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Episode 9 - "Boner killer."

Brenda Lowe...Cirie Fields...Dan Foley...Jaclyn Schultz...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Rob Mariano...Spencer Bledsoe...Todd Herzog

*The remaining 9 return from tribal*

Cirie (confessional): Natalie is a lying snake. Jaclyn is to. How can I trust them not to do that shit again. Well I guess I cant trust anyone anymore. I just need to try and keep winning immunities or the end of my game will be soon

*Camera zooms in on Natalie as she heads towards Kelley*

Kelley: So what does this mean? 5-4 means Jac and Rob voted. Who did you vote for?
Natalie: I'm so pissed off omg what the fuck Todd. Is he really with Dan this whole time and we just didn't know it?! Dan has so many people wrapped around his finger, I'm TERRIFIED now. Now we're going to be the targets. Who can we work with? We need to get Rob and Jac back on our side. I'm hoping Jac isn't really with them and was just confused. I'm going to talk to Rob right now too. If us four and Cirie get together, that'll be majority.
Kelley: We definitely need to get Huora back together, plus Cirie that should be enough. Then one of us two needs to win the next immunity so we give it to one of them and take their vote away. I'm going to talk to Rob too, and we should post on the SJDS girls room more too so Jac doesnt feel left out.
Natalie: I agree, let's chat on there and put her at ease. Do you think we can get Brenda on our side? Maybe we can ask the hosts for a group board with the original Huoras and then Cirie?
Kelley: I can talk to Brenda. I feel like she's definitely with them but maybe she can be swayed. I wouldnt say too much to Spencer anymore though. If we can avoid him, even better.
Natalie: I'm worried if we heavily push for Dan, they might not go along with it. But if we push for someone like Todd or Brenda or Spencer, they might be more likely to join us? Idk, what do you think about it? I want Dan gone ASAP so if they're good with it, then hell yes I am too lol. But I'm just thinking of what's the most likely way they'll join us.
Kelley: Oh yea that makes sense too. Well then, we can then target someone irrelevant like Todd. I feel like Jac and Rob should be ok with that.
Natalie: I think maybe we can just tell them that for now we want to get out SOMEONE out of Dan/Todd/Spencer and then after the vote maybe we can make it more specific and get them to vote Dan lol
Kelley: lol ok good luck at the challenge, we need to win!
Natalie: Seriously! If we can give it to any of them and take their vote out, then we've got majority right there.

Natalie (confessional): Ugh that could NOT have gone more perfectly! I flip-flopped and got Dan's alliance to love me since I just saved them, so I'd imagine I won't be a target next round by them. And CRYSTAL LEFT thank goodness! She was stealing my bff Kelley away from me, so I took Crystal out to get Kelley back. This game is a chess game, and I'm just checkmated Crystal. Bye boo, you were a lot of fun! I'm worried because so far, I think I've been playing a pretty good social game. Last round I heard that Brenda is targeting me, so I've messaged her about working together and I don't think she's going to target me anytime soon now! I have good relations with Dan's alliance since I just saved them, and I'm working on repairing my alliance with Kelley since I'm all she has left now. This is a perfect situation for me!

Natalie: ugh what on earth happened?! I'm going to talk to Rob and Jaclyn and see if they'll join up with you, me and Cirie to have majority. Dan's alliance is just too powerful!!
Cirie: IDK maybe she was being to pushy. I know she told me she heard that todd and me were the vote, then today she said that Dan knew he was the vote. I asked how he knew and she said maybe todd. I dont know who voted who but someone is not telling the truth. Im talking to todd now to see if it was him. Jaclyn told me she didnt want to vote dan or me so maybe she changed her mind. I didnt talk about the vote with rob
Natalie: I know Jaclyn got confused because no one had told her who to vote when she was online except for Dan, so she followed what Dan sent her thinking that everyone was on board.
Cirie: I hope Jac and Rob vote with us. At the very least as long as one of them votes with us we will tie.
Natalie: Rob is the one I'm concerned about, I think we can definitely get Jaclyn with us. A tie would be worst case scenario but I'm hopeful it will work out. I don't see why they wouldn't go with us. Five people is majority until the final five!

*Dan is shown laughing*

Dan (confessional): TRIBAL WAS FRICKIN INSANE, MAN! When it comes to Tribal Council, I am Neo in the Matrix. The bullets fly and I remain unscathed. The truth came out. I'm a huge target but my alliance came through for me and I'm still here. I cannot say enough how much I owe Jaclyn, Boston Rob, and Natalie. There is zero question in their loyalty. I am with them until the very end. Or I get voted out which might be sooner rather than later. To have the support of Brenda, givin' up immunity so she could help keep me around means so much. I went up to her before tribal and asked if she could do it. I didn't think she would, honestly. She really, really surprised me there. Even Spencer, who I would have voted out in a Boston second, had my back. It's rare to have such a group of people to rally behind me and save my neck, that is amazin'. Granted, that rally caused my blood pressure to skyrocket but the result? I'd go to bat for any single one of them.

*the camera zooms in on Jaclyn*

Jaclyn (confessional): I really hate to see Ms. Crystal Rice Cox leave us so early but I wasn't about to vote out Dan. Now I'm just pretending to be confused. And with Brenda being such a moron it's not that hard cause she's always going to be ACTUALLY confused and I can just pretend. Up next....*rubs hands together*....I probably have no say in this game but let me see if I can do somethin'. Kelley wants Dan out. Still not doing it. So Natalie, Boston, Dan, and I will have to figure out an alternative vote. Cirie or Todd.

In the fourth individual immunity challenge, the players listed the 30 winners of Survivor so far alphabetically by their last name. The first person who posted the correct list in their confessional area won. This person ended up being Cirie!

*Just for future reference, despite the fact that it's technically revealed at tribal, everyone knows that Cirie is gonna give away immunity to Todd at a certain point even though we haven't been to tribal yet*

Kelley: Damn i got distracted for like 2 minutes lol. Could have won too since I know all of their names lol I feel like I see this challenge so often, I am surprised I dont have a word file already saved with the answer
Natalie: lol omg that would be so smart!! I beat cirie but I switched up stupid Bob Crowley you think she'll give it to someone? Otherwise I don't see how we'll have enough votes :/
Kelley: You dont think Todd and Cirie are tight, do you? Im worried if we suggest voting Todd, she might decide to keep the necklace.
Natalie: Oh I meant that we bring Todd or Brenda in with us to vote Dan! Can you ask me what I meant by that on the big thread and then I'll answer to clarify? lol
Kelley: UGH Cirie left and she only has like 8 minutes to give the necklace away. We need to start working hard on Brenda if Cirie is gone for the night.
Natalie: She gave it away!!
Kelley: Oh thank god. Ok so should we maybe suggest Spencer? I doubt Jac and Rob are tight with him.
Natalie: Yeah they're probably not. I'm down to stick with Dan going, or we can do Spencer or Brenda. I guess Spencer would be smartest since it's more likely Rob and Jaclyn would do that. Hopefully they'll get online and let us know what they want lol

*Natalie leaves Kelley and goes to find Dan*

Dan (confessional): This vote tonite could be my last and that's just fine by me. Of course I wanna stick around. Its quiet around camp right now. When no ones talkin' especially to you it means you better pack your bags cuz your leavin' on a jet plane and you won't know when you'll be back again. Oh, jury, right.

Natalie: We need to get Todd out ASAP since Cirie and Todd are so tight!
Dan: Cirie gave immunity to Todd. We need another option. I think Cirie is planning to play her advantage.
Natalie: I can't believe Cirie gave up immunity?!
Dan: Unless I read it wrong. She's darin' us to vote for her.
Natalie: lol well I mean I'm down, is that what everyone's saying?
Dan: Im sayin split the votes. I havent heard from anyone else.
Natalie: Do we have enough? We only have 5/8 right? You/Me/Spencer/Rob/Jac? Or do we have Brenda too? Oh I forgot Todd can't vote! So we can split 3-2-2 and even if they have an idol, one of them will go still! I will tell you, Spencer really scares me because he just refuses to talk to me. I feel like he's targeting me :/ but as long as you/me/jac/rob are tight then that's all that matters and we don't really need spencer in the long run.
Dan: Spence concerns me too. He's not very forthright with info if ya catch my drift. If we vote Spence we risk alienating Brenda. It's Cirie and Todd right now. Kelley voted for me last night so I'm not her biggest fan. She could vote with them again. If we alienate Brenda or Spence, that's 4. We're in a tricky situation. We're top 4 in my book.
Natalie: It's so hard in this game since no one talks, figuring out where these people are aligned. Like I've barely talked to Brenda, Spencer, Todd so I have no idea who they're loyal to! Lol I saw Rob online but he didn't message me lol I hope he gets on soon
Dan: I know where my loyalties lie. There's a lot of I dont want this person voted out but I want this person voted out. And they never give you a reason. Thats my biggest issue with Spence. He never gives me a reason why I should trust him but he keeps votin with us. Ive got a risky idea if your down.
Natalie: I'm down to at least hear it! lol I love crazy ideas
Dan: You, me, Rob, and Jaclyn vote together. We tell no one. We say we're splittin' the votes 3-3. 3 for Cirie and 3 for Kelley since she didn't vote with us last time. But all four of us vote for Spence. We strike first.
Natalie: Hmm. It's interesting, we just have to think of where that would put us next week. Is Spencer with us or is he against us? Cause if he's loyal I don't want to take him out first, but if he's playing us then BYEEE GURL he needs to go! lol
Dan: Lol true. I'm wary of makin that move. I'm not sure who's loyal to Kelley tho. She's really the only other option.
Natalie: I'm going to go to bed now, but we can see what Jac and Rob think. If they're into voting spencer then it's an option, but splitting votes might be smart too.
Dan: Ok. But I won't be around until after the votes tomorrow - work.
Natalie: I think you might be right with going towards Spencer. He's not talking and I know he's being sneaky with the other side!! Ughhh why can't our alliance just be trustworthy! Lol you/me/Rob/Jac are great but idk if we can trust Spencer or Brenda. Hmmmm I'm getting worried our vote split isn't going to work :/ maybe voting Spencer is smarter?? Especially if Cirie has an idol

*Natalie then makes a beeline to Jaclyn*

Natalie: omg Cirie gave away immunity lol. I have half a mind to vote for her just for the lolz lol! but I don't know if that's the smartest move lol Do you want Dan gone? Or do you want someone else? I think Cirie/Kelley are kind of at our mercy so if we want someone else gone we can just say "we're voting _____!" and they'd have to go along with it lol. I'm fine with Dan going though if we want to keep them happy. Spencer and Brenda both sketch me out too. ugh lol everyone's sketchy in this game I don't trust any of those crazies
Jaclyn: Can we please vote Cirie for the lolz?? What is going ON? Did I say I want us to start being mean if we can? I think we can majorly blindside Dan which will also be funny. So if we keep him this time, I feel like HE will be at our mercy cause he thinks he's going. I like this room . For some reason, it's making my evil side come out. Talk to me. I pmed you. You're my #1 in this game. What sort of fa├žade do I put on in the Fab Five? We're both sexy af by the way <3
Natalie: omg and you know you can trust me! I've liked you since day 1 of this game but was hesitant to put in my ENTIRE trust just because I didn't know how active you were gonna be. But now we're getting down to the end and I know you'll be active so let's do this, let's get to final two! <3 AND I have a secret I haven't told anyone. I have a double vote. I won it in that reward challenge at the beginning of the game (which is why I don't think there's an idol at all). I haven't told ANYONE about this, so you're the only one I'm trusting with this. I can use this double vote up until the final 7. So if I don't use it tonight (which I don't think I will) then I can use it sometime in the next two votes. They kind of want to vote out Dan, but what if we vote out Spencer? Do you have ties to him? He barely talks to me at all and seems sketch as FUCK. I also really hate Brenda and wouldn't mind voting her. I think saving Dan would help our game, I agree with you. I would LOVE to blindside Cirie but I can't decide if it'd be good for our game. That would put us in the final 8 and we'd have to rely on Rob to vote with us. I wish Rob were more active and would talk to me more, then we could trust him more. ugh I want us to blindside Cirie cause it'd be so funny lmfao. but I feel like then Dan/Spencer/Brenda/Todd would all band together. I do have the double vote but I don't know how Rob would vote. My goal in any game is to take out the "dominant power alliances" and that's why it was cool of us to vote out Crystal cause they were a power alliance but now Dan's alliance is forming and it's just so annoying lol. I don't trust any of these suckers!

Jaclyn (confessional): I am really ENJOYING this. All of a sudden this became a fun ass game for me. I was bored but I don't know what's going on. Natalie's making 3 more rooms for the new alliances she's made. I mean how is she even still here? This bitch is hilarious. She's made like 164 different alliances, and I can't imagine they're all still here? Yet no one got loud with her? Love her. A very unholy alliance was solidified today, between myself and Natalie. Ever since Natalie opened that room with the two of us....my wheels just started spinning. Then I'm noticing, with this twist you guys are using, EVERYONE is literally actually truly confused. Not just Brenda this time. I'm either playing with all the stupids and I'm one of them, or this is a prime opportunity to manipulate the vote, blindside someone for no reason, and then stare vacantly at them as they walk down that lonely path, out of the game. *waves with each finger like a beauty queen*

Natalie: omg Dan told me he has a "secret plan" that includes voting out spencer. What an idiot lmao he can't be telling the truth can he?! If he is, he's really dumb. If he's not, then he's shady af! Hopefully he was telling the truth and he actually wouldn't be mad if we vote spencer. Then if spencer does go, then no one's mad at us lol
Jaclyn: No we need Cirie. Her presence is making me lol actually. She's kind of shitty? Like I think whoever it is is a real genuine idiot. <3 not to be mean but I have just perceived that this person is probably easier to beat than we think. And no I have no ties to Spencer. he's said nothing to me until he wanted my vote last time. Did he vote on our side or for Dan? Double vote?? So then we can vote Spencer? Just let me know. They think Cirie has an idol. Well, Dan and Brenda do anyway. I worry about Kelley. But if anything shady happens we will have us 2. But I think we're good. Thank you for telling me that!! I definitely trust you 100% now. And I will be active:) I was here for a bit after the challenge keeping my eyes on stuff since you weren't here. I don't think anyone other than Kelley knows we talk lol did you see their vote split plan? I wonder about Rob, not in a bad way. Let's just play dumb when they ask <3 then we'll be evil again next time. They won't have time to do anything about it. *FIST BUMP* I voted Spencer by the way:)
Natalie: Okay I'll vote Spencer as well! I just woke up and always wait til the last minute in case something comes up lol. I can't believe they're trying to do a vote split, I swear these people are not that smart! And omg I know what you mean about Cirie, she's an airhead who somehow does well in challenges lol. I also liked Kelley a lot at the beginning but has she been seeming shady lately to you?? She seems shady AF to me these past few days. Maybe it's just paranoia though. And we need her for now but damn girl lol This is fun <3 haha

*Natalie smiles and goes back to Kelley*

Natalie: This is what I've heard so far. Dan wants everyone to split the vote. He for some reason thinks he has himself/spencer/brenda/rob/jac and me. I think I've convinced him that Todd was the one who voted him out lol and when Cirie gave Todd immunity, that convinced him. So he wants to split it 3-3-2 between you and Cirie. But with me and Jac's vote (and hopefully Rob's when he gets on) then we should be good to go! I'd probably feel most comfortable voting Brenda since I know she's targeting me, but that's just my opinion lol and I'm only 1/5. I'll see what Jac and Cirie are thinking. I'm fine going with Spencer too, or Dan for that matter. We just need to break them up!
Kelley: Jac threw Spencer's name out so I feel like that would be our safest bet at this point. I think if we are succesful, we can go after Brenda next round. Do you think that is a good idea or? I mean, I dont see why Cirie would have any issue voting out Spencer, I dont think they were ever on the same tribe. My worry moving forward is whatever tie was created between Jac, Rob and Dan when they were on that same tribe. So to keep Jac and Rob happy, I think it will have to be Spencer? Let me know what you think.
Natalie: The more I think about it, the more I think you're right. Dan's probably the biggest threat, and Spencer's his right hand man so taking Spencer out will really weaken their side. My biggest question mark in this game is Todd. Where on earth do you think his loyalty lies? If he's with Cirie then that's better for us, but if he's with Dan then that sucks.
Kelley: Well he voted with them last round didnt he?
Natalie: Yes, but it seemed like Cirie and him just had a miscommunication because Cirie told me she doesn't have any real allies "besides Todd" and I was like "well you have me and Kelley too girl!" lol. So last tribal might have been a fluke and Todd was with us? Or he's totally with Dan who knows. And it sucks because since he's not voting, we won't see where his loyalty lies!
Kelley: Yea I wish she would have given immunity to Brenda who we know is for sure a vote for their side.
Natalie: I thought you might have had an "in" with Brenda? Maybe once Spencer goes, Brenda might join up with us? I tried messaging her and I'm hoping she might want to work with us but idk. It might be easier to just vote her next lol
Kelley: I thought I did, but the fact she gave me the immunity last round even though I was not at risk kind of proved to me where her loyalties really are. We do talk though so maybe after this round I can try again to get her on my side if we are successful at getting rid of Spencer.
Natalie: I'm pretty sure Jac voted Spencer so at the very least it will be a tie. And hopefully Rob is telling us the truth and votes with us, so that'll be 5 votes and be enough!

Natalie (confessional): I know I'm probably setting myself up for failure by saying this but... HOW does no one see that I'm controlling this game?! I have my hand in everybody's back pocket and when I say move right, they move right. When I say move left, they move left. But the best part is, they don't even realize that my hand is wedged so far up their ass, I'm touching their brain. It's madness. But hey, I'll take it! As long as no one's lying to me (which they easily could be cause Dan is being sketch as fuck tonight) then I don't think anyone's targeting me. Dan wants to split the votes between Cirie and Kelley (lol yeah sure, great plan there buddy) and Cirie/Kelley want to vote off Spencer or Dan. I want Spencer gone next as he's the one I haven't talked to and he's definitely not on my side. So I told Kelley "I'd really rather Brenda go just because she was targeting me, but I'll do Spencer if everyone wants to." Yeah girl, I'm sacrificing for you this vote! When in reality, I want Spencer gone and I'm the one controlling this vote. I'm playing a VERY dangerous "in the middle" game where I'm aligned with everyone, and it could really come back and bite me in the ass in my end game. I could be a target, or I could piss the jury off so much that they don't want to vote for me if I make the finals. Either way, I'm playing this game to have fun and I think I'm succeeding so far!

*We now see Todd and Cirie speaking*

Todd: Thank you on giving immunity I sent jac a message about working together I think maybe rob would be a good person as well I think there are so many threats left those are people who could want to keep there options open.
Cirie: Sounds good. I wanted to show you im loyalto you in case you had any doubts.
Todd: I never had any doubts.
Cirie: Lol. Just in case plus you havent had it yet. Crystal was telling me so much stuff, she said both of us was mentioned in the last vote and I want to be sure your safe. I think im safe to.
Todd: I am not surprised I was considered but I am sure crystal was blindsided like I was that she was leaving.
Cirie: Yea I was not expecting her to go at all. I think people may have thought she was pushy in getting what she wants but im not sure.

*Then we pan to a huge group consisting of everyone in the game except Cirie, Kelley and Todd*

Dan: So, I am thinkin Cirie. We may need to split the votes tho.
Rob: Hi y'all!
Brenda: Hey guys. I agree with Cirie too.
Jaclyn: Ok this room I like. Cirie please. I'm sick of seeing her face.
Spencer: I was thinking we should do Cirie and Kelley.
Dan: Okay, I think Kelley and Cirie. If there's a revote we all vote Cirie. To keep it simple....Guys (Thats me, Rob, and Spencer) vote KELLEY. Girls, sorry, ladies (Natalie, Brenda, and Jaclyn) vote CIRIE. I have to head out now. Ill vote Kelley.
Brenda: Done. Good idea Dan.

Dan (confessional): The plan now is to split the votes between Kelley and Cirie. Cirie plays an idol, Kelley goes. Cirie doesn't play an idol, Cirie is gone. Splittin' the votes is scary man. You need to make sure everyone is on board and votin' how their supposed to vote. I want to believe everyone is on board. They came together to keep me around last time but it could take one person who might not feel so secure to foul up an otherwise perfect plan.

Jaclyn (confessional): omfg why are there so many rooms? I'm in like 8 of them. I feel like a prostitute having to visit all of them so late at night. Natalie is just absolutely OUT OF CONTROL! <3 So there's this Fab Five alliance now. HEW is even IN it? I know I saw Cirie's lopsided picture in there. I think I might have stumbled into an alternate universe because last time I checked, Cirie was in the opposing alliance? Between Kelley and Natalie, I'm not sure who smokes more paint shavings. It's like they overdose on caffeine and have to start making alliances like ANTS. Like those little bug things? It's insanity. But anyway yes apparently Jaclyngoddess has been invited into the Fab Five. I don't know what they are even TALKING about in there so I just threw something random out like.."I feel like Spencer's lurking there in a dangerous way." It makes NO sense whatsoever and is just an impulsive comment, but Kelley and Cirie are actually running with it. In the end...I think Cirie has anger issues. She's gotta go and she's gotta be blindsided. And in future games, please choose a better picture. *hair FLOP*

*Natalie approaches Rob*

Natalie: I'm telling Kelley that I voted out Dan and that Todd was the one who betrayed them, so if she asks you tell her that I was saying to vote Dan!! lol I'm hoping if she believes me, then we can all work together in the next vote! Dan trusts you/me/Jac so I don't really want to vote Dan. He could help us out for sure if we need him. Kelley also trusts you/me/Jac so we need her too. Cirie, Spencer and Brenda are more dispensable imo. So if it's up between them, we just need to vote out whoever's tightest with everyone else so we have the best chances going forward. Dan's wanting to vote Cirie, but she doesn't really have anyone except MAYBE Todd. Spencer is aligned with Dan and Brenda and Todd. So that's where I'm leaning right now. That way we'd be staying with the Fab Five alliance and have their loyalty going forward, but we'd also have the opportunity to vote with Dan in the future. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK <3 I'll hold off on voting until tomorrow when I can talk to you about your thoughts!
Rob: Natalie, it's okay. Don't worry. I have your back no matter what. I don't know if I'm getting paranoid or what. People are just acting so strange lately. I can't take it. I just want us both to be safe for as long as possible. I will be around all day tomorrow so we can talk more throughly about this. I think we need to strategize and plan for ou future. You, myself and Jac would be the dominant three in that group of five, which is ideal. Brenda is scary. Girls like her rub me the wrong way. I'm going to feel people out right now and hope I get a response.
Natalie: Love it, let's chat tomorrow then! I agree- we need to get a plan in order for our future. People are just acting sketchy and it's hard to get a read on everyone lol. Maybe it's just paranoia idk! As long as you and I are safe though that's all that matters lol
Rob: So I'm hearing Cirie, Kelly or Spencer. Those three names keep coming up. Apparently Cirie has an idol? I don't get worked up about those things, but idk.
Natalie: I think I'm gonna vote Spencer to keep the Fab Five on our side for now, and Dan seemed down to lose Spencer too so he wouldn't be mad either. And if Cirie has an idol then hopefully she'd use it and waste it!

*Rob leaves Natalie and Jaclyn saunters up to him*

Jaclyn (confessional): I start to get anxiety when I log in here. This cast has oh I'd say 74 mood swings a night. Last time they, as in everyone cause I talk to everyone, were targeting Dan. Again. But last night it was Brenda, Crystal, Dan, Spencer, and me. It's really fun though. I'm having a blast now. I do still have this apple. I think it represents my "million dollars" now. Brenda <3 though. I just might take her to the end. She's SO dumb. Serious moment though so many people need to be taken down. I don't even think they're gonna target me. If I can get to the end with Brenda and also Rob, that's my goal for now. Todd is also in my thoughts. I am worried about this vote actually. It's where I'll finally have to stick out and nobody better get in my face cause I'll fight back.

Jaclyn: I want to work with Natalie. I'm sorry I didn't reply to this:( everyone is saying you and I are the quietest so that's a good thing. No one loops us together in an alliance either. Everyone seems to think I'm with the girls and you're just quiet on your own. What do you wanna do with this vote? Oh and hey, Natalie has added us to the Fab Five with herself/Kelley/Cirie and me/you. This gets us to the final five, but when I take a step back, Boston....we can get even further if we use the other players. Spencer/Dan/Brenda/me/you. Then there's Todd. Who wants to work with me and you. So do we take out Cirie to guarantee Todd's loyalty? The Fab Five, including Cirie, wants us to vote together, probably for Dan. Dan's a threat but Boston, I just don't trust Cirie. People say she has an idol. She's been beasting comps. I just feel like we put our games at risk going that way. Let me know your thoughts first though. Because see say we take our Cirie, Todd's alone. It can be me/you/Todd/Natalie! That gets us to final four and hopefully me/you final 2. BostonBeauty! Sorry to give you so much info. Take your time and respond when you can <3
Rob: Todd approached me also for an alliance. I say we take it. I completely agree with everything you said. To be honest, I don't even trust Kelly anymore. She's sketchy as hell, and girls like her rub me the wrong way. We've gotta be careful. Natalie did mention fab five to me. She seems to really want it. I'm not certain of who has the idol, but it is definitely in play.
Jaclyn: Let's vote for Kelley??! No one's told me anything. Dan wants to split the votes. I say we just make our move, apparently Cirie has the idol so we have to make a different move. If we lose Dan so be it at least we got with Todd and we'll still have Brenda, she's cool.
Rob: Whatever you want! Has Cirie been telling everyone she has the idol? I like Dan, and I trust him, but we gotta be careful still you know? Him and Spencer are getting too close for comfort. I haven't had a conversation with Spencer, which scares me, but at least you and I are solid. Also how fucking hilarious is it that these guys have us in all of these rooms? Everyone is talking. In one room they want to vote Spencer and in the other they want to vote Kelley. Then people also mentioned Cirie. Who did you want to vote this round? Nat told me she's voting for Spencer (which makes me think she has an alliance we don't know about)... I mean, I don't care, but..

Jaclyn (confessional): I really missed Bro Robb when I woke up this morning. He probably would've been my one true friend in the game. But he left during my inactive spell. I need people to forget me, my boobs, and my apple. I stick out way too much like a dumbass, I always do that to myself. I'll get Kelley though. I know she's making faces at me so I knew it was only a matter of time before the blondes would have to target each other. For now, we got some nerdy shit to break up. Sorry, Dan, I have to flip somewhere but I'll be back. That Sexy Six room, no...we can't. Please lock it. <3 hahahaha and since I know what a bitch Natalie truly is...this bitch said she HATES Brenda in all caps....well I just thought her post in the middle of all the other sexies was hilarious cause you could tell she was like awkwardly laughing like hahaha ummmm cool who made this aka wtf this is awful. Like if we were in person, we'd be giving each other the eyes in secret like "bitch this is awkward af". Then I have a feeling they'll be mad at us for "flipping" when they basically just kidnapped us for our votes. I can always just pretend it wasn't me. Maybe they'll blame someone else and their alliance will fracture and maybe they will fight and get loud and ruin their chances further, all the while I'm here just enjoying the scent of this new conditioner I used! The Sexy Three alliance Dan/Spencer/Brenda wanna split the vote between Cirie and Kelley. So this vote will be a damn mess. I love it. Waiting for fireworks.

*We now pan to tribal council*

Tina: Welcome to tribal council. We'll now bring in the jury. Aubry, Robb and Crystal, voted out at last nights tribal.

*Crystal glares at the final 9*

Tina: Cirie, are you keeping immunity?
Cirie: Im going to give my immunity to Todd

*Cirie leaves the spy box and Todd is locked in*

Tina: Brenda, we are reaching a point where the jury will soon outnumber the players, is jury management already a factor in your game?
Brenda: Yes it is. But jury members need to also not be all power mad. They vote for the winner so they do have a say but don't disrespect the players.
Tina: Jaclyn, are you feeling confident that you can survive the rest of this game?
Jaclyn: I will say yes. I feel like I can "survive" so to speak. I don't have any deals in place so that might be a bad thing?

*A few chuckles are heard*

Tina: Dan, you dodged another bullet last tribal, does every vote against you make you more determined?
Dan: Ive always been determined, Tin. Every tribal Ive come to I have always had it in the back of my mind Ive been going, and yeah, Ive dodged bullet after bullet. Ill be honest with ya, if I was voted out last night, that 1 second would have haunted me. But that was then, this is now and right now, with all those votes I got last night, without immunity Im vulnerable man and if its my time man it's my time. No regrets.
Tina: Kelley, how has everything settled after last tribal's crazy events?
Kelley: I came back to camp and put out the fire, hid the machete...that sort of thing JK. I dont know, I havent heard from anyone I didn't hear from last round so far, so for me I feel like in that aspect, not much has changed. People are going to vote with their group at this point and there's little that can be done. So, with Todd now having immunity, who knows what will happen. I could be the one on the receiving end of votes tonight. Which would be a shame, because I am playing this game and showing up everyday.

*Shot of Crystal smiling hard at this*

Tina: Natalie, last vote was a close one, are there two distinct sides now?
Natalie: Definitely not two separate sides, which is why I love this game. I have no idea who's with who. I'm just trying to find the people I like and respect the most and go from there!
Tina: Rob, what are you basing your vote on tonight?
Rob: Tina, I'm basing my vote on what I think is the best decision.

*Kelley rolls her eyes all the way back into her head at this*

Tina: Alright, time to vote. Kelley, you're up.

*Kelley writes down a name and reveals it* Episode 9 Vote12
Kelley: How can a cute guy like you be so boring. Boner killer. Hopefully the last time I am writing your name down

*Rob votes*
Rob: I cannot believe I'm doing this

*Natalie votes*

*Dan votes for Kelley*
Dan: You voted for me last time, I'm just returnin' the favor.

*Brenda votes*

*Spencer votes*

*Cirie votes*

*Jaclyn votes*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..



1 vote each for Cirie, Kelley and Spencer.



2 votes Kelley, 2 votes Spencer, 1 vote Cirie.



3 votes Kelley, 3 votes Spencer, 1 vote Cirie, 1 vote left.

Tenth person voted out and the Fourth member of the Jury....

Spencer Bledsoe

Thank you so much for agreeing to play. I was glad to see you play and I think you did really well! Unfortunately, you're the first tribe captain to fall but you'll be on the jury to help decide the winner!

Spencer - reveal
I was happy to see this player do well and make it so far. Clap for JB_is_awesome

Game chart - so far
Episode 9 Hevonk10

Edgic chart - so far
Episode 9 Hevonk11
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