Immunity Challenge 2

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Immunity Challenge 2

Post by Dan Foley on Sun 8 May - 21:20:45

1. What Survivor character was the winner of the first Mzstery Survivor series Mas hosted? Frosti

2. Who played Greg in Mzstery Survivor 5: Re-Match!? switza

3. Which IMDb user finished in 6th place in Survivor: Mexico? Parvati Shallow (KristenBellfan09) 

4. Which IMDb users were the Final 2 of Mysteryyy 2: Scream? Taum Riley (Fairy-Fauna) & Gale Weathers (Spooky33)

5. Which user quit the game in Kyogre's Mystery Big Brother 4: Game of Thrones? Sandor Clegane (metsrus).

6. How many players were there in Mystery IMDB 5: All-Stars - Crime Scene Investigation? 26

7. By what vote margin did Maxxx1986 beat DinosaurxgoesxRAWRx in Mystery Hogwarts? 4-3

8. Who were the hosts of Big Brother Incognito 1? Tanner Chen (TankTanner) and Allie Grodner (Alliexo)

9. What was the theme for the 3rd season of Mystical Big Brother IMDb? True Blood

10. Who was the guest juror in Mystery IMDb 3: Surviving the Apprentice? Amy Crews ( FarnsworthFan89
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Re: Immunity Challenge 2

Post by Tina Wesson on Sun 8 May - 21:21:57

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