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Episode 12 - "Watch your back, Jack."

Brenda Lowe...Dan Foley...Jaclyn Schultz...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Rob Mariano

*The final 6 return to camp*

Natalie (confessional): I'M STILL HERE BITCHES! <3 lolololol @ this last vote. It was a clusterfuck. A COUP HAS OCCURED! And like all the best coups in history, it has failed miserably. You really need to make sure you have the votes if you're going to try to vote me out! What an interesting twist though! They tried to turn a coup against me, but Cirie ended up going home (the one who WASN'T trying to actively vote me off!) So funny. I'm okay with this, as Cirie is a huge jury threat and a threat to win immunity, and I need all the help there as I can get. I like how Rob at first tried to say "so wtf just happened?" and then when I called his ass out on voting for me, he started blabbing. What a weak-willed person. I've found that the most important aspect of these games is adapting to situations, so how I handle this is VERY important. I decided on the guilt method to be my best move. Rob and Dan both see that I was "loyal" and voted Cirie (even though I decided that at the last minute) so now they feel like shit that they tried to vote me off. If I can get them feeling guilty enough, then I can hopefully get them to vote with me next round and get Brenda's ass packing. Which by the way, who THE FUCK takes screenshots and uses them? That's such a shitty way to play the game. They don't have screenshots on CBS survivor, and isn't this supposed to emulate that experience? I get that's it's legal and allowed because it can't really be controlled or regulated, but it's such a shitty way to play the game. That goes for any imdb game, mystery or not.

*Kelley finds Natalie and pats her on the back*

Kelley (confessional): Well will you look at that. The one person that showed some sort of decency left today. I thought so. Cirie was a victim of people playing some of the worst flip flopping and lying I've ever seen. And I don't mean bad in like "OMFG I HATE THESE BITCHES MASTERFUL PLAYERS OMFG" but bad in like, serious case of bad jury management. It's sloppy, sleazy, and not really worth of the title of sole survivor. Natalie is a lying fake bitch, Jaclyn is a lying bitch, but at least she's not fake, Rob is a goat to the power of 4, Dan has been saved so many times, I just might vote for him at the end as the ultimate f*ck you to Natalie/Jaclyn and Brenda is hopeless. It's going to be a serious struggle from now on, but I am ready to meet my fate, whatever that may be.

Natalie: I feel sick to my stomach, that should not have happened like that. I had no idea they were voting for me. Like I don't know how to accurately get across how PISSED I am at them. And I don't UNDERSTAND what happened. Like they had to have told Jac, right? But then she also was honest about voting for Cirie? I don't understand.
Kelley: Yea at least you avoided a 3 way tie if you voted Dan. And at least you are safe <3
Natalie: I'm just so disappointed by this though. And if I were you I'd be so pissed at me. I got our top ally voted out because of stupid Brenda and her lies. Rob just showed me PMs and screenshots that Brenda sent him of me and Brenda's conversations, so Rob didn't trust me and got Dan to vote against me. This is just great, thanks Brenda. Girl was gone all weekend and is causing trouble.
Kelley: Well maybe we can talk some sense into Jaclyn. WE NEED TO VOTE TOGETHER THIS NEXT ROUND, EVEN IF IT'S JUST YOU AND ME. We never know what could happen.
Natalie: You're right. 100% right. I'm hoping Brenda never gets online again and gets eighteen penalty votes
Kelley: How did the votes go again? Cirie voted Dan? You voted Cirie? Brenda penaltied? Dan and Rob voted you or....where did the other Cirie vote come from, she got 3 didnt she? Oh wait NVM i just saw a double vote was used. I wonder who used it.
Natalie: I had the double vote but wasn't allowed to tell anyone about it, and I had to use it by the final seven so I had to use it last night. From what I understand, the boys approached Jac about voting out Cirie and she didn't want to force a tie (3-3) so she voted Cirie. She told me this but I wasn't online to talk to her about it, so in my mind the vote was already 3 votes cirie (Dan, Rob, Jac) and then Cirie voted Dan. I could either join Cirie and vote Dan, but it'd just be a 3-3-1 tie and I couldn't use a double vote on the re-vote. So Cirie would still go . So I was basically forced to vote Cirie. And apparently sometime Dan and Rob decided to vote me with Brenda, but Brenda got a penalty vote and didn't vote.

Kelley (confessional): Oh Natalie, just look at you acting all shocked and sad. Please....it's like the Todd vote. "I didnt know" and "that's not the name they told me!"

*Natalie stomps up to Dan*

Natalie: Why would you and Rob vote me? I don't get it, I've helped you through so many votes.
Dan: I was told you were thinkin of voting me. Brenda said you had an idol. I got paranoid. You might not believe this but I'm happy you stayed because I felt shitty writing your name. I expect you will vote me out next and I understand.
Natalie: Dan. I was never voting for you. I mean look at the votes! I easily could have voted you and you would have gone. But I was and still am loyal! Rob showed me the PMs and screenshots that Brenda sent to him. She's been trying to get me out for weeks and finally figured out a way to try it. She's been playing you both and I'm sad you guys listened Sad I understand it, I really do. But I'm still sad by it.
Dan: I should have trusted my gut. I thought too much and I need to learn to stop thinkin.
Natalie: I feel like I have to win immunity now or everyone will vote for me.
Dan: I'm just as worried as you are
Natalie: Well just so you know, I'm still as loyal as ever. My target is Brenda. I hope you're with me, but if not I understand.
Dan: Ill follow your lead.

Dan (confessional): Wow. So. Yeah. Cirie got voted out. I don't know how I feel about that. On one hand, I thought shes been someone I have been tryin to vote out for some time. On the other hand, I've been left out of the vote to get rid of her. Boston Rob was adamant about Natalie goin. Jaclyn told me to pick. I thought we had it. I voted Natalie. Natalie is gonna be pissed. It's lookin bad. It's lookin real bad for me right now.

*Natalie leaves Dan to find Rob*

Natalie: Why would you vote for me? We've been together since the beginning and I've helped you and Dan through so many votes. Just kind of hurts.
Rob: I know it sucks. I'm not going to lie. I was told you were just using me for my vote and I believed it. The whole immunity thing too... apparently you only used it to prevent me from voting? I know I should have asked, but she told me last minute. It's not a solid excuse, but I actually believed the person who told me you would cut me lose, and actually got screenshots (the whole nine yards). I feel so foolish, because in the end, I was the one who was disloyal to you. There's nothing else I can really say.
Natalie: Who's the "she"? I want you in the finals with me because I know that neither of us can beat Dan/Kelley/Brenda with all their friends on the jury. We're getting down to the point that alliances and friendships don't matter. It comes down to who we can beat. And have you taken a look at the jury? It's none of our friends. It's ALL of theirs. I have said things about you to other people in chats, but that's been to keep them on our good side so we don't get targeted by them. I obviously can't tell other people that you're my number one ally lol, so it's unfortunate you believed them. I really do understand your decision, I just wish you would have come and talked to me. I have said things to Brenda, just like I've said things to Kelley and I've said things to Cirie. But am I being truthful when I say things to them? Not at all. I can't let them know who I'm really aligned with. My vote is honest about that though. Votes don't lie, and I hope you see my loyalty and trust me going forward through that.
Rob: Natalie, I'm really sorry. I feel so embarrassed. I sorry, but mostly on a personal level. I feel awful. I thought she was being genuine late last night. If you have to vote me out I understand.
Natalie: Rob, I'm not voting you out. You and me are going to the end! Nothing's changed. I can tell how badly you really feel about this, and I want you to know that it's okay. I understand how it must have looked when she sent those PMs, and I might have reacted similarly. I hope we just come to each other and talk about things now in the future. I don't want to see you quit though. We need each other in this game. Since Day 1 we've been together! <3
Rob: I just don't know what to do anymore. Jaclyn said “I am going to make a room with me, you, and Kelley. Is that okay? The three of us really need to talk cause we're all being used as pawns. If we come together, they can't take us out.”
Natalie: Jaclyn said that?! Is she not with us either?! Omg Well my only chance is if Brenda penalties. I hope you vote with me. Dan said he would vote Brenda and I hope he's telling the truth too. I really just don't want to go  by the hand of my allies when you guys can save me. If Jaclyn's against us, then you/me/Dan should go to the end together. Jaclyn just hadn't voted against me so I didn't know whether to trust her or not. But if you're saying that Jaclyn can't be trusted then you/me/dan should go to the finals. Regardless though, we need to beat Kelley at immunity or none of us win this game. And Brenda won't help at immunity since she's not even active.
Rob: I just sent it to you, instead of holding it in like last time. I will vote with you and if I go  I go . I'm gonna see what she says.
Natalie: Well, if she's trying to align with Kelley then she's really not smart. Kelley will clean UP in the finals with the vote. All her friends are the ones on the jury! And she's won immunities. If you're more comfortable going to finals with Dan instead, then I'm down for that as well. As long as you and I are there then I don't really care.

Rob (confessional): First of all... My ego is a bit crushed as things usually always go my way. Secondly... Wtf Jaclyn?? Your dumbass had one mother fucking job! -_- She's dead to me. Lolz Though this exposed so much about my game, it actually helped more than it hurt. Now Natalie is super paranoid... Doesn't trust anyone. In fact, she's begging me to continue working with her. She's a nice girl, and I should have trusted my gut, but I still don't believe her entirely. It sucks when you screw over people this badly. It was warranted though. I had to put forth this notion that I really feel bad, and I do, but there were no screenshots or anything that led me to that decision. I wanted Natalie out because I didn't think I should trust her. Anyway, this did wonders for my game. Heck, I'm in a better spot than I was before. I mean, she could still be plotting against me, but as far as I know, we are still a pair. Weird right? Idk. So far, I've been selling jacqlyn out hardcore. If she wants to mess up my game, she's got another thing coming. I can mess up her game just as much, if not more. Didn't she ever hear? You should never poke a sleeping bear. By the end of these new few votes, Natalie's going to distrust Jaclyn so much that she's going to stab her right in the back... Hopefully Dan goes too. He's a nice guy, but I can't beat him in the end. I have a better shot against jacqlyn. Ugh. Maybe jacqlyn should stay... Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

*We now see Kelley and Jaclyn talking*

Kelley: I know I am heading to the jury this round so I need you to stop ignoring me <3 Has Natalie been in on all these votes? Like, was she aware of who the target was? Are you two girls working together? I don't really care if you are, I am so over the lying. Natalie confessed that she used the double vote power. She's literally the dumbest player I know. I am facepalming so hard, she could have gotten rid of Dan with that double vote...
Jaclyn: I am sorry honey. *flicks wet hair drops around* I just got back from the beach. I could only get on to vote last night. I really did want to talk but I was presented with the opportunity to vote Natalie or Cirie. Cirie because Natalie had the double vote. I probably should have voted Natalie. I didn't know what to do or even say to anyone. She's acting like it's Dan and Rob that kept her in the tribal council post but she had a double vote. She's a liar. Someone made about 3 new rooms last night. I think it's Natalie. How long has she been making rooms? Kelley there's about 5 more in one day. She's playing such an obvious game. ...we NEED to get together. I will tell you for truth I've felt like I didn't know where our games were going to go with our stories being so different, but now I do. She's just been using both of us as pawns. I am worried to even suggest anything though. I tried really hard for that immunity. we gotta make some sort of play. Are you close with Brenda or Rob? What about me/you/one of them forming a counter alliance to whatever the fuck's going on?
Kelley: I talk with Brenda but she's so inactive, and attached to Dan's hip, so she's not really reliable. I feel like our best bet is to work with Rob. And yes, those room were absolutely ridiculous, I was so shocked to see I was in so many of them. Like, I can totally understand playing everyone and having alliances with everyone, I really understand that. But what I hate is when she had the chance to change the outcome in a positive way, but she didn't do it. She's well aware of what is going on, but is always playing the "victim card" and im really over it
Jaclyn: Ok that is good cause I like Rob more and we've been with him longer! Nat has a room with Rob and me and she's workin it with him saying, it was the loyal thing to do to vote Cirie. She won't see an attack coming from my way at all. Should we make a room with him? I worry if we're back and forthing it, he will get suspicious. Probably best if we just approach him together. Just, count me in for this. I was waiting for the right time for the blondes to take over this. <3
Kelley: Yes definitely, let's ask for a room and do this. I just hope this stupid twist is over already lol. But if I have to give the necklace away, who should I give it to? Dan or Brenda? Does it matter?
Jaclyn: I would say Brenda. Just in case she penalties cause we need the votes to make a move and need reliability. Yeah I'm ready for it to be over too. It's made the votes so overly complicated every time lol

In the seventh individual immunity challenge, the players had to identify close-up shots of Survivor contestants. The person to correctly identify them all would win! 13 minutes later, we had a winner and it was Kelley who took immunity!

*The final 6 return from the challenge, Dan and Jaclyn separate from the group*

Dan: Natalie is pushin' Brenda right now. That kinda worries me bein the last Vittu standin. And what happened? At least with Spencer I got an explanation. If the vote was Cirie why didn't you just tell me to vote Cirie?
Jaclyn: Hi. Yeah just go along with it. That's what I'm doing with her. I think maybe we can get Natalie out? if not at least Brenda going isn't Jaclyn or Dan going and with so few people and so many rooms and so much chaos I don't care who it is <3 just waitin on Kelley's decision. I actually wanted to take Brenda somewhat far..? :/ but like I said if we can't get natalie then Brenda unfortunately. Oh and regarding the Cirie vote...Natalie at last second tells me she has a double vote. I didn't wanna vote natalie since that seemed to be the other option, or Kelley was saying you again for the 18th time, so I just voted cirie. I didn't think she actually had the double vote though:/ Natalie's been spinning many webs. I regret my vote now but at least Cirie's big mug is finally gone. What a wacky game. I do regret how sneaky I was, with everyone, about the vote. Kelley also asked about my reasoning behind it. I mean, I probably wore a poker face for no reason. But hey it worked, we're all still here:)
Dan: I'm tellin her Brenda. If we vote Brenda we have someone who will compete for immunity over Kelley. But it worries me bein the last Vittu standin.
Jaclyn: Well you will have my word ...but just now when I think about actually voting Brenda, it might make Natalie think "those idiots kept me" so there's always a chance for a sneak attack next time. She's nervous. So if she stays... Plus, who knows if Brenda will even vote. So there's pluses. I do what you do. I am kind of 70% on Brenda now though, from my own standpoint and how I see things playing out.
Dan: There's doubt Jax. I admit it. For all I know Natalie will vote for me and whip out an idol on Brenda and I get voted out. Then again Kelley is on an immunity run and that worries me that we won't be able to vote her out but Natalie is a good competitor maybe she can beat Kelley. Unless she and Kelley are workin together, then my run ends. I'm with you completely. My gut says vote Brenda. But you make excellent points.
Jaclyn: Is Rob okay with Brenda going? If so I will just talk more openly in front of him in our room. yeah there's no way you can predict 100% what will happen. Even though the votes have gone well I always have that small doubt that it could be my time. I think we're both good. I'm actually NOT hearing your name this time. Just hearing Brenda or Natalie. I say we vote late, like usual. We might wanna just listen for a little bit. I mean right now it's probably Brenda. But let's wait to vote. If Natalie makes any wrong moves we cut her throat! Nevermind let's not wait and just vote Brenda. Get it over with. Moving forward we have options.
Dan: Okay let's do it. We will need to talk. Natalie is workin on bringin me into an alliance. She's layin it on a bit thick tho.

Dan (confessional): I'm thinkin long term here and I gotta be honest it still doesn't look good for me. Natalie wants to vote out Brenda and Jaclyn wants to vote Natalie. Jaclyn has the audacity to come up to me with no apologies and no explanation to just ask if I will vote Natalie. What the hell man? Don't I deserve an explanation? At least with the Spencer vote I got an explanation. Here I got nothin. Natalie, she scares me, she scares me big time in this game, voted Cirie and has voted to keep me in. She tells me she's loyal but to what extent? Natalie wants to vote Brenda. Votin out Brenda makes me the last Vittu standin' against the four Hueras. For all I know they're all goin to the end together and that's been their plan the whole time. I'm torn here man.

*We see Rob and Natalie talking*

Rob: just tell me how to vote. It's sketchy, and I'm a bit confused on the whole thing, but whatever. We got through this mistake of mine and I'll make it up to you.
Natalie: Is Dan telling you who he's thinking? I mean he told me he'll vote Brenda with me, but I just don't know if he's telling me the truth. I hope he is.
Rob: "Jaclyn wants to vote Natalie. Natalie is sayin' Brenda. After last vote I'm not sure man." Well. I just asked him straight up. He seems confused.
Natalie: Well if you guys vote with me, we have three strong moving forward. If you vote with Jaclyn, you just have you two and then Kelley/Jaclyn together. And then Brenda in the middle but she probably won't be active. idk, please just let me know what you guys decide so i'm not blindsided :/ I really do think it's best for us to vote together, just because I can help beat Kelley for immunity. If she gets to the end, she has the game won and that's the boring ending that I don't want for this season lol. The audience will be so disappointed! lol
Rob: Yes! I promise. So vote Brenda?
Natalie: That's what I'm doing unless everyone wants someone else. There's just not that many options lol. Dan told me "I'll vote Brenda but you just have to convince Rob or Jaclyn" so I assume if you tell him you're down to vote Brenda, he will too. But even if he doesn't, if Brenda stays inactive then she'll penalty and you/me will have enough votes even by ourselves.
Rob: I'll tell him I'll vote Brenda. She did lie to me after all! I shouldn't have believed her
Natalie: So is Jaclyn just BS-ing in "The Mafia"'s chat about voting Brenda? Gosh she disappoints me if she's lying. But that makes it even easier for a you/me/dan final three! I'd rather lose to you or Dan than let Jaclyn, Kelley or Brenda have the win. Who lied to you after all? Jaclyn or Brenda?
Rob: She's been playing me too, but honestly I have no clue what she is doing. It's weird. I'm gonna vote for Brenda.
Natalie: Okay I will too. Hopefully she'll either penalty or Dan will vote with us
Rob: So jacqlyn opened up a new room with myself and Kelly and called it, "the real F3". Very bizarre.
Natalie: Lol VERY strange. I think she thinks she can beat Kelley in the finals. Which is baffling to me. I see Brenda got on, so she won't be penaltying Sad but I'm praying that Dan voted with us and we should be good! I have faith in us!!
Rob: He confirmed that he voted Brenda. Just voted. Jac said she voted Brenda too.

Natalie (confessional): My outlook isn't looking too bright I must say. I do hope Brenda penalties, because that would ensure her going home. But I doubt she will for a second vote in a row. My other hope is that Rob takes pity on me and my guilt trip on him works. I've been trying to make him feel HORRIBLE for voting me, but also ensure him that I "forgive" him. Of course I forgive him! Because I do want him in the final three with me. Because he'd be sooo easy to beat. I just don't want Kelley or Dan to win this season, and Rob and Jaclyn probably won't. So basically I need to figure out some way to stay! FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE! <3

*Rob walks away and Jaclyn walks up*

Jaclyn: Okay so there's definitely chaos everywhere. <3 I am working on Kelley. If I can just manage to screw everyone's votes up by pretending I'm on to something and misleading people, I think we can group me/you/one other vote together to get someone out. It's just up to you. We're in that GREAT of a position but I doubt they're gonna pull their votes together.
Natalie: Omg there's SO MUCH chaos. I'm trying to make Rob and Dan feel so shitty about voting for me that they save us this round lol. I think our only hope is to try to get Rob or Dan to vote Brenda. So basically if you work on Rob and tell him this is the only way to repent for last vote, we should be good. Rob told me he's a very new player to the games and he really seems like he feels AWFUL lmao so we need to take advantage of that!! Oh yeah, Brenda sent screenshots of mine and Brenda's convo to Rob and that's why Rob voted against me. How shitty is that of Brenda? lol I mean I know it's in the rules, but damn how cheap of a move in that. In real survivor you can't "screenshot" someone's convos to convince other people of stuff lol. And then the dumb bitch penalty voted lmao
Jaclyn: eh, I am not a fan of screenshotting. Takes the fun out if it. Fuck that, she can get the votes then. Maybe she will penalty. And yeah my head spins in this game <3 the chaos seems to work for us though Wink stay strong <3 <3
Natalie: lol yeah the chaos definitely helps! I'm trying to tell Rob and Dan that we've proven we're loyal because we did vote Cirie. So hopefully they'll fall into that "we're loyal" trap and vote to keep me. But I somehow doubt it so I'm hoping Brenda penalties again lol. Although I think I'd go  in a tie-vote anyways. OH WELL. If I go  then I go , it's been fun wreaking havoc <3 but hopefully we can guilt Rob and/or Dan into voting out Brenda.
Jaclyn: No word from Dan or Brenda. Have you seen them on? I doubt we'll have Rob. To be honest he's seemed shady to me and then the "okay I'm here" what? Here for what? <3 Let's just keep doing what we've been doing. I at least tried to beat Kelley! She's good. Dan is saying he's thinking of voting Brenda (!!!) but he's reluctant to be last Vittu. So just keep pushing! It's workin. Tell him he will beat me and you at the end, that's what I've already told him.
Natalie: lol yeah I was gonna say, isn't that MORE impressive to be the last one standing? I honestly think it's smarter for them to vote Brenda, just because we need EVERYONE to stop kelley from immunity. If she wins the last two and makes the FTC, she wins the game. Hands down.
Jaclyn: YEp Although, I'm not sure I'd vote her? I have found her to be surprisingly very linear lol. Just keep working Dan. He has said twice now that he wants to vote Brenda but is reluctant so I would assume there's another name so he's leaning towards Brenda more and that's why he keeps mentioning it. Just as assumption. I have weird vibes about Rob. He got a little short with me earlier.
Natalie: Well they both voted me last vote so I wouldn't doubt they'd do it again lol, but hopefully they'll prove loyalty this time and just vote Brenda! She's not active and doesn't deserve to be in the final five anyways. But oh well. They both told me they'll vote Brenda so hopefully they will. And since Brenda will probably penalty vote, our two votes will be enough regardless to get Brenda out. And I agree! I think the jury will love Kelley, but I probably wouldn't vote for her.

Jaclyn (confessional): So far 3 moves in the game for me have been key. One, my early alliances. With Natalie, Kelley, Boston, and Dan. Two, making the smoke and mirrors rooms. This just got people talking and strategizing even more. And I saw people fighting and even wanting to give up. <3 "omg there's SO MUCH chaos!" Hahahaha. *empty smile* Three, making a private room with Kelley. She's literally the only player who has the ability to take me out. So of course I'm distracting her by making a really intense omg-why-have-we-never-talked let's-go-to-final-two alliance. I'm pretending that I didn't know Natalie was playing us. I actually just don't want her to target me. The rest of the players won't. As long as I have Kelley on a leash, I'm still game for a seat in the finals.

*Jaclyn walks away and Dan comes up*

Natalie: Well Kelley won immunity, so that locks up my vote for Brenda. Hope you and Rob vote with me. I think I've proven nothing but loyalty through what really counts - the vote at tribal council. So I hope that counts for something. Honestly I think I'm your best chance at beating Kelley in challenges as well, and if she goes to the end she wins, hands down. All her friends are on the jury. If you and I are in the end, I think it'd be pretty even. I've pissed a lot of people off, and you're an underdog. So I hope you look at loyalty first, but even beyond that I think I'm your best shot at beating Kelley. I'm gonna go cast my vote for Brenda. Please let me know whatever you do end up deciding so I'm at least not blindsided by it. Thank youuuu <3
Dan: I don't have any intention on votin' you at this point. I'm gonna have to trust my gut here.
Natalie: Are you good with voting Brenda? I trust Jac more than her I think. And Brenda hasn't even been participating which kinda sucks. If you're good with it and Rob's good with it, I'll go finalize my vote!
Dan: I'm not jumpin for joy here at votin Brenda because I know if I somehow make it to the end she's the only one I can beat. However, she hasn't been active and it's not like we've spoken about anything long term. I don't know where her loyalties lie. She also hasn't been very active recently. But then again if Brenda goes then that leaves me as the last Vittu standing against four original green tribe members. But hey I've been a target so long nothin's gonna change for me anyway.
Natalie: You don't think you could beat anyone else? I think you could beat Rob or maybe Jaclyn and I think between you and me it'd be close with you probably even having an edge. The jury is very interesting because I haven't talked to most of them. Never spoke to Aubry or Robb or Todd. And Crystal and Cirie, well I voted them out lol. Brenda has a lot more friends, and is friendly with Kelley even though they haven't voted together. Don't sell yourself short and think you couldn't beat people! I have respect for your game, and I love how you always ALMOST get voted out but you never do!
Dan: I got the underdog thing down. Yea, maybe I can beat Rob in the end but but maybe Rob beats me ya never know. But Kelley Jaclyn and you? I lose. I may have Robb's vote but that's not a glowin' endorsement. People might vote against me just because Robb would vote for me lol It goes to what you said whoever gets to the end deserves to but who deserves to win? Survivin' ain't enough to win.
Natalie: I think you're really selling yourself short. And selling Jaclyn high lol. I agree that Kelley is dangerous though. But if you truly believe you have no shot at winning in the finals, then I hope you'd help your allies get there. And I think once we do make it together, you'll be surprised by how much of a good match-up it will be!
Dan: Lol. I agree with you, I do. You make excellent points. I think Kelley goes to the end she wins hands down and now that Cirie is gone there's almost no competition for her. It makes total sense to keep you especially over Brenda. But you'd need to convince Jaclyn or Rob as well especially if Brenda decides to show up.
Natalie: Jaclyn told me she'll vote Brenda, but I heard she's telling you and Rob to vote me. So I don't think we can trust her. If you/me/rob vote together, then that alliance is majority for the rest of the game. Then literally all we'll have to do is beat Kelley at immunity and we're in the finals. Rob told me he'd vote with me, and with your vote then that's all we need.
Dan: You me and Rob in the finals? I can get onboard for that. I'll see what Rob thinks but you can count on my vote for Brenda tonite.
Natalie: Sorry, had to go for a bit and just got back. Rob sent me a message saying he's voting Brenda too, so that should be majority! Who knows what Jaclyn will do. But if this vote does anything, it solidifies us three together all the way to the final three. As long as we can beat Kelley at an immunity! You're a great person Dan. I can tell it really pained you to vote me last time and you legitimately felt bad about it. I know this is all a crazy game but I want you to know I genuinely appreciate you, and I can't wait to find out who you are so we can have a friendship when this is all over!
Dan: It sucked. It felt wrong when I wrote your name but this is my chance to make it right. We can go to the end if we all stay tight and stick together and beat Kelley obviously.
Natalie: I think we can, she can't be good at EVERYTHING haha. We can even hopefully work together in it. I don't care who wins it as long as it's not Kelley lol
Dan: If Kelley goes we all have a shot.
Natalie: Well Brenda finally got on but with you and Rob then we should be good! ill talk to you tomorrow afternoon! I assume Brenda will say vote me since I haven't talked to her at all, and idk who Jaclyn is wanting to vote. But I have faith everything will work out for us!!

Dan (confessional): I don't know man. I'm worried. Natalie is sellin me a bill of goods wantin a final 3 with her me and Rob. Thing is, I'm loyal to Jaclyn. There's no right answer here. Natalie is talkin about how genuine and awesome I am. I know I'm awesome which is why people are constantly tryin to vote me out. These are the things people say to you moments before slittin' your throat. She's pourin' it on very thick. She's tryin' to schmooze the Schmoozer. I don't think she can be trusted. Jaclyn is shady but she has my back. That's complete and total loyalty. Boston Rob is being swayed by Natalie. Jaclyn flippin the vote to Cirie has caused a rift between them but I'm not sure how much or even if she knows. Jaclyn could be right, Natalie is probably gonna think we're a bunch of idjits for keepin her around. She is threat. She could be the lyin' snake Brenda and Jaclyn make her out to be. The problem is, whenever we get a chance to knock out a major threat people muck it all up. We could have split the votes between Kelley and Cirie but everyone voted Spencer. We could have voted out Natalie but Jaclyn went rogue and voted out Cirie. Every time we had the opportunity we, and by we, I mean 'they', screwed it up. We built this city and now we have to live in it, rats and all.

*Jaclyn goes up beside Kelley to whisper in her ear*

Jaclyn: wow she's convincing them they need her to compete against you <3 keep pushing her name around I don't think anyone's actually voted as usual. Rob will do it. I will talk to you when I get on here. I'll vote in the morning. Looks like it'll be Brenda. Just a heads up:/ Talk to you tomorrow!
Kelley: That bitch...Yea let's talk later. I am ready for this damn twist to be over

*Natalie, Jaclyn and Rob join up to talk*

Natalie: Well, Kelley won immunity. Rob please please please vote with us. Us three have been so loyal so far, and all these votes have proved it! Us three have the majority of the votes, so if we all agree to vote Brenda then we're all safe! and then next vote we'll have majority again no matter who they give immunity to. Well at least a tie.
Jaclyn: Is Brenda even here? I swear she penalty votes at every vote.
Natalie: There's no way she's going to be able to help beat Kelley at challenges. Kelley just has to win two more and she's won the game.
Rob: Okay! I'm here
Jaclyn: Just waiting to see what Kelley will do.
Natalie: Kelley has immunity and can't vote
Jaclyn: so she's too late to give it away? Brenda then! I haven't even seen her on it's too late to not be interested in the game if you ask me.

Natalie (confessional): I really just don't know who I can trust. I hope I've guilted Rob and Dan into voting out Brenda, even though it'd probably be smarter of them to vote me out. But I tried to appeal to their sense of logic and their emotional states. They both seriously feel bad for trying to oust me last vote, which I find hilarious. This is a game! Of course you should be trying to vote me out! Don't feel bad you tried to vote me out. Feel bad that you failed at it! So on one hand, I'm trying to make them feel like they "owe" me. On the logical side, I'm their best shot at beating Kelley in one of the last two immunity challenges. We're all in agreement that if Kelley makes the finals, she wins. Now I'm not sure just how true it is, but I can definitely say I'd rather sit next to Rob and Jaclyn or Rob and Dan in the finals than Kelley. So I tried to get them to see Kelley as the biggest threat, and hopefully I can beat her at immunity next round in order to vote her off. Which will leave me in the final four with three other people who are HORRIBLE at challenges. Wow, funny how that works out for me. What a coincidence! Still, these people could easily vote me out still. Rob's shown me some shifty stuff Jaclyn is pulling, and we're getting down to the end game. Do I trust Jaclyn? I'd like to think so, but this is a game! If she voted me out, would I understand? Well, it depends how she does it. If she does it to go to the end with Rob and Dan, I'd understand. If she did it to go to the end with Kelley, that would baffle me and she'd lose my respect. It all depends how she would accomplish it. Hopefully this isn't my last confessional of the season. I guess we'll soon find out.

*Natalie walks away and Dan comes up*

Dan: I didnt see that comin
Rob: Well who are you voting this round?
Dan: Yea, she wasn't very happy with us.
Jaclyn: Rob I was thinking of Natalie or Brenda to be honest.
Rob: Okay which one?
Jaclyn: Natalie is saying we should keep her to beat Kelley for immunity. It's a tough choice. I haven't heard from Brenda so I'm leaning more towards voting Brenda out. What do you guys think?
Dan: I'm thinking Brenda
Jaclyn: Yeah let's just do Brenda as the vote. Good luck moving forward, Boys.

Rob (confessional): I truly hope that after Brenda goes, Jaclyn will follow suit. She didn't vote the way she was suppose to and you know what they say... Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, ... I won't fall for her shit again. What I really want to do is cut her right at finals. *coughs* the lord giveth and the lord taketh away...Watch your back, Jack.

Tina: Welcome to tribal council. We'll now bring in the jury. Aubry, Robb, Crystal, Spencer, Todd and Cirie, voted out at last nights tribal.

*Cirie flips her hair*

Tina: Kelley has elected to keep her immunity.

*Kelley is locked in the spy box*

Tina: Dan, thoughts on a double vote being played?
Dan: You know Teens, I can call ya Teens, right? I've spent most of this game at tribal council and I think we've gotten to know each other quite well by now. This game is a tricky one. Every single time I come here and I expect to get voted out, including tonite. The only thing I can say right now is Deflategate was nothin more than a conspiracy against Tom Brady and the Pats created by Rex Ryan. And I'm happy that the extra vote was not used to vote me out.
Tina: Brenda, are you still alive?
Brenda: Hi Tina lol.

*Sandra falls out of her chair in shock at Brenda's reappearance*

Tina: Rob, what are you basing your vote on?
Rob: Tina, I don't know. I guess we'll see.

*Suddenly there's a banging on the spy box*

Kelley: I dont get a question?
Brenda: Ew no.
Kelley: Rude
Tina: You don't get a question because you're in the spy box DUH. It's time to vote. Brenda, you're up.

*Brenda votes*

*Dan votes*

*Rob votes*

*Natalie votes*

*Jaclyn stares into the camera for a solid three minutes and then votes*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..


1 vote Brenda, 1 vote Natalie.


2 votes Brenda, 1 vote Natalie.

Thirteenth person voted out and the Seventh member of the Jury....

Brenda Lowe

Thank you so much for agreeing to play. You were fun to watch play and I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the end.

Brenda - reveal
I was so happy this person joined because they are a legend and an amazing person <3 They def played a fun UTR game and I appreciate them bringing the fun <3 Love you XCindyLennoxFanAlwaysX

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