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Episode 11 - "I am fucking DONE with this bitch."

Brenda Lowe...Cirie Fields...Dan Foley...Jaclyn Schultz...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Rob Mariano

*The final 7 return to camp*

Dan (confessional): I'm still standin'. I've survived 9 tribal councils. I'm on my 10th life! However, I'm startin to get a little tired of gettin votes at tribal council. I've been a great deal lucky, I know that. But I've been able to survive by playing an exceptional social game. Yea, I know some people think I'm just a vote but I prefer to think that I have convinced people that I have value. I aligned with the right people at the right time. My mistake has been tryin' to control the vote. That's not my game. My game is to trust Jaclyn and Boston Rob. My game has been to schmooze myself into the power alliance. It started with Brenda and Robb at the start of the game. I did that with Jaclyn and Boston Rob at the swap. I did it with Natalie at the merge. That's how Ill survive in this game, not strategizin' but by relyin' on people much smarter than me.

*Jaclyn walks toward Dan and backs him into a corner*

Jaclyn: Todd's gone. They are setting a plan forth to get Brenda next. I kind of don't even want Brenda knowing, cause I've heard Kelley is tight with her so we don't need anything weird happening. We'll tell Brenda at the last minute, that it's Kelley. I really think Kelley needs to go before Cirie. Cause Cirie and Kelley are tight. Natalie and Kelley are tight. Apparently Brenda and Kelley are tight. Voting Kelley isolates a shit load of players going into the end game. Cirie and Natalie won't band together. Brenda won't flop to them. Kelley is NOT there to take our spots. Sounds like a smart play to me, how bout you Mr. Mailman? If we have to leave Brenda out of the vote and split things we will, but Kelley def needs to go. Rob is on board. But they're planning to give him the necklace again so we might not have his vote.
Dan: I'm followin' your lead. I'm just gonna hang back and let you take the lead. You have a firmer grasp on what's goin' in this game than I do. I trust you completely. I'm here largely because of you. You and Boston Rob are the only two people here I completely trust. Brenda is a distant third. For my part, I will continue to push for Cirie to get voted out so as not to arouse suspicion. We're at 7, immunity winner cant vote so, we would need 4. I dont know how many more tribal councils I can survive. This is the big one.

Dan (confessional): Jaclyn pulls me aside and lays it all out there on the line for me. She ain't some dumb blonde bimbo. Yeah, her and Natalie blindsided Spence and I made some nasty remarks about the alliance but that was more about not bein' in on it and havin' to deal with the nonsense that followed. Jaclyn wants Kelley gone? Ill party like it's 1999 if she leaves. If the plan is to initially target Cirie, no problem. I've been doin that for a coupla votes now, it won't be a stretch. I can play up the paranoia slightly. I already think someone's about to screw me over. If you aint playin like your probably on the bottom you ain't playin' this game right. We've seen it many times, someone utters that ominous phrase 'I am totally safe' or 'I am not goin' anywhere' just moments before gettin' their torch snuffed. And I would love to hear Kelley say 'I like have the greatest like alliance in the whole like entire universe of like California and such' just moments before gettin' voted out.

Jaclyn (confessional): Right now though I am gonna bff with Brenda. Just so it hurts a little more when I blindside her in a couple votes. *stares vacantly at the camera*

*Kelley goes to find Brenda, who is laying against a tree*

Kelley: I feel like what happened just now gave so much power to Jac, Dan and Natalie. They need to be split. I dont know if you want to work with me anymore, but if you do, I am willing to make a move now. I can't trust any of these people. It just amazes me how fast Natalie was able to switch the vote. She got Jac too because Cirie posted she voted Dan.

*Kelley realizes Brenda is asleep and sighs and walks away*

Kelley (confessional): Me towards Natalie right now: I am fucking DONE with this bitch. I dont care if I go, I can't work with someone as volatile and unpredictable as she is. She is probably working with Dan. No other reason why 3 rounds in a row she doesn't want to vote for him. I need to find a new ally ASAP.

*Natalie approaches Kelley and hugs her*

Natalie (confessional): LOL BYE TODD! If you would have talked to me, I would have kept you around. Granted, I didn't try to initiate conversation, and talking is a two way street. Could be my bad, but someone had to go, and I wanted it to be someone I don't know where they stand. Like Jaclyn told Cirie and Kelley, getting out Todd takes out a wildcard to our game. Todd was someone who would always vote with Cirie, even though people didn't know it (Not even Cirie lmao). Getting Todd out makes this "rivalry" between Cirie/Kelley and Dan even stronger, which guarantees they won't work together to take me out. The last wildcard in my game is Brenda. Everyone else I have a pretty strong relationship with, so my goal of this round is to get Brenda OUT. Second choice, it will be Dan or Cirie. We'll see what ends up happening. The hardest part of this round was the damage control with Cirie/Kelley since we blindsided them about Todd. I tried to convey that the vote was just so chaotic that no one really knew what was happening and it was an "accident" how it all went down. Yep, just like how it was an "accident" Crystal went home. LOL. Jaclyn is the perfect person to pin it on, since she's down to take the blame for the decision. I know I look sneaky and Kelley/Cirie won't REALLY trust me, but I don't need their complete trust. I need just enough trust to where they won't target me. And with Dan still in the game, he'll keep their attention long enough to where they won't see me swoop in and take them out

Natalie: I guess that's the worst that can happen.........
Kelley: So you had no idea Brenda, Dan, and Jac were voting Todd?
Natalie:  I thought Dan was and thought there was a CHANCE Brenda might too since they're aligned but I thought for sure Jac was with us!!! And obviously Todd would be since he's not going to vote himself
Kelley: Hmmm well. I hope one of us wins immunity next. Now we have a new pair to worry about, Jac and Rob. So there's Jac, Rob, Dan and Brenda. Todd was trying to make alliances with everyone because he was desperate. Dan isn't because he is a much better player. If me, you, and Cirie vote together next round, we can at least force a tie. Assuming they dont give the necklace to one of us. Otherwise we are screwed.
Natalie: We can beat them at immunity, we've done it every time almost! Also, I talked with Jac today and she really does seem down for the four girls going forward. I guess she could be lying, but it doesn't make sense to want to go forward with Dan and Brenda and Rob. As long as we win immunity then her vote doesn't really matter too much, but I'm hopeful we'll win it!
Kelley: Yea we need to win the next immunity. If I win, I'm gonna give it to Rob so Jac is stuck with us if she's planning on flipping.
Natalie: Yeah that's smart, I'll do the same!!

Kelley (confessional): OMG the amount of SHIT coming out of Natalie's mouth right now makes me concerned, I just want to go to the pharmacy and get her some Pepto Bismol. It just keeps coming out. This bitch has the nerve to switch the vote, vote with the new majority, and then pretend that she "didn't know" the vote was Todd..I may be a blonde, but I am not stupid.

*Jaclyn finds Rob and sits down with him*

Jaclyn: K he's gone. Cirie is wondering what happened. Just act like you don't know that's what I did. I think we might got this on lock down, Boston <3
Rob: Lmfao Cirie doesn't talk to me at all, but I will play my part.
Jaclyn: She just barely started talking to me. Same with Spencer. I don't know how they can expect loyalty when they don't talk to you until it's almost over lol. I hope we can REALLY make a move this next time. Nat/Cirie/Kelley, something needs to get done about that group.
Rob: Lmfao Spencer did the same with me. I'd suggest that we play dumb or we leak a false plan. Maybe tell them you're voting for me or Brenda? Then they'll jump on board... Then BOOM you, me, Dan, Brenda... Vote one of them out.
Jaclyn: That actually works cause they are trying to set forth a plan to get Brenda next. So we'll just go along with it and the whole time we'll know, our four votes are knocking one of them out. I just wasn't sure if I should tell Dan and Brenda yet? I think I'll wait just in case we have to go along with it:/ but for now, this is definitely happening. We can't go into these next rounds with them having an advantage over us. This leaves us in the middle of two groups with equal numbers so they can't have a parachute and then we're at the end game no matter what. <3 I wonder if Kelley is the best one to knock out? It seems Cirie and Kelley are close. Natalie also tells me Kelley and Brenda are close. When I analyze it, voting out Kelley isolates Cirie and Natalie. The only thing that makes me nervous is the Kelley/Brenda supposed alliance but apparently they're friendly...they just don't vote together. So hopefully Brenda will go for it.
Rob: That is very interesting! Let me see what she says to me. I won't mention it, but I want her to bring it up.

Rob (confessional): Dan's gotta go... They'll vote for him in the end. I think he's great, but I don't want to sit against that. He doesn't have to go now, but very very soon please.

*The camera shifts to Dan suddenly and we see Natalie walking up behind him in the background*

Dan (confessional): I think Natalie is either settin' me up or spyin' on me. She has set up multiple rooms. There's the Nat and Dan room. There's the Natalie, Brenda, Dan, Rob room. There's the Natalie Jaclyn Dan Rob Brenda room. It included Spencer but we all know what happened to him. There's the Natalie Dan Brenda Jaclyn room. These are just the rooms I'm involved with! This chick has more rooms than Tom Brady has touchdowns. How can I trust someone like that? Maybe Im givin' her a little too much credit but I think shes tryin to trip us up. Natalie clearly wants to be in control without actually being the leader. Don't get me wrong, I like her, we are on the same wavelength at times. However, she is indecisive and unwilling to take a risk. Every time I've asked her about a vote it's always 'What would Jaclyn say?' or 'Lets wait for Jaclyn'. It is my good fortune that I'm aligned with Jaclyn. Natalie could become a cornered rat if she senses danger tho. She might do anything and everything to save her own hide. Which is why it's important for her to continue to believe that I'm just a good lil soldier. Maybe she cuts my throat, maybe be she doesnt. But right here right now, she thinks shes smarter than she really is. Unfortunately for Brenda, if what Jaclyn says is true, shes in danger and I'd prefer to keep her around over Kelley Cirie and Natalie.

Natalie: It worked!!!!! #9LivesDan
Dan: I don't know how many more of these I can survive. Are we finally gonna get rid Cirie? We're kinda runnin low on people right now and options are gettin scarce lol
Natalie: We just need to beat her at immunity. Or convince her to give it up if she wins lol
Dan: I agree. I've been escapin' my torch gettin' snuffed too often, my luck can run out anytime.
Natalie: I think as long as they don't win immunity, we should be good. I'm hoping Brenda and Jac don't try to make a girls alliance :/ that's my only worry, but that would be so dumb. They'd be handing Cirie the win
Dan: Thanks a lot. As if I werent worried enough. As much as I want to vote out Cirie I want it not to be me more
Natalie: True! We have to make sure we have the numbers, but we all voted together well last vote so I don't see why it'd be any different this vote!
Dan: Neither do I but that don't mean we cant be cautious.
Natalie: True! How do you figure we approach this vote? I don't care who goes if it's not in our alliance.
Dan: Im hopin' Cirie does not win immunity. I've been tryin to get her out for a few votes now. She might be sayin the same bout me tho.
Natalie: lol trust me, she is. Her and Kelley are hoping you run out of lives lol. But I'm not letting that happen!!

Dan (confessional): Natalie, I like her, she's cool, we go together Brady and Gronk. As much as I want to believe her but there's doubt, man. She's plantin' seeds of distrust tellin' me she hopes Jaclyn and Kelley aren't formin' some all girls alliance. I dont see that happenin because Jaclyn is part of my primary alliance with Boston Rob. Unless Jaclyn is really playin' me and that makes me the biggest fool in this game. I'm playin my role
tho. I'm pushin' Cirie while at the same time tellin her that I hope it aint me. For all I know it probably is me

*Cirie approaches Natalie and crosses her arms*

Cirie: I wish someone would have told me todd was the vote I would have been fine with it. GEESH
Natalie: I thought my vote would be a throwaway!! Omg Sad is Jac with Dan?? Are we screwed? We NEED to win immunity to make sure one of them can't vote!!
Cirie: It was either Kelly or Jac I dont know who. I will show my vote Im not afraid
Natalie: This is crazy. If Dan or Brenda wins this game I swear.....
Cirie: Well thats who going to make it till the end. Im sure im next so it was fun playing with you
Natalie: You're not going  next if I have anything to say about it. We're gonna beat them at immunity!
Cirie: Do you think we can trust jac. I want it to be me you kelly in the final 3. I dont like when people lie like that, so for me it will be hard to trust her now but I will keep that to myself.

In the sixth individual immunity challenge, the players played musical chairs. Cirie, Dan, Kelley, Natalie and Rob competed. Cirie, Dan and Rob were eliminated respectively. In a race between Kelley & Natalie, Kelley won immunity!

*The final 7 return from the challenge, Rob and Dan meet up*

Rob: Welp. That didn't go as planned.
Dan: Do you find it odd there was a delay between the last 'SIT' and Kelley's response? I think Natalie waited for Kelley to respond first before posting. Maybe I'm wrong.
Rob: Nope, totally.
Dan: Not-so-surprisingly I was considerin' that very move.
Rob: We work well together, brother. . I'm assuming she made that thread with us in it? Anyway, I say we just go along with whatever she posts in that thread and then... vote her out. Give me a break. These girls man....Natalie wrote: "Well we were close lol. Oh well. So now we have to make a plan! What do you want to do? Vote Cirie with Dan or vote Dan with Cirie/Kelley?" Or I know Brenda is targeting you lol so you/me/Jac could vote Brenda if you wanted
Dan: Why does that not surprise me?
Rob: No matter what, we'll have the votes. I'm trying to see which way she's trying to get me to lean towards.
Dan: I told her you told me you were down votin Cirie. Keep me posted bro.
Rob: Will do.

Rob (confessional): Okay, so clearly Natalie is playing a stellar game. I admire it. I envy it. Heck, I wished I played it. She doesn't have nearly the charm I typically exude in these games, but she's good enough. Lol. JK She's gotta go. Planning a huge blindside tonight. They probably think we'll vote Cirie, but surprise surprise... we're voting Natalie.

*We shift to Kelley and Natalie talking*

Kelley: Do you think I should keep it or give it to Rob? I'm wondering if people see me as a "threat" right now, and if it would be a good idea just to keep it. And get maybe Brenda or Rob to vote Dan. Or Dan/Brenda to vote Rob.
Natalie: I think if you keep it, it'll be a 3-3 tie. I don't know what kind of tiebreaker they have though, it might be something Cirie or I could probably win! No they're gonna vote Cirie regardless lol they're so scared of her it's ridiculous. Like you and I obviously can beat Cirie at challenges, but they don't notice it lol. There's no way Jac doesn't vote with us if Rob has immunity and can't vote. So that'd be 4-2 majority no matter what!
Kelley: Have you heard from Rob at all tonight?
Natalie: Last I heard he was voting for Cirie

*Cirie joins the conversation*

Kelley: Hey ladies!
Cirie: Hey
Natalie: I'm also worried if Jaclyn doesn't vote with us lol, she's been known to switch votes last minute Rolling Eyes
Cirie: Me to. She says it was a one time thing I hope shes being truthful
Kelley: If I give it to someone, I'll probably give it to someone I know will most likely not vote with us, so Dan or Brenda. Do you girls maybe want to vote for Rob instead? But not tell Jac? In case they are close...
Kelley: Yea, I'd rather vote for Dan and trust Jac lol
Cirie: Id rather vote Dan to. I think Rob has shown up to 2 chalenges and one of them was tonight
Natalie: Cirie and I both gave up immunity, it's your turn now Wink hahaha jk. I hope we'll be fine regardless, but Jac does scare me with her flipping sometimes. And if we vote Rob then Jac definitely won't vote with us! So Dan's the vote right now right? If it changes someone let me know please!!
Kelley: It should be!

*Jaclyn joins the conversation*

Cirie: If you all wanted to vote Todd I would have went along with it. All you all had to do was say so
Kelley: I voted Dan too. I feel like we can't really work well as a group if people in the group have different agendas. I honestly think Dan is far more dangerous than Todd. But whatever, what is done is done. If you ladies still want to work together as a group of 4, then we should have no problem going forward. But again, that is if you all still want.
Cirie: I would like to but we all need to be on the same page. We can make it to final four but not if people are going to go against the group. I honestly didnt care who we voted but I thought Dan was more dangerous because he shows up to every challenge and Todd has missed a few. If everyone wants to still work together im willing
Natalie: I don't think we have any other choice but to work together unless we want to hand Dan and Brenda the win. If we don't stick together, they've won. They'll clobber us!
Jaclyn: Now we know pretty much where everyone is at. for what it's worth if it was a move against the Girls, I would've just done it straight away. I did that to remove a wild card to my game and I really didn't know what Todd had, so that made me skeptical of sharing the plan.
Kelley: Makes sense. <3 I hope this means smooth ride to the final 4 Very Happy
Cirie: Me too.
Jaclyn: It could've went down better, but it keeps it consistent lol! You ladies have my word. That's all I can offer at this point. <3

Natalie (confessional): KELLEY you are one crafty bitch who can't be trusted. Which I already knew, but you are so dumb. You are really dumb. Forreal. Cirie gave up immunity. I gave up immunity. And you're the selfish one who decides to keep it? Give me a break lol. You weren't going to go home tonight because I'm the one controlling that, but now your bff Cirie is going hoooooome! Bye boo! And you brought this on yourself. You knew by being selfish and keeping immunity, it would bring on a 3-3 tie. Well, you didn't know that Jac and I are splitting off and using my double vote, but still. By not giving away immunity, you showed you don't trust us. So you've got to go. Will you go in the next round? Possibly. If I feel like it. But if you don't orchestrate me going home this round, you will not end up in the finals. Sorry, it's just not happening. Bye boo. Don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya

*Natalie meets up with Rob*

Natalie: Well we were close lol. Oh well. So now we have to make a plan! What do you want to do? Vote Cirie with Dan or vote Dan with Cirie/Kelley? Or I know Brenda is targeting you lol so you/me/Jac could vote Brenda if you wanted.
Rob: I am unsure. I know you mentioned that Cirie has the idol, but I'm wondering if that was a lie. Her and Kelly are such a strong duo, I'd rather them go. Brenda is coming after me for sure. I forgot about that. Good thing is that she's not very active, so I'm not as worried. We could do Dan, but we both beat him today. I think we have a better shot against him to be honest. I'm thinking.
Natalie: I personally like Dan much better than Kelley/Cirie lol, but I just wanted to present all the options! As long as we're safe that's all that matters. Hopefully Kelley will keep immunity so she doesn't get to vote lol
Rob: I mean he's alright. He's just far better in comparison to them, but that's because I dislike them so much you know? I'll do whatever you want to do though so...
Rob: Just told Dan I'd vote Cirie, but ultimately... we have the final decision
Natalie: Yeah Dan told me "Rob's down to vote cirie let's do ittttttt!" lol he's been wanting to do this for so long. On one hand it could be nice to give him what he wants, but on the other it'd be funny to deny him since we have control! lol I don't really care either. It's like who's the lesser of the two evils? Cirie or Brenda? haha
Rob: Lmfao. This kid. I honestly don't care who goes. As long as it's not us I'm all for it.
Natalie: So who do you think should be our third? I think it's going to be a final three since there's only four immunity challenges this week, so we just need to figure out who we want with us. My best idea is probably Jac since we both like her and trust her (for the most part lol) but I'm open to other options too! And after we get through this vote, then us 3 will be the majority every round!
Rob: I'd say Jac too! She's been with us since the very beginning. And who are we voting?
Natalie: I think Cirie needs to go. As long as Jac is good with it, then that's what I'm thinking. I know you wanna split Cirie and Kelley up too!
Rob: Alright. Let's just hope she doesn't use the idol!
Natalie: I feel like she would have used it already if she had an idol! She would be dumb to not have used it already lol
Rob: That's a good point! Okay. Let's do it.
Natalie: Brenda's not coming after you still, right? I don't think she's been online tonight, but I'm hoping she doesn't screw this up. But I guess even if she does vote for you, we'll still have yours/my/dan's vote to make three. Okay I'm gonna cast my vote then!! Final siiiixxx Smile Three more tribals and we'll be there!
Rob: Oh brother, I have no clue. I haven't spoken to her! I really hope she gets over the whole thing. So stupid.
Natalie: Okay Jaclyn said she voted Cirie so we should be good!
Rob: Cirie told me Dan, so yeah, we're good.

*Natalie rolls her eyes and goes to find Cirie*

Natalie: I think Kelley's wanting to keep immunity.... which is going to put us in danger. The BEST we can do at that point is a 3-3 tie, and if Jaclyn betrays us then it's 4-2 and we go! You and I both gave up our immunity. I don't see why Kelley won't either?!
Cirie: Wow. I guess she didnt want to give it up. So who do you want to vote
Natalie: Dan I'd think. But we have to see if we can get Rob or Brenda to vote with us

*Natalie smiles and goes to find Dan*

Natalie: Okay so Cirie thinks me/jac/her are going to vote for you, and I think she's going to get Kelley to try to get Brenda to vote you as well. Obviously I'm not, and Jac told me yesterday she wants Cirie next so I assume she'll stick with that when she gets on. No idea about Brenda's vote but you/me/rob/jac should be enough!
Dan: Yeah and the best part is she leaves with maybe an idol in her pocket

*Dan leaves Natalie to find Rob*

Dan: Are there any concerns that our alliance has been figured out? I was thinkin' about this earlier, that fact I'm still here should bring up some questions on the Cirie/Kelley side.
Rob: Hopefully they'll be gone soon enough. Vote is Natalie as of right now.
Dan: From a personal standpoint, I like Natalie and I don't really wanna vote her. HOWEVER from a game standpoint, she's a plotter and a schemer and shes gotta go at some point, she might as well go now. She won't see it comin and *if* she has the idol odds are she won't play it (cuz if it gets played I'm done for). I'm gonna vote where you guys tell me.
Rob: I like her too, but she's gotta go.
Jaclyn: Okay Natalie it is!

Dan (confessional): There's less people here. There's less options. There's a potential idol floatin' around out there. Everyone is linin' up their numbers for the endgame. I wish I had that luxury. I dont have numbers to line up. I have Boston Rob and Jaclyn or nothin'. I want to say I've got Brenda on my side. I dont know. She's pretty close to Kelley to be honest. Lucky for me, Kelley has immunity and cannot vote. Unlucky for me, Kelley has an insane amount of connections in this game. She needs to go. So does Cirie. However, Natalie. Natalie. I'm conflicted. Part of me knows she needs to go but if I do, will that make me a flipper? But if I don't then I could be gone. Right this very second, Cirie Natalie and Kelley could be runnin the numbers. There's 6 people votin'. It could be a 3-3 tie. Can I trust Jaclyn and Rob to vote to keep me on a revote? Natalie has already approached Rob to see what his thoughts are. Do they vote me, do they vote Brenda, do they vote Cirie. Yeah. Natalie apparently brought me up. Maybe Rob's lying. Maybe he ain't. I'm the shield, apparently. So Ill keep gettin votes until I get voted out or until I make it to the end. Which gets me farther votin Cirie or votin Natalie. I don't like the prospect of flipping on Natalie. Not yet anyway. It's tough man. This is gonna be my 10th tribal council. I want to make it to number 11.

Rob (confessional): The plan is working muahahahahahaha...I mean I feel bad, because Natalie is really nice, but she's playing too great of a game. She's all over the place, and she's gotta go. BUT... I never questioned if Dan and Natalie were a secret duo... hmmm

*We now see Jaclyn and Natalie meeting up*

Jaclyn: Cirie and Kel are both acting cool with the Todd boot, but I sense some I NEED VALIDATION in their posts so I went ahead and just gave my word. Cirie was PMing in private alot saying she would just appreciate honesty moving forward. Bla bla. Gonna have to start with the poker faces. I mean it very well COULD be us girls in the four, but I think that makes our odds poor cause they're gonna say they were "more honest". So I'd just rather have both or at least one of them gone by then. This new crowd doesn't like deception and I doubt it's all us old-schoolers. So we'll have trouble beating them. Rob is probably a smart option since he's probably got the worst odds to win at this point.
Natalie: Yeah honestly I feel like our only shot in the end is us two and Rob. Dan will get more votes than us. Kelley probably will get more votes. Cirie definitely will. Maybe Brenda wouldn't? I just don't know who this huge ass jury would vote for lol I never talked to Robb or Aubry or Todd. And I think it's going to be a final three, so we need to make sure that Dan/Cirie especially don't make it, and probably not Kelley as well. I think Rob is our key to the finals. He's in the "middle" like us, so he won't be upset if we vote off Dan or Kelley or Cirie or Brenda. So we can probably use him going forward. Okay Jac so this is what everyone has *told* me they're voting for but idk if it'll be actually true. Cirie says she's voting for Dan. Dan and Rob say they're voting for Cirie. Brenda hasn't been online yet, but I assume she'll vote with Dan/Rob. Between your vote and my double vote, we have three votes. So we can either take out Cirie (revenge on Kelley for keeping immunity, dumb dumb dumb!) or we can vote with Cirie and take out Dan. OR we can put our three votes on someone like Brenda and it'd be a 3-3-1 tie. But the problem is - I don't get to use my double vote on the re-vote. So it'd be re-voting between you/me/dan/Rob which would just be another 2-2 tie. Unless Rob switched his vote and voted Brenda out. idk. I think avoiding the tie might be our smartest option though. So we have our choice between Dan and Cirie. I'm leaning towards Cirie cause Dan sucks at challenges, but we'd definitely have to get Kelley back on our side for the next vote at least to take out Brenda or Dan. Although we also have Rob who I THINK will do what we tell him, but who knows if he's secretly ~plotting~. I haven't heard your name at all so as long as you haven't heard mine, we *hopefully* should be safe this round.
Jaclyn: I'll be here to get Kelley back. I'll just act like dumbfounded like I always do with her. Cirie it is. I hate Sunday challenges I always miss them:(

Natalie (confessional): I'M GETTIN SKETCHED OUT OVER HERE! Have all my lies finally caught up to me? MAYBE! People don't seem to be scheming with me as much as they usually do. They're cutting things off shorter. Not being as friendly. And not giving away as much info. Or maybe that's just my paranoia. But I wouldn't be surprised if people banded together to throw some votes my way. I just need to figure out 1. if that's happening and 2. where I can put my two votes to keep myself safe another round. If Cirie/Dan/Brenda/Rob vote together against me, I'm done. No matter where I put my votes. I don't THINK they're joining forces, but tbh it would be a great move. I haven't been exactly subtle with my scheming, so I know I SHOULD be a threat. I'll honestly be a bit disappointed in everyone if they choose to not target me here. Come on guys! It's obvious! But I would love it if they didn't do the obvious move and they keep me around Smile Hopefully my social game will help me make that happen.

*Natalie leaves Jaclyn and finds Kelley*

Natalie: Cirie's going , I'm sorry I don't think I can stop it. We don't have the votes since you can't vote!! Even with a game advantage we only have Cirie and I's vote and that's not enough!
Kelley: What about Jac, she's not voting with you?
Natalie: I think she's scared of a tie, and I know there won't be a tie. But now that Cirie voted Dan and Brenda isn't here, it WILL be a tie if I vote with Cirie. And then in the tiebreaker Cirie goes  still anyways!!

Kelley (confessional): i got "distracted"...mmmhmm. tonight, someone that i wanted gone for a long time, will go. i really dont trust anyone anymore, so let the fireworks begin

*We now see Jaclyn and Kelley talking*

Jaclyn: we haven't talked a lot one on one but I definitely wanted to have something for us to privately chat in since we're near the end. We have Dan, Brenda, and Rob to deal with. I do trust the other 2 in our group but you never know what sub-factions might need to form. It could get crazy. You can talk to me girl.
Kelley: Thanks for the room, I feel like we haven't talked as much as I would like. Sorry about that.
Jaclyn: Yah same. This game has gone by fast! I've had a good time though and it's cool that you me and Nat are still here. Day one alliance!! <3
Kelley: I know and I would like us 3 to make it to the end but yea like you said, it's hard to know if there are other groups forming right now. I wanted to ask you something though, about this vote. Did Natalie ever tell you she was going to vote for Todd? She told me that she was going to vote for Todd but that it wouldn't matter since Dan and his crew were voting for Cirie. I mean to me, that was very sketchy because after the vote was revealed, she acted all shocked and blindsided and I didn't really believe her.

*Jaclyn walks away and Cirie walks up and hugs Kelley*

Cirie: So it looks like im going, if I do I know who it came from. Good luck
Kelley: It's really frustrating. I thought we could trust Jac. Damn.
Cirie: Its okay.
Kelley: Well, I guess I'll be seeing you in Ponderosa soon unless I can win my way to the end. So sorry. If you greet me at Ponderosa with a drink, I like beer
Cirie: I figure I needed to win immunity to stay and I didnt. Sometimes I worry Natalie could be working with them so be careful. But you are probaly next. I will be there with a beer
Kelley: If I am next, I am not too worried. It's Natalie's fault for keeping Dan safe all of these rounds. But yea you could be right, she's probably in on it too. The Todd vote, she pretended she didn't know he was going to get 3 other votes
Cirie: Yea the Todd vote really made me leary of her. I think she knew Jac was voting her and it was their plan all along. Yes we have had so many chances to get rid of Dan and I think in the end it will be her demise if he goes to the finals.

Cirie (confessional): It seems I may being going today. If I go I just want to say thanks for having me, it will be my own fault if I go. I have been busy today with my first grandbaby being born so I couldnt do much strategy. If I go I think it was all Natalie and thats fine but she has the wool pulled everyones eyes.

*Jaclyn finds Rob to talk*

Jaclyn: Okay cool. let me know:) Cirie or Natalie are what I'm hearing. I don't care honestly haha. They are both huge threats. :/
Rob: I've heard Natalie from Dan. Cirie from Natalie. I think Natalie has an idol, so it may be best to strike now. What do you think?

*We then see Dan sitting down*

Dan (confessional): My gut is tellin me things are not gonna go according to plan. I don't know if the idol is gonna get played or if Boston Rob and Natalie are gonna flip on me or that this is just the wrong move or what. But I have to trust in Rob and Jaclyn. I won't be around for the mad scramble but I'm hopin' I'm around after tribal council.

Tina: Welcome to tribal council. We'll now bring in the jury. Aubry, Robb, Crystal, Spencer and Todd, voted out at last nights tribal.

*We see Todd looking vaguely confused*

Tina: Kelley, are you keeping immunity?

*Kelley ignores Tina, so Tina locks her ass in the spy box*

Tina: Dan, you got votes again, are you getting used to it?
Dan: No. You never get used to it. Never. I'm not sure how many lives I have left. Which reminds me. Up up down down left right left right b a. Up up down down left right left right b a. Up up down down left right left right b a.....

*Everyone laughs*

Tina: Natalie, do you think you deserve to make finals?
Natalie: "Deserving" is such a subjective word Miss Tina. I think anyone who makes the finals deserves it. But do they deserve the actual win? That's what the jury is there to decide!

*Crystal stares holes into her*

Tina: Rob, the game is almost near its end, are you proud of the way you've played so far?
Rob: Tina, I am proud of the game I've played so far. I wish I were better at challenges, but aside from that, I think I'm doing okay.

Tina: Time to vote, Brenda you're up.

*Brenda ignores this request, so Tina motions for someone else to go*

*Rob votes*

*Natalie writes down Cirie's name and then pulls out a second parchment*
Natalie: I'm gonna double vote Cirie sorry girl but it's my best shot moving forward!

*Jaclyn votes*

*Cirie votes*

*Dan writes down Natalie's name shows it to the camera*
Dan: This is not the easy vote for me but I'm hopin' it's the right one

Sandra: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..
Brenda - penalty


1 vote Dan, 1 vote Brenda.



1 vote for Natalie, Dan, Brenda and Cirie .



2 votes for Cirie and Natalie, 1 vote for Brenda and Dan, 1 vote left.

Twelfth person voted out and the Sixth member of the Jury....

Cirie Fields

Thank you so much for agreeing to play. I'm  sorry you didn't make it all the way but you'll be on the jury to help decide the winner! You really kicked ass in this game and I think you could have won it all <3, good game Cirie.

Cirie - reveal
I had no idea what to expect when I cast this person but I was so, so thoroughly impressed by their performance. They were really robbed and I know how it feels to beast the competitions and fall short on one and come in 7th. Kristoff sends his respect to brady911

Game chart - so far
Episode 11 Hevonk14

Edgic chart - so far
Episode 11 Hevonk15
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