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Episode 13 - Season Finale Empty Episode 13 - Season Finale

Post by Tina Wesson on Sat 18 Jun - 14:53:51


Dan Foley...Jaclyn Schultz...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Rob Mariano

*The final 5 return to camp*

Dan (confessional): Brenda has been voted out leavin' me as the last Vittu standin'. I don't like it. I'm not comfortable with it. I'm on a tribe of four Hueras. This close to the end and there's really only one person standin' in my way. Kelley. If she loses, she's gone. If she wins I'm gone. It might be tonite it might be tomorrow but my game is over. If she wins and I'm not the target tonite then I am forced to make a very difficult decision that I don't want to make.

*Kelley is seen smiling and clapping*

Kelley (confessional): Well, Brenda left at the last tribal council. That's 7 tribal councils that Dan has been spared. He's definitely has that "target that survived so many votes" thing going for him, and with a jury that probably hates me or is indifferent towards me, I am worried about that. I kind of wish the twist was over because I want to be safe, but I also want to vote. I kind of feel like this twist is heavily damaging my game because I will have very little to show in terms of the game I play if I was unable to vote each round. I did try to influence the vote, but no one would listen to me. Tonight's the final 5 immunity and it's, once again, do or die for me. I hate being in the position that if I lose, I go home, but that's just the way things fell in this game. I am playing hard therefore, I am a threat. Winning immunity might be my only way to the finals at this point.

*Natalie is seen squinting*

Natalie (confessional): SCREENSHOTS CAN'T WIN THE GAME FOR YOU BOO! Sorry, buh-bye now Brenda! On one hand I cannot BELIEVE I got everyone to vote out Brenda. This is BRENDA we're talking about. The girl who didn't log in for FOUR DAYS this past weekend. The girl who always penalty voted. The girl who was no threat to absolutely anyone. And my "allies" kept me over her. I love it. I am in an interesting position now though, because I really need to beat Kelley at immunity and send her home. If she wins, I have to pick between voting out Jaclyn or one of the boys who just saved me. And both of those options suck, just because I don't want anyone pissed at me going into the final four. I want to win immunity so I don't have to even vote and get blood on my hands. But who knows, that Kelley is a firecracker. Depending on the challenge I might have a shot, but otherwise I could be screwed. Also can we talk about how BORING and one-dimensional Kelley is? I really hope if she gets to the end that the jury doesn't award her the win. She's such a snoozefest. But winning immunity is tonight's problem. At the moment, I'm just celebrating that I'm still here and I'm in the final five!

Natalie: It worked!!!! As long as we beat Kelley at one of the next immunity challenges then we'll be in the finals!!
Dan: As long as Kelley loses.
Natalie: We can do it

*They high five*

In the eigth individual immunity challenge, the players had to identify 10 different notable people. 5 clues were posted for each person and the castaway with the most correct at the end of 20 minutes will win immunity. Originally, I gave Natalie immunity because I had thought the deadline was at 20:00, but Natalie only had 8/10 correct. The deadline was actually 21:54 and Kelley posted a fully correct list at 21:42. So, I had to take away immunity from Natalie and give it to Kelley. This naturally caused various meltdowns and drama which I will do my best to leave out of the edit lol

*Natalie runs up to Dan*

Dan: WHAT THE......ARRRRRRRGH! What crap!!!!!
Natalie: Yeah, this is bullshit. I'm quitting this game. Hope you, Rob and Jac do too. The hosts need to do a challenge re-do or I am OUT. Give me a break. I get that it was a mistake, but it was a mistake that fucked our games. It was fun playing with you though Dan! Sucks that Kelley just won the whole game because of this bullshit. Puts a really ugly mark on an otherwise good, fun season.
Dan: So angry right now.
Natalie: Tina won't let me "quit" but I'm gonna be logging off and not getting back on. I don't play games that aren't fair. Why even play them in the first place? lol
Dan: This is a joke. I'm hopin they're sortin this mess out.
Natalie: Nope, they just posted. I'll be logging out. Good luck in the rest of the game, Dan. Hope it works out.
Dan: I'm not very happy about this crap. We're left with a crap decision to make
Natalie: I mean I'd say just vote me out. If you and Rob vote Jaclyn now then you're guaranteed final three since I won't be here in the final four. Kelley will win final four immunity and you can vote me out there, and then you're in the final three and might be able to win the jury votes over Kelley somehow.
Dan: This is such crap. We're all in the same boat havin to vote someone who we actually like. I'll hafta talk to Rob see what he wants to do.
Natalie: I'll do whatever you want. If you want me to vote Jaclyn with you and Rob I will. If you want me to penalty and just vote me out I'll do that too.
Dan: I'm gettin the sense it's me. No one is sayin anything to me. Nothing with substance. Other than you. I haven't seen Rob at all. I'm assumin he'll want to vote Jaclyn tho.
Natalie: Rob hasn't been online at all I don't think. From what I can tell, he seems more loyal to you than Jaclyn. But he might vote with her, idk.

Dan (confessional): Natalie is makin a big show about quittin. I wonder if she's really Liza Minelli. Anyway, I don't know how much to take what she says seriously. I can't help but wonder if this is all just a ploy to try and blindside me. It makes sense. Why not vote out the last Vittu in the game? I've had a target on my back since one. It's the easy vote. Kelley *ahem* won immunity. She won it. It was won under less than favourable circumstances. Natalie had it and then it was ripped away from her. There's just so much to sort through. Boston Rob is claimin' Jaclyn, Kelley,and him have a 'real final 3' room. Clearly, Rob wants to keep Natalie. Keepin' Natalie gives someone a chance to beat Kelley in the final immunity challenge. If Natalie can't beat Kelley, who would Rob side with, me or Natalie? Jaclyn wants to vote Natalie. Temptin'. Very temptin'. But it guarantees Kelley a spot in the final 3. Then it comes down to who moves on with her. There is a really good chance Rob and her vote me out. Jaclyn has been less than trustworthy over the past few votes and that 'real final 3' room, man. Whether it's real or not I don't know. There's a lot of lyin' man. Desperate people do desperate things. Boston Rob is a desperate man. He will do anything and say anything to win. In the end I'm in a no win situation. I mean that in the most literal way possible. I truly am in a no win situation. I'm gonna vote out someone I genuinely like (if not totally trust) and I'm not winnin' no matter what the vote.

Jaclyn: HI guys!!! Ugh at the drama.
Kelley: What drama? What is Natalie saying?
Jaclyn: Something about wanting to quit. Well...we got 2 votes Rob! I'm voting her.
Kelley: Good luck guys!
Jaclyn: Thanks Kel <3
Rob: Okay great

Kelley (confessional): Well, just wondering why Natalie will go postal if she doesnt get immunity lol. If shes saying that she submitted too soon, it was her fault for not checking the timestamp. I made the same mistake, but mine was I didnt even know we had 20 minutes, so I took my sweet time. She's freaking cuz she probably thinks she is going. STAY STRONG TINA AND SANDRA

*We switch to Jaclyn and Natalie talking*

Jaclyn: Talk to me. What do you wanna do?
Natalie: I don't want me quitting sending you , but I'm about to log out for good lol. No interest playing a game like this. Yeah Dan wants me to vote you. Who knows where Rob is, just let me know who to vote for or if you want me to penalty and take the hit, I'll do eithe
Jaclyn: I haven't heard from Rob yet. I think maybe we just vote Dan? I think we can trick them into splitting and do 2-1-1 somehow. If not at least we have 2 of 4.
Natalie: Ugh I can't stomach a Kelley win to this game. Yeah I'll vote Dan. I don't see them splitting their votes, but it's possible.
Jaclyn: I'll try. If I see a break to make a move to do so, I will let you know, on fb if I have to. SO you can come back it up somehow. <3
Natalie: If one of us goes  this time and we don't beat Kelley at immunity next, then the two guys just vote whichever one of us remains. so I guess this vote is kinda crucial to ensure at least one of us gets to the end

*Kelley is seen staring at this exchange*

Kelley (confessional): I should have finished that immunity challenge faster than I did lol. Some of those were too obvious. I think I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out the Tina and Kelly answers But it's time for the results to be announced and to my surprise, Natalie wins. I was totally ok with it, I mean, I knew if I didn't win, I would get voted out, so I didnt want to act too angry or upset. Well, turns out there was a mistake made with results and I ended up winning after all. I wasn't even aware of the mistake Laughing but it's not like I am going to complain if it's in my favor! So Tina goes all miss universe on Natalie, takes the necklace off of Natalie and puts it on me. I look better with it anyway. I know I am safe tonight and I am not gonna let these bitches Tina and Sandra take it away from me. MINE.

*Dan is seen pacing and Rob comes up to him*

Dan: Check the immunity challenge thread. Natalie was initially announced as the winner. But Tina then said there was a problem with the timestamp. Since Kelley posted seconds or something before the deadline and got all 10 correct Tina took immunity away from Natalie and gave it to Kelley. Kelley is immune and Natalie is pissed (rightfully so because we were all ready to kick Kelley to the curb). Natalie was talkin about quitting but said Tina said there are no quitters in this game. Natalie said she'd take a penalty if we asked and vote her out or she would help vote out Jaclyn and take a penalty next round. I don't know how much of that I actually believe. And Jaclyn wants to vote Natalie.
Rob: Geesh I missed a lot.  Anyway, who did you want to lean towards? Natalie told me she's cool with voting jacqlyn. I'm not sure if I believe she'll just give up her game for us, but let me gets feel. Jacqlyn is too wishy washy. I don't trust her. I think I'm going to vote for her. Obviously I won't vote before we talk, but she's mentioned both names to me.
Dan: Here's where I stand. If we're as solid as I hope we are it doesn't make a difference. Jaclyn hasnt done anything in the challenges so she won't help in beatin Kelley at the next immunity challenge but we can guarantee our spot in the finals no matter what. If we vote Jaclyn out then Natalie might give us a shot to beat Kelley and if so we can get her outta the game (finally). If not then we vote Natalie out at that point and we end up with the same result. We could split the votes 2 for Nat and 2 for Jaclyn and see what happens with a tie. Is it rocks? Does Kelley have to make the decision? Who knows? That's assumin they vote for one another. Then there's another scarier option, we're bein lied to, there's a super secret women's alliance and I go out now and you go out next which makes whole discussion pointless. This Jaclyn's and Nat's fault for screwin' up the split vote plan and decidin' to vote Spence out. Jaclyn coulda voted Nat out with us but chose to vote Cirie (not that I'm complainin' but it's why we're havin this discussion). Here's what I know for sure you ain't goin anywhere tonite lol
Rob: We are still solid. I like that you laid out the facts that way. Liking what I'm hearing. Votes are due at 5, but essentially we decide who goes  as we have two votes. Also... Good point about Natalie maybe giving us a shot to beat Kelly. At this point, it's just a matter of what we want to do! Either way I think we have a great shot at finals though bro. So glad we got a chance to work with one another.

*Rob leaves and Jaclyn comes up*

Dan: Okay, so much drama at the immunity challenge tonight. Great.
Jaclyn: I think we can survive this vote though. What do you wanna do though? I am not voting you. Promise.
Dan: I think it's gonna be me. The second Kelley won I knew. Ill end up votin Rob or Nat, you'll end up votin for the one I didn't vote for cuz you dont wanna vote me and Rob and Nat will vote me.
Jaclyn: I kind of wanna vote Natalie. I mean I hate to be ruthless but we're at crunch time. but, if we want to beat Kelley, probably better to have Natalie. Whatever we do we should make sure we have 2 defensive votes and we don't split obviously lol. That's at least half the vote if we vote the same. but yeah lol knowing this game....but to threaten to quit is drama queen-y.
Dan:  I don't WANT to vote any one. You three are awesome. However, from a game point I wanna get to the end. You and Rob had my back for a long time in this game goin' back to that damned cursed purple tribe. It's a lot to take in but I wanna get into the Final 3. I 'm gettin the feelin I'm in a no win scenario. I'm thinkin it's gonna be me. If ain't me now it'll be me next. I'm sure Kelley is pushin me to go. Rob ain't said anything to me since the one message I got from him today. Nothin. Be real with me. Is there any scenario where I make it to the end if Kelley wins next?
Jaclyn: Yeah cause she won't be able to vote. it'll be me/you voting that 3rd person out. Then we can gang up on Kelley at the final tribal council and let them know she's been basically left out of every plan, hasn't voted, etc. I think she can be beat. But we can still try to get the necklace tonight too:)

Dan (confessional): Right now, man, I'm doin' everything I can to make sure the vote ain't me. I'm not sure if I did enough. The fact Jaclyn and Rob haven't said my name's come up is promisin'. So the decision is between Natalie and Jaclyn. Natalie can beat Kelley in immunity. She has the ability. But if she makes it to the end, I don't think I can beat her. But I know I can't beat Kelley. Either way I think I lose. Boston Rob and me have been votin together and have been out of the same loop multiple times. He's not goin anywhere. Jaclyn, man, I don't know about her man. I don't. I think keepin her benefits me in that she's more likely to take me to the finals than Natalie would be. If she didn't pull some shady moves I would say no question, let's vote out Natalie. But I don't know. Between Jaclyn and Natalie, they've both had my back. It's a coin flip. Boston Rob and me have a huge decision to make.

*We see Rob and Natalie talking*

Natalie: Really crappy turn of events. Jac wants to vote Dan and Dan wants to vote Jac, so it's up to us I guess.
Rob: I read. Sorry about that. I'm voting Jaclyn unless you truly disagree with my decision. She said she's voting you in one thread, and then is telling you something else. I don't feel comfortable keeping both Kelly and Jacqlyn here. Sucks because we could beat her in the end, but I don't want her cutting one of us last minute and then it's like this chick didn't even do anything to be here. She's too wishy washy for me.

Tina: Welcome to tribal council. We'll now bring in the jury. Aubry, Robb, Crystal, Spencer, Todd, Cirie and Brenda, voted out at last nights tribal.

*Brenda stares forward*

Tina: Kelley, are you keeping immunity?
Kelley: Keeping it.

*Kelley is locked in the spy box*

Tina: Dan, thoughts on being the last Vittu standing?
Dan: That's the question Tina? These four have been together since the very start of the game I'm the easy vote. The sittin duck. It makes me nervous. I'm more nervous than a Vikings kicker during the final seconds of a playoff game, man. There is a very strong possibility I'm goin tonite. It sucks. This is my 12th tribal council. No one's mentioning that little fact. No one's mentionin' that we all deserve to be here and someone deservin' is gonna get voted out. Probably me.
Tina: Jaclyn, this is the finale. Do you feel satisfied having made it to this important episode?
Jaclyn: I'm nervous with so few people left. I just have to put faith into my alliance mates.

Tina: Alright, time to vote. Dan, you're up.

*Dan writes down Natalie's name*
Dan: This is not easy but I can't flip on my NuVittu alliance. Sorry. You played a helluva game.

*Natalie writes down a name and shows it to the camera*
Natalie: I'll vote Dan so there's no penalty even tho I'm going. Have a great end to the game.

*Jaclyn votes*
Jaclyn: I know this is cruel. I think it'll get me the jury votes though.

*Rob shakes his head when asked to vote*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..


Rob (penalty)

1 vote Dan, 1 vote Jaclyn, 1 vote Natalie, 1 vote left.

Fourteenth person voted out and the Eighth member of the Jury....

Natalie Anderson

Thank you so much for agreeing to play. You were fun to watch play and I'm sorry things turned out the way they did. I truly hope you come back and serve on the jury.

Natalie - reveal
I was very excited to see this person in the cast because they are old school! They def played their heart out in this game and despite an unfortunate end to their game, I'm glad they signed up because it was so fun to see their journey. I'm talking about S_winners

*The final 4 return to camp*

Dan (confessional): Natalie went and I think she voted for me on her way out. Go figure. I got another vote. Natalie was a good player. By Natalie votin me that says to me that I made the right decision in writin her name down. Jaclyn Rob and me have been an alliance for a long time. I came into this game sayin I would not flip on my core alliance. I held true to that. But the game ain't over yet. The goal was a final three of Rob Jaclyn and me. There's one person standin' in the way of makin' that happen. Kelley. She is on a huge immunity run. She's won 3 immunities in row and I think 4 individual immunities total. She's a beast. But I'm the Danimal. I've survived 12 tribal councils. 11 without the sweet, sweet comfort of immunity savin' my hide. She's gotta go down. Tonite is the last opportunity to take her down.

*Kelley approaches Jaclyn*

Kelley: Girl if we want a chance to win Dan needs to go lol. He probably has Spencer's, Todd's and Brenda's votes locked. And I am not even sure if Natalie left happy or not No one is gonna vote for Rob
Jaclyn: Yesss, this is an easy vote. I just hope Rob doesn't penalty.
Kelley: lol girl...*sigh* well I hope the jury gives us a chance

Jaclyn (confessional): I wonder if Kelley Wentworth noticed when I blatantly threw shade directly to her FACE? It was in our private room. That's how much of a bitch I am. I am rude DIRECTLY to these people and they like, laugh, or don't notice it at all. She kept yelling at me while I was swimming like a graceful swan. HELLO? HELLURRRRRRRRR? ARE YOU IGNORING ME? WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS ROOM IF YOU DO NOT WANNA TALK TO ME? I hear this loud buzzard all the way out in the ocean, that's how loud she is. When I came back, though, I unraveled my wet hair and threw it everywhere to "dry it out". I said *flicks wet hair out* and I'm sure some of it got on her. Hopefully some of my hair hit her face. And then tonight, I stuck a knife in my best friend's back. I don't need to get to the end with her so they can say I was her shadow/did her dirty work. Thanks for the help, Nat, but there's really just no room for you in the final four. Bai, gurl.

Kelley (confessional): I am really trying to figure why things went wrong with Natalie. I really trusted her and she was my main bitch. I am not upset that she made deals with other people, we all do that. Some more successfully than others. What pissed me off I guess, was the fact that it was Natalie's way or fuck you. I wanted Dan out so many times, and she just didnt seem like she was willing. Plus her victim, deer caught in headlights, act after every vote got tiring pretty quickly. I obviously knew dumping Natalie would leave me with no real allies in this game. I rarely talk to Jaclyn, and I've exchanged like, 5 PMs with Rob this entire game. I hate Dan so I am not even going to bother with him. I wanted to trust Brenda but she chose to go inactive at this crucial point in the game, so she can go too.

In the final individual immunity challenge, the players were given an incomplete link to a movie on IMDb. 7 numbers were needed to complete the link. Those numbers were given via hints. The first person to reply on the thread the title of the movie won. It only took 4 minutes for Kelley to post the correct title and win her fourth immunity in a row!

Dan (confessional): I blew it man. I misread the second question and I blew it. I gave Kelley the time she needed to win immunity and now she's immune and I have to choose between Jaclyn and Boston Rob to vote out. I'm not dumb enough to think that they won't both vote me out and that would be disappointin' to say the least. But I dropped the ball. That falls on me, no one else. I own that.

*Dan pulls Rob & Jaclyn aside for a speech*

Dan: I blew it guys. I'm sorry. I completely screwed the pooch on that, one of us is goin and that absolutely sucks. Before the vote, I wanted to just take this time to thank you both. I wouldn't've gotten this far without both of you. On NuVittu we came together and we absolutely rocked this game. I blew the challenge and it blows. You guys should not have to suffer for my error. You both have made this game both nerve wracking and enjoyable. Boston Rob, you were my brother from a different mother in this game. We voted together on the majority of the tribal councils, we were on the same page a lot of the time. You took a chance on me by votin out Rebecca and I thank you. Jaclyn, you took a penalty on that vote, but we came together pretty damn quick tho. I know you had my back 100%. If it's me, it's cool, no hard feelings. I think you both deserve to be in the final tribal council. Part of me wants you to vote me out because I'm gonna have a helluva time writin either of your names down. But part of me wants to stay mainly outta spite. Kelley has been lookin pretty smug with that immunity around her neck while wishin I'd get voted out. Whatever the decision is, I accept it. You guys are both awesome and I wanted you to know this before the vote because one of you might get angry. Go ahead and talk amongst yourselves. If you vote me, I am ok with it. I would rather give my vote to either one of you than lose in a clean sweep against Kelley who has done nothin' but win immunities.

*Dan walks away, as if he just mic dropped, Kelley walks up*

Kelley: Guys, I hope Dan finally meets his fate. He's been saved way too many times. And I am worried that jury might be too Dan-friendly and bitter towards us. Getting Dan out removes their easy way out.
Jaclyn: You here Rob?
Rob: I'm here. I'm voting Dan.

Jaclyn (confessional): Strategically I probably need Dan out. Rob would be so easy to beat. But I don't think Rob will do it and I need to exploit Dan's loyalty. Plus I think I can beat Dan, as well. I really hope Kelley is going to get 3rd. She's been so irrelevannnt. *scowls and makes the stink face* Plus she stinks. I mean it's between me and Dan or me and Rob. I think I'll just vote Rob out, bai.

*We see Dan staring into the sun*

Dan (confessional): This is a crap decision to make. The jury is full of people who Kelley didn't even vote out. She won immunity, good for her. Her hands are clean. Boston Rob and me, we're tight. We've been tight a long time but neither one of us stands a chance against all those Kelley supporters. Kelley who has never said anything to me this entire game I might add. I've given my word to both Boston Rob and Jaclyn. One of them is gettin voted out. I have to write one of their names down. Both of them have done so much for me in this game. I've become close to both of them. It feels so wrong to vote either one of them out. I'm flippin' on one of 'em and we know flippers don't win. I honestly have no clue what I'm gonna do. It's like Sophia's Choice all over again. Boston Rob and me clicked immediately. We were on the same side of the votes the majority of the game. Even when the votes didn't go our way. The dude is cool and deserves to go to the end Jaclyn has shown she's had my back consistently even if some of her methods were shady but we made an alliance first and she came through.

*We see Dan approach Rob and say something but we just get a confessional voice-over from Dan*

Dan (confessional): It occurs to me I forgot to explain my decision to vote out Boston Rob, my brother in arms in this game. The dude is pissed and I know it. It sucks I did it. I would rather go to the end with Boston Rob. Part of me is seriously wonderin' if I did the right thing. But the truth is that I gave Jaclyn my vote first, it sucks but you have to nitpick. It also occurs to me that people might vote Boston Rob over me. Most importantly, if Boston Rob can look past the fact that his closest ally voted him out, he might actually vote for me. Jaclyn is strong. She has a flawed game but she made moves. There were times when she was as shady as Rex Ryan in a women's shoe store, sure. If she can make a case on why Kelley shouldn't win maybe some votes can go my way. Kelley is more than likely winnin' this game. But if the New York Giants can beat my nearly undefeated Pats with a miracle catch to David Tyree then anything can happen.

Rob (confessional): Dan told me "But I voted you. I tried bro. I tried to win immunity. I didn't want to vote you but I promised you and Jaclyn my vote. I know your pissed and fully expect you to tear me a new one but when it came down to you and Jaclyn I had to nitpick it. You played an awesome game and you and Jaclyn both went to bat for me time and time again. I couldn't have made it this far without you." I literally cannot deal. I could see if it were a game move, but it's not strategic at all.

*Rob leaves Dan and goes to find Jaclyn*

Rob: I voted Dan. We finally did this.

*Jaclyn stares coldly at him*

Jaclyn (confessional): I thought about switching my vote to keep Rob. But I still just don't want to do it. Dan has earned his chance in the finals. I would ROFL if there was a 3-way tie. It will be the fattest thing ever if Dan votes me out. I will still vote him to win but it'll still be really fat.

Tina: Welcome to tribal council. We'll now bring in the jury. Aubry, Robb, Crystal, Spencer, Todd, Cirie, Brenda and Natalie, voted out at last nights tribal.

*Natalie whips her hair*

Tina: Kelley, are you keeping immunity?
Kelley: Keeping it. <3

*Kelley is locked in the spy box for a final time*

Tina: Dan, one last tribal council to make it through, can you dodge the last few bullets?
Dan: It sucks. I have to vote for someone. If I stay then that speaks volumes to the connections I've made throughout the game. I think it's possible. If these two vote for each other it makes me the swing vote and that means someone just as deserving maybe moreso is gettin' voted out and that rests on my shoulders just like losin' the immunity today. It sucks. It just sucks.
Tina: Jaclyn, how crucial is this vote to you?
Jaclyn: *ignoring the question* Good luck, everyone.

Tina: Mmkay, Jaclyn you are up.

*Jaclyn writes down a name*
Jaclyn: What happened with you? I really think this is my only play and it's not a good one. You definitely don't deserve it though. Take care.

*Rob votes*

*Dan votes*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..


1 vote Dan, 1 vote Rob, 1 vote left.

Fifteenth person voted out and the Ninth and final member of the Jury....

Rob Mariano

Thank you so much for agreeing to play. It's so heartbreaking to see you go so close to the end. You played a stellar game and I'm happy you chose to play <3

Rob - reveal
I was so happy when this person agreed to play. They are one of my faves on here and they played such a good low-key game. They had such good instincts and always had the right idea but sometimes couldn't get the support to pull it off. Love love love love SailormoonSk2
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Episode 13 - Season Finale Empty Re: Episode 13 - Season Finale

Post by Tina Wesson on Sat 18 Jun - 20:09:33

*After a long battle of a Final Tribal Council with lots of fighting and drama, the 9 jurors took turns voting*

*Brenda votes*

*Robb votes*

*Natalie writes down a name and shows it to the camera*

Natalie: I promised my vote to whoever I thought played the least flawed game, not the best game. Everyone had major flaws, but which finalists' flaws upset me the least? Kelley, you're just so boring and V obvious who you are in real life. That offends me. And you're going to win regardless, so why waste a vote on you? Jaclyn, love you girl but voting me out was a mistake to YOUR game. Yes, you say that you didn't know Kelley would be so popular to the jury so it wasn't a dumb move. But HOW on earth could you be blind to that fact? Voting you after such a huge oversight would be difficult. Dan, you have the same problem as Jaclyn in that voting me out was a mistake to your game, but your FTC actually really impressed me. I don't think you knew what was going on nearly as much as you claim, but overall you handled yourself well. You won't win this game, but you deserve at least second place. Therefore, my vote is for DAN tonight.

*Todd votes*

*Cirie votes*

*Rob votes*

Rob: This is a tough vote as I'm torn between two individuals. With that being said. My vote tonight is for the person I feel best outwit, outplayed and outlasted all of us...

*Crystal writes down a name and shows it to the camera*

*Aubry votes*
Aubry: I'm actually gonna throw a vote Jaclyn's way since she was so fiery about trying to get it and who knows? Maybe she did more behind the scenes than we realize, there are games like that.

*Spencer votes*

Tina: Alrighty bitches, let's read these votes!




1 vote for each finalist




2 votes for each finalist



3 votes Dan, 3 votes Kelley, 2 votes Jaclyn, 1 vote left. I can reveal the vote is not for Jaclyn, so Jaclyn you have respectably finished in 3rd.


CONGRATULATIONS! You did it gurl <3 The underdog fairytale story of our lives! Dan & Jaclyn, you have both been so amazing in this game as well.

Jaclyn - reveal
Oh Jaclyn <3 One of my dearest friends who played a hell of a game. They had a dry spell in the middle but they turned it the fuck out and played a really dominant, sneaky game. Though they did have trouble not pissing the jury off, they won my heart. I'm talking about the LEGEND, soco-81

Dan - reveal
I had no idea what to expect when this person signed up and I was so pleased to see this person play the game. They were one of the most active players, gave me PLENTY of content for the episodes, were very entertaining and their enthusiasm kept me going in hosting and writing the episodes. I'd host for you a thousand times over, CorduroyDeadite

Kelley - reveal
Ah my winner <3 You are honestly amazing. I'm gonna reveal your identity up front because I have lots to say regarding you, kyogre123! I was so nervous having you in a mystery game where I would write episodes because your games and episodes are always A+ quality and you always are spectacular. Now, I get to add another thing to the list, you are amazing to host for as well. You were so fun to watch play. This underdog game that you played endeared me to you so much and I'm so glad you were able to pull it off. Props to you!

Final Game Chart
Episode 13 - Season Finale IWShw6M

Final Edgic Chart
Episode 13 - Season Finale 3619rD1
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