Episode 3 - Final 16

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Episode 3 - Final 16

Post by Spencer Bledsoe on Wed 11 May - 13:51:47

Looks like we lost immunity yet again and Dan, Brenda and I were the only ones to show up to the challenge. According to Brenda, since I haven't been on since the last immunity challenge, Matt hasn't showed up to any of the challenges we have had so far. I personally saw him online right before this one but I don't know whether he was just checking out the game real quick or not. Robb has been MIA as far as I know but maybe he was here during the second immunity challenge or the reward.

So basically tonight it looks like it is either going to be Matt or Robb and Brenda seems to want Matt. I wanted Matt the first round because he is also not very talkative and that kinda stuff makes me really nervous to be around.

I might send Robb a PM to try to get some kind of relationship going there. If we don't switch tribes (which I'm not expecting until at least the round after the next coming one, Final 14) then I might need to see if Robb is willing to go to a tiebreaker situation. But as for tonight, I think it's pretty clear cut that Matt is going home.
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