know if I hear anything.

*Natalie purses her lips and finds Spencer to see wtf he’s doing*

Spencer: This is the strangest merge vote ever. No one is talking much to me. I'm thinking it's Aubry?
Natalie: Seriously no one was talking at all! I've been out of town so I barely knew what was happening. I'm glad Robb is safe and that they didn't vote you lol, and now we should hopefully be in majority! I'm sure not sure who voted what hahaha but I imagine there's enough of us now that can keep voting together!

Natalie (confessional): This vote kind of depends on Spencer and Robb joining with us. I don't see why they wouldn't since Crystal told me she wants to vote Spencer and Robb, but oh well. This game is crazy and anything can happen. No ones really online so communication is really limited, which worries me. If someone doesn't get online to vote, it could screw up all our plans. I'm praying that doesn't happen.

*ominous music plays as we pan to the 12 remaining players enter the tribal area, Kelley & Natalie light their torches, Cirie takes a seat in the spy box*

Tina: Cirie, are you keeping immunity?
Cirie: Yes I will be keeping immunity

*Cirie is then LOCKED into the spy box, she can watch the proceedings but can't vote nor answer questions*

Tina: Aubry, how has the merge gone so far?
Aubry: It's been nice seeing everyone's personalitirs come out. I feel bad though that its hard for me with work to be around every time.
Tina: Crystal, what do you think of the twist?

*everyone laughs at Crystal*

Tina: Dan, having survived 4 tribals to make the merge, what's the feeling?
Dan: Ive been on the Cleveland Browns of Survivor tribes takin' loss after loss and to make the merge its pretty awesome. I knew if somethin' didn't happen and we lost I'd be done. So parta me is excited I made it this far but at the same time parta me is worried because unless I have immunity around my I could be done at any time.
Tina: Natalie, should everyone feel nervous tonight?
Natalie: Everyone but Cirie should feel nervous I think! It's the first merge tribal council, so anyone who feels 100% safe is probably lying to you!

*shots of different players looking worried*

Tina: Brenda, do you think tribal lines will play a part into this portion of the game?
Brenda: I don't know. There has been one swap and you don't know how people play the game and make alliances. It will be different though.
Tina: Rob, does your strategy change knowing we've entered the jury stage?
Rob: My strategy has remained the same. I don't know. I just sort of trust my gut and go along with that. Unfortunately, that isn't always the best. Things change, alliances form, and we all know what's at stake...our survival.
Tina: Kelley, this is your first tribal council, how are you feeling finally being here?
Kelley: It's always good to survive the premerge portion of the game and making it to the individual stage. I am just happy to be here!

Tina: Alright time to vote, Brenda, you're up.

*Brenda votes*

*Crystal writes down a name but we don't see it*

*Todd votes*

*Dan writes down Aubry's name*
Dan: You are strong in challenges and a huge threat. I'm hopin' if you have an idol that you don't vote me.

*Spencer votes*

*Kelley writes down a name but we don't see it*
Kelley: I tried to be your friend and even reached out to you, but you gave me the impression that you are a bitch, and I am beneath you. So, hopefully you go.

*Aubry is seen writing down Robb's name*

*Rob writes down a name but we don't see it*
Rob: I hope these guys don't think I have an idol and are trying to vote me out... This just seems too easy. I've been talking to EVERYONE... I hope they didn't compare notes... ;p

*Natalie votes*

*Jaclyn and Robb are both asleep and do not vote*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..
Robb - penalty

Jaclyn - penalty


1 vote each for Aubry, Jaclyn and Robb.





3 votes Aubry, 3 votes Robb and 1 vote Jaclyn.



Seventh person voted out and the First member of the Jury....

Aubry Bracco

That's 6, that's enough. Thank you for agreeing to play. I loved seeing you play and I'm sad to see you go. You were a fierce competitor.

Congratulations on surviving the first merge tribal council. We'll see how this vote affects things. Head back to camp.

Aubry (exit confessional): I'm out, and I'm not shocked lol. This wasn't really my best shot at all, but I was mostly signing up because I love Garrett and Kathy. I'd also forgotten that I had done the same thing for someone else weeks ago, and I underestimated how big of a drag it would be not being able to strategize past 9EST. I probably won't play another game like this until after June so I won't have so many disadvantages. But it was a good time and I can't wait to find out who my allies were.

Aubry - reveal
I was so happy this person decided to play even though I knew personal life would prevent them from giving their 100% best effort. I adore this person so much and they are easily one of my favorite people in existence. I love you Merriska aka Angel_Of_Purgatory

Game Chart - so far
Episode 6 Hevonk21

Edgic Chart - so far
Episode 6 Hevonk22
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Episode 6 Empty Re: Episode 6

Post by Jaclyn Schultz on Thu 9 Jun - 12:55:33

The more colors in your edgics the better. usually indicates 2nd place on the show like Amanda in Micronesia. But who knows with online games. I love the way you are making these they are the best<3
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Episode 6 Empty Re: Episode 6

Post by Robb Zbacnik on Thu 9 Jun - 13:00:42

Next episode is my epic meltdown
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Episode 6 Empty Re: Episode 6

Post by Jaclyn Schultz on Fri 10 Jun - 12:05:36

I loved it so much <3
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Episode 6 Empty Re: Episode 6

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