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Episode 10 - "ARE YOU FECKING STUPID????"

Brenda Lowe...Cirie Fields...Dan Foley...Jaclyn Schultz...Kelley Wentworth...Natalie Anderson...Rob Mariano...Todd Herzog

*The final 8 return to camp*

Jaclyn (confessional): Instead of fireworks, there was just respect. I love it. You can't hate on a good game move. And a few of us, we're just ready to take this game into our own hands. Myself, Boston, Todd, Natalie, and Dan will be the final 5. Natalie is currently trying to get Todd voted out but I keep noticing her be like "hahah gotta get Kelley out but we need her for now". No we don't. I feel like she could use Kelley to her advantage. And since Kelley's always been very jealous of me, I can't take a risk. I have to make sure Natalie has no other option but Jaclyn.

*Dan throws down his belongings in sheer frustration*

Dan (confessional): Tribal Council sucked big time. I wasn't Spencer's biggest fan, the dude was probably gonna come after me at some point, and I thought we could knock him out of the game last night. But after all that posturing and indecisiveness from Natalie I thought fine, looks like it's Kelley. We were planning on splittin' the votes. I have no idea what happened. I voted Kelley. Spencer likely voted Kelley. Boston Rob probably voted Kelley. I don't know much more than that. I'm confused. What Natalie basically told me that it was my idea and she and Jaclyn decided to vote out Spence. Sure, put it on me to deflect from yourself. Natalie flipped. Now one of my best allies is on the block, Boston Rob.

Brenda: Why vote Spencer Dan?
Dan: I didnt! I voted Kelley! I just got back. I'm tryin' to figure this out!
Brenda: Your name is being dropped in. It was Natalie, Cirie, Rob and Kelley I think, who voteed Spencer. I want Rob out. I voted Cirie.
Dan: Rob didn't vote Spencer. The dude is freaking out. Hold on. Let me get to the bottom of this.

*Natalie approaches Dan and hugs him*

Natalie: Jac and I got online and realized that Spencer was targeting us and since you said he wasn't trustworthy, we figured taking him out while we had the chance would be the best move. We still should have the majority of the votes for next round though!
Dan: Dude. Wow. Bravo. I think it should have been solidified last night to prepare everyone so no one feels blindsided. Boston Rob is freakin out cuz he's on the block.

*Dan walks away and heads back to Brenda*

Dan: The plan was the 3 guys vote KELLEY. The 3 ladies vote CIRIE. That was the plan. Kelley got three votes. Clearly you voted Cirie. I don't expect a whole lotta cooperation on what exactly happened.
Brenda: Ok. Yeah. Natalie said she voted Spencer. Cirie voted Spencer so did Kelley and Jaclyn? But she said she voted Kelley.
Dan: It only makes sense if there were only two votes for Kelley. Mine and Spence's. There's no reason to swap to Kelley. if the 3 guys stuck to the plan, then Kelley gets 3. Is Rob lying or is Jaclyn? Not sure. All I know is I'm comin into this confused and basin' my opinion on what I can gather.

*Rob approaches Natalie and high fives her*

Rob: So glad this worked!
Natalie: Lol Rob there were three votes for Kelley, that was you, Dan and Spencer!! I'm fine with it since like I said, as long as neither of us go  then we should be good!! And now we should have majority whichever way we decide to go!!

*Rob crosses his arms and walks away*

Rob (confessional): So I'm in a wholeeeeeeee lot of trouble. There's not much that I can do as of now... The girls are certain I voted Kelly out and now want revenge (so I've heard from Natalie and in PM's)... Gonna see what I can do.

*Kelley and Natalie hug and dance*

Natalie: Lol I can't believe they split their votes. Dumb! Well it worked out!!!!
Kelley: Oh girl I was just about to have a heart attack! Yes!!!! <333
Kelley: Someone in the group of 5 didnt vote for him though....hmmm...It was probably Rob.
Natalie: Lol Rob messaged me "Yay it worked!!!" And I responded "umm I know you voted Kelley lmao but it doesn't matter since we're still safe!!" The "guys" were told to vote you by Dan and the girls (Me, Brenda and Jac) were supposed to vote Cirie. Obviously me and Jac weren't going to do that lol so that made the 4-3-1! I don't get why he'd try to convince me he voted with us?! He knows that I know the guys were voting you and sure enough there were 3 votes for you! PSH. He's shady AF! I'm just glad they split their vote, that was so dumb of them lol.
Kelley: Ah yes ok that makes sense. What do you want to do now girl, I am just glad we all stayed together. And remember that I am with the SJDS girls all the way to F3. Never really trusted Rob and I guess this cements my distrust of him.
Natalie: Tbh I really thought Rob would vote with us, so I'm kind of disappointed he's not :/ like I trusted him as much as Jac and thought it'd be really cool to get our original tribe to the final four. And then SJDS to the final three and you and I to the final two! But I guess he's not trustworthy anymore. At least we have Cirie! She was gonna go  after giving up immunity if we didn't vote with her!! I don't know if this means we should target Rob next, or if we should still go after Todd/Brenda/Dan. I just hope one of us wins immunity so we can give it to them and vote them out.

Natalie (confessional): So after last vote, I was expecting a huge fall out from Spencer's side of the game against me. I was expecting harsh words or at least a pissy PM or two <3 And NOTHING! I definitely had to do some damage control with Dan, Rob and Brenda, but I got them to get over it SO quickly! Almost too quickly... to the point where I'm not sure if I believe them. Which reminds me, can we talk about how IDIOTIC it was of them to split the vote?! I guess they really trusted me, but they really shouldn't have. And the best part is since it was a vote split, it was CHAOS for them trying to figure out who voted who. Brenda is apparently really pissed at Rob now which I find hilarious because Rob was the one who didn't do what I told him to do. Props to Rob for that, but you lost my trust forever. SORRY BOO! You suck at challenges though so I'll probably drag you to the end if possible. My next target is Todd, which I kind of feel bad about. He's been my failsafe this entire game. I've blamed all my hinky votes on him, and now BOTH alliances don't trust him which I find hilarious. I think it's time for him to go though, and I'm hoping to make it happen in a way that both alliances will still trust me. We'll see if I can make it happen. I don't really want to win immunity, but it might be a good idea just to make sure it doesn't go to someone I don't want it to go to.

Kelley (confessional): Something really shady happened at the last tribal council. It was supposed to be a 5-3 vote if everyone voted how they said they would. But somehow it ended up being 4-3-1. I am assuming the Cirie vote was from Brenda since that's what she told me she did. So that means someone in the group of Nat/Myself/Jac/Rob/Cirie voted for me. I'm not gonna rule out anyone though. As much as I trust Natalie, I just dont know anymore. I am starting to get paranoid about even my closest allies. But at the end of the day, I am playing this game for myself. If I have to cut a bitch, I will. I am 5 tribal councils away from reaching the end, assuming it's a final 3. Now it's not the time to slow down.

*Jaclyn runs up to Rob and pats him on the back*

Jaclyn: It's fuckin hilarious that we're in so many rooms. I don't even agree to these alliances? Someone just adds me. I think it's Dan or Natalie haha. It just shows me that they are sloppy gameplayers and they've given us all the info we need to beat them. <3 Me/you/Todd and then possibly Dan now that Spencer is out of the way. This is our clear path now. Natalie is targeting Todd, and I'm going along with it. Let her go on that wild goose chase while we get Kelley or Cirie out. Cirie isn't saying she has the idol, but Kelley is. There might not even be one. This game is just weird. All I do is just not let it be me and you , I literally don't care about the rest. It's murky, that's all that worries me. We need to be careful but if we get one more person out that we want, I think we got this. I think we've weakened Dan, now we need to weaken Kelley/Nat/Cirie. Oh and I ended up voting Spencer. I talked about voting Kelley in here, BEFORE I saw that new Sexy Six room. All the rooms are making me forget and get confused. Then I read that Sexy Six split vote room and was like no way, this group needs to be split up. I think Natalie might be with Cirie. Or Dan. She's targeting Todd currently and has talked about wanting Kelley after that. But I don't think we cut Todd loose. We need him.

*Jaclyn then smiles creepily as she hatches a new scheme in her head*

Jaclyn (confessional): I just made a ton of rooms. #smokeandmirrors (me/Natalie/Brenda/Dan, Brenda/Dan/Todd, me/Natalie/Todd, me/Natalie/Rob, Natalie/Cirie/Kelley, Cirie/me/Natalie) Let's just make it a cluster fuck and confuse everyone even more! That's my apple. The crap ton of rooms we currently have is making it easy for me to sneak around. This will just make it a done deal that I win. Nobody actually has any clue what's going on anymore. They don't even know who they're WITH! They don't even know what alliance they're in so I will decide for them. I even made rooms that I'm not in, so the people can enter them and be like um wtf. I just need this to happen. It's hilarious.

*Jaclyn then returns to Rob and continues grinning*

Jaclyn: Don't say anything but I made a ton of new rooms. they are just smoke and mirrors. The real room is me/you/Todd. Just to confuse them. I think that is something we need to exploit cause someone already made a sloppy mess so I just made it worse. I think it's Natalie making the rooms. Sit back and watch
it'll be hilarious.
Rob: Apparently Brenda is targeting me. Lol...We gotta talk. People are sketchy and I've figured out some things. Natalie is a liar. She thinks we are not as close as we are. In fact no one suspects it. She's trying to turn is against one another. Brenda thought I voted Spencer out too which is why she was targeting me. Natalie told Brenda that it was my plan to vote Spencer out, when I voted Kelly out lmfao. Natalie wanted to vote Spencer out and she did. Natalie wants Todd out. I can't vote. Its up to you, Brenda and Dan to do something. I'll be up the morning for clarification. Seeing as Kelly and Cirie want Dan out makes me want to keep him. I love your mirrors and smoke strategy lmfao. If we keep this up, no one will notice anything. Also I'm not sure if we can trust Todd... I do wish we could keep him here though... Use it against her. You, Dan and Brenda are voting the same I think. I know they still want to work with you.

*Natalie runs up to Rob after Jaclyn walks away*

Natalie: Hey watch out with what you say to Brenda, she's telling me she doesn't trust you and wants you out. I don't think she'd have the votes to do that so honestly I wouldn't be worried lol but just be on the lookout!
Rob: I didn't tell her anything, which is weird. Thanks for having my back though, Nat. I didn't tell anyone who I voted out.
Natalie: I think everyone knows you voted Kelley though since the guys were supposed to vote Kelley and there were 3 Kelley votes. But I'm going to try to get the girls to target Todd or someone else instead of you. I know Todd's going around offering different final four alliances to everyone lol so he's a little sketchy
Rob: Thank you, Nat! This partnership of ours is super solid. I hope we can pull this off.
Natalie: Of course! Like I said, I stay loyal to the person I've been with since the beginning, and we were together since Day 1!! I just don't know where to move on from here
Rob: Same here. I'm feeling conflicted now, and I'm not sure who to trust, aside from you of course.
Natalie: like the way I see it, Todd/Cirie/Kelley are together, and then Brenda and Dan are together. And then you/me/Jac are in the middle and we just have to figure out which way gives us the best shot to get to the end!
Rob: Yeah, Jac is cool too! Oh brother. If Cirie has an idol though we have to watch out. Idk. I don't even know what to think
Natalie: Maybe we could spread the word that we're all voting cirie and then she'll waste her idol and we actually vote Todd?
Rob: I think that would be our best bet. And who voted for Cirie?
Natalie: Either Jac or Brenda, not sure which one
Rob: We gotta be careful. I'm getting really nervous for us, Nat. Things just aren't making sense.

*Rob walks away, tired of the scheming for now. Natalie and Jaclyn aren’t though and find each other*

Jaclyn: So far everyone just seems lost. Brilliant plan <3 Let's move forward with our ~spreading rumors about Todd~ plan now. rofl who voted Cirie? Maybe we can say Todd did it.
Natalie: I think it was Brenda! Because with the "split vote" us girls were supposed to vote Cirie and the guys were supposed to vote Kelley. And when we obviously didn't vote Cirie it left Brenda by herself lmao
Jaclyn: Ohhhh I see. I wanna see what Cirie says though. I posted it in the Fab Five lol. I haven't heard from Dan yet. Rob got back to me, and just seems lost like always <3
Natalie: omg you will not believe this! Brenda thinks Rob was the one who voted against Spencer and now she says she doesn't trust him and wants him out! lmfao

In the fifth individual immunity challenge, the players were presented with song titles with letters missing. The first person to get it right got a point. First to 3 points will win. It was a close race between Cirie & Natalie, but Natalie ended up winning!

*After returning to camp from the immunity challenge, Natalie makes a beeline to Rob*

Natalie: I'm worried the girls might be gunning for you :/ I might give you immunity to ensure it, I don't trust Kelley and Cirie to not try to retaliate. I'm hoping that wouldn't make me go  then though
Rob: Hmmm, I'd love immunity because I feel like I'm doomed, but you're my partner and I don't want you in danger either. Let's think of what we can do. Your vote, my vote, maybe Jac's vote... I think we need two more to ensure my safety right?
Natalie: Dan told me Brenda's gunning for you too, gosh you're right this is a sticky situation!
Rob: I wrote him and he said Todd, so I think I'm a goner, because he did not mention that to me. He hasn't given me any information whatsoever.
Natalie: Well then you're not a goner, because I'm giving you immunity <3 Just act dumb and aloof on the threat, something like "Um thanks I guess? lol" instead of acting super happy or people will assume we're aligned tightly!
Rob: Woah really? I cannot wait to repay the favor, Natalie! I could kiss you right now! What do we need to do to ensure that you are safe?
Natalie: As long as our alliance sticks together then I should be safe! We just need to make sure brenda, jac and Dan vote with me to take out Todd. Maybe tell Dan that Todd's been making all these final four alliances? He has one with Kelley and tried to make one with Jaclyn I know lol
Rob: Okay, great. Moving forward, however, we need to think of a better plan of action. Brenda is super weird, and I'm not sure why she is so adamant on taking me out. Anyway, Todd, he has a room with everyone, so that should not be hard. Apparently Dan wants Cirie, but I'll tell him what you told me. Aren't Cirie and Todd working together, based off that answer? Or maybe she just said that to throw us off? I don't know anymore.
Natalie: I have NO idea why Brenda wants you out so bad either?! It makes NO sense to me. She messaged me "WHY did you give him immunity?!" lol um because he's my alliance! I gave her some BS response like "umm just to make sure we'd have the votes to take out Todd!" and hopefully that'll work out. I agree we need some game plan because if we don't keep winning, we'll start getting picked off. What are you thinking?
Rob: Yooooo it doesn't make any sense. I know why though. Jac told Brenda that she was the vote to get rid of Kelly. So it looks like I lied and Jac is good with them... Makes me sad. I need to plan this all out in my head, a clear path for us. I will be right back. I need to think, because I do not like being lied on. It's just so hard, because I don't trust anyone but you at the moment. Not even Jac. I thought she had our backs.
Natalie: Wait Jac lied about us?! What'd she say exactly? and yeah take some time to think and we can make a plan!
Rob: Jac apparently told Brenda that she voted Kelly out. So, Brenda thinks I voted Spencer out. She probably didn't mean to do that, but that's what happened. Anyway, we could either join forces with Dan/Brenda (and we'd be in the majority) or we could try with Todd, Kelly, Circe (but we wouldn't be in the majority. It would be even for the most part). I say we play the middle for now. People will need us before we need them after this round.
Natalie: Ohhhhh, I gotcha. Yeah if she says she didn't then that puts the blame on you :/ I just don't get why Brenda has this unwavering hate against you. Hopefully she'll still vote with us. Yeah the only problem is, Dan wants to go after Cirie but I'm scared of her having an idol
Rob: I hope so too. We gotta put this aside and stay in the majority. He wants to go after Cirie? Still? He hasn't written me back yet.
Natalie: I think so, he hasn't responded to me in a few minutes. hopefully he'll switch to todd
Rob: Nothing so far.
Natalie: he just messaged me, he hasn't responded to you? i'm sure he will soon. Kelley wants to vote Dan, so he really needs to get on the same page or Kelley's gonna have enough votes to get out Dan!
Rob: He told me he's thinking. -_- He needs to make up his mind already!
Natalie: I just don't think Jac will want Cirie over Todd when Todd's been making all these alliances. And we can all work together to beat Cirie and take her out, I'm not too scared of her.
Rob: I think you're right, Natalie. You've had a great intuition sense day one, so I think we should go with your plan.
Natalie: I'm pretty sure Kelley and Cirie are wanting to vote Dan, but I could be wrong. I agree though, Brenda is our best shot at it so I just messaged her about it. I'll let you know what she says!

Rob (confessional): Natalie cannot be trusted at all. She used the immunity on me, but only for her self gain. I cannot vote. She's playing stupid and pretends like she didn't know this. Like stop... People were not comparing notes (which is why it was so easy to fool them) and it was getting me in a lot of trouble! Luckily, I was able to turn this whole thing around. I told Natalie not to use the immunity on me for pure strategy. I wanted it, but you can't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Anyway, she did it, but not for the most genuine reasons.

*Rob pulls Brenda aside for a friendly chat*

Rob: Hi Brenda, I'm going to be frank with you. Given your post, it is quite apparent that you want me out, or wanted me out. I'm not sure why. I thought we were working together? I voted the way I said I would. I voted to keep Spencer here, and Kelly out. No questions asked. I did exactly as we discussed in the group. Yes, I am quiet, but I kept my word. I have not made a strike against you thus far, so I really want to know what's up? Another thing, I did realize that the votes were not lined up as they were suppose to be, so I am assuming you think I'm the one who switched? I 110% did not switch. I wanted Spencer here, because I don't trust Kelly at all, which is something I believe I've shared with the group. I don't know what I can do to prove to you that I kept my word, but I guess you will see by the end of the game. I just really don't want us going after each other for something neither of us did or didn't do. I'm pretty sure I know who switched the votes and is trying to frame me for their own game, and if you'd like to talk this out I'm here.
Brenda: Honestly, I did. I thought you did switch your vote but not now that Dan told me you voted Kelley. So for that I'm sorry. I voted Cirie and wanted her out. It's is annoying you got the frame of it though. Jaclyn said she was confused. Ugh! Who are you thinking switched? Natalie said: "Dan told me he didn't trust Spencer much, and he's barely ever talked to me so I had to switch when the vote went that way. Rob told me he was voting Spencer too but I guess he was lying to me??"
Rob: OMG now that's funny! She told me "I think I'm gonna vote Spencer to keep the Fab Five on our side for now, and Dan seemed down to lose Spencer too so he wouldn't be mad either. And if Cirie has an idol then hopefully she'd use it and waste it!" The Fab Five is the alliance they threw me into, and I went against them consisted of: Cirie, Kelly, Natalie, myself and Jac (but they just threw us in). I preferred working with you guys, so I didn't vote the way they told me to vote, which was Spencer. *light bulb moment* I didn't know she told you that. I asked her if she had any clue why you were upset with me, and she told me no. Lol. She's definitely being fishy. We can't let her know we're onto her, because she's too damn good. I'm not going to mention this conversation to anyone. As far as anyone knows, we are still at odds, but trust me, I have your back. I wouldn't have approached ya if I didn't want to work with you. If you ever have a problem like the one from earlier, please call me out on it. With the way this game is being played, I think we need to start fact checking if we have any doubts about our conversations, because people are lying right to our faces. Being that we don't question it, we take it for the truth. I've fallen victim to that too many times. lol. Master manipulators up in here. I want to work with you, and I'm willing to do whatever I can to make sure myself, you, Dan, (heck, whoever we trust) can get as far as possible. I trusted the people in our group, but now I'm conflicted and don't know what to do.

Rob (confessional): Natalie told Brenda that I voted Spencer out... That's not true. Natalie switched her vote. That's why Brenda was gunning for me hardcore. She thought I turned against the alliance. I am so glad that I reached out to Brenda, because Natalie would have gotten away with her lies if we didn't talk. Ultimately, we made a plan to make Natalie think we trust her, but we don't. Natalie is in with everyone... I don't like that. No one knows that Brenda and myself have made up. Kelly, Cirie and Natalie are definitely together. Also not good. Because I can't vote this is a sticky situation, because majority would depend on Jac (who's never here), Dan, and Brenda. Todd is with Cirie. I truly believe that. However, I gotta do whatever I can to keep Dan here. We gotta keep this numbers advantage. Jac, myself, Dan and Brenda vs. Cirie, Natalie and Kelly (ugh, so mad she stayed). Getting rid of Todd is so stupid, but at this point, it's our only option. Unless he decides to side with us. Wouldn't make sense for his game though that much. He'd be fifth on our alliance, as oppose to their fourth. I want to try and split the votes, but jac isn't on for confirmation.

*Natalie dances alone with her immunity necklace*

Natalie (confessional): OMG so I was going to throw the challenge but then one of the answers was "Work From Home" by Fifth Harmony and I'm friends with one of the girls in that group SO I FELT IT WAS A SIGN AND I HAD TO COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE! And I won it. Which is great. But then I had to decide what to do with it, and that's when it got tricky. I could keep immunity and just be 100% safe, but then I wouldn't get to vote and that's just boring! I want to play this game for fun. If it gets me eliminated and everyone turns on me, then so be it! I don't see HOW they don't realize I'm playing everyone. If they were smart they'd all come together and vote me out. Honestly, it'd be the smartest thing. And if it happens, I'd give them props. But I'm hoping it doesn't. I decided to give Rob immunity, because I know he's scared and would be thankful for it. I can spin it to Dan that we didn't know how Rob would vote so we should immobilize him and not let him vote. And I can spin it to Kelley/Cirie that we should "save" Rob so he'll be more loyal to us, plus that way our alliance of four will have majority in the vote. Honestly, it couldn't have worked out more perfect! I'm glad I went for immunity. Thanks Fifth Harmony <3 Or if you need a Sri Lankan addition, Sixth Harmony <3

*Not everyone is happy that Natalie is giving away immunity, as we see Brenda approach Kelley*

Brenda: She gave it to Rob??
Kelley: Yea why, you wanted it? lol I didnt know what she was going to do with it, she told me she was going to keep, then she was going to give it away. Have you heard any names yet? I just hope I am not a target again haha
Brenda: No lol but I said I wanted Rob out to her and she give it to him. I haven't no.
Kelley: Did you vote already?
Brenda: Yes. Todd. I heard that's what people were doing.
Kelley: No, that's what Natalie wants. I think Natalie and Dan are working together. She just DOESNT want to vote for him, even after people already confirmed they were voting Dan. I dont know how much you trust Dan, but you need to keep an eye on him. It just doesnt make sense for Natalie to want to save him so often. I voted Dan, so either Dan or Todd will go, but if you voted Todd, then that's 3 votes for Todd. It might get nasty at this tribal.
Brenda: I trust Dan but some of his votes have be hmm? So I'm not telling him everything.

*Brenda leaves Kelley and finds Dan so she can vent some more*

Brenda: She give it to Rob?? What??
Dan: Yes, yes she did. I'm pushin for Cirie.
Brenda: Good. I'll vote her.
Dan: Unless you have a better option.
Brenda: Todd might be the vote.
Dan: It's true I said that but Spence wasn't exactly warmest guy. He always asked for info but never gave any info in return. I made numerous attempts early on to talk to the guy, solidify an alliance which he ignored. I was not a fan. HOWEVER I did not vote him out. I did not flip. Our alliance sucks because there's zero communication. Kelley is targeting me, I know it. But if everyone would have just stuck to the plan we'd be fine. I see Todd Cirie and Kelley votin me. Votin Todd is dumb because he's not done anything except vote the way Cirie tells him. So, there ya go.
Brenda: Well we can vote Cirie but we need the votes.
Dan: I'm votin Todd. Apparently it's the only way to stay safe.

Dan (confessional): Can you believe this crap? I feel like my alliance came from the Island of Misfit Idiots. We had a shot to take out Cirie and it didn't work. Now, Kelley and Cirie want me gone. This would not be happening if everything went according to plan. I'm not an idiot. Jaclyn is makin a big play right now. Natalie is on the boat with her. It's a girls club. Luckily, much to the anger of Brenda, Natalie gave her immunity to Boston Rob which means he's safe. The difference is Jaclyn is someone I trust. Maybe not as completely as I once did because now her plan is backfiring. Brenda wants Rob gone. I need Rob to stay. Natalie is pushing for Todd. TODD? What the hell has he done? Unfortunately for me, I was kind of an arrogant jerk with him during the Aubry boot. He seems cool but I burned that bridge with napalm and a flamethrower. Yeah, it was my plan and Natalie and Jaclyn are takin the credit and shovin me out. Clearly Kelley has more pull than I thought. I was workin hard to keep my group together but you know what? Screw it. Ill vote to keep Boston Rob and Jaclyn, screw everyone else. I'm goin to take a back seat, which is what I shoulda been doin the whole time. I made the mistake of strategizin' more and schmoozin' less. Now I gotta fade into the background. It seems to work for Jaclyn, don't it? But that's assumin' I'm still here. I trusted that Jaclyn and Natalie would stick with the alliance last vote but they didn't. Ill be shocked if I survive this vote tonight but if I do? I made the mistake of strategizin' more and schmoozin' less. Now I gotta fade into the background. It seems to work for Jaclyn, don't it?

*Dan finds Natalie and waves to her*

Natalie: I'm thinking Todd is the vote we have to go with since he's close with Cirie, but I don't know if Rob will vote out Todd :/
Dan: Todd is the safe vote but Brenda is seriously gunnin for Rob. That needs to get diffused.
Natalie: What if I give my immunity to Rob? That way Brenda will have to vote with us, and that'll ensure four votes against Todd?? That could be a big move! omg
Dan: That will certainly help. But quick question, are we just gonna hand Cirie the game? We had a shot to split the votes and take her down last night. We have another shot to vote her out, why not take it?
Natalie: Hmmm. You might be right, with her not having immunity it could be the time to take her out. I thought voting Todd might help weaken Cirie, but if we just take off the head of the beast then that could be smart.
Dan: She has won 3 immunities so far. She is going to be tough tough to beat in the challenges. I think we take our shot now.
Natalie: It all comes down to who Jac will vote for. If Jac doesn't want to vote Cirie, then we have to do Todd. If Jac is down to vote Cirie, then with Brenda we'll have enough votes!
Dan: I will make my case.
Natalie: The ONLY thing that worries me about taking out Cirie is if she has that idol :/ do you think she'll play it on herself or will she feel safe?
Dan: If she thinks she's in danger she might. It just depends on who she would vote. Probably me? She hasnt played it yet
Natalie: Hmm will you be on later tonight/tomorrow morning? If Jac comes on we can talk to her. Who does Brenda want to vote?
Dan: I dunno. She's miffed Rob is safe.
Natalie: why would she want to vote Rob when he's with us?!
Dan: Spence went. Brenda believes Rob voted Spence.
Natalie: I guess that shows where Brenda's true alliance was. Ugh. She needs to vote with us or we're screwed. Kelley's trying to get me to vote you, but I'm trying to tell her Todd's a big threat. I don't think we can get her to vote Cirie though. Idk. I just want us safe and still in the game tomorrow! we just have to figure out the safest way to make that happen
Dan: So be it. If it's me, it's me. I know I'm on borrowed time here. Our alliance sucks.
Natalie: I don't want it to be you though! I need you in this game.
Dan: And so we're handing over the win to Cirie? Ill vote Todd. But I think this is a wasted opportunity.
Natalie: Will you be around tomorrow at all? We can wait to hear Jac's thoughts, and if she wants to vote Cirie then we can all do that! I just don't want to vote Cirie tonight and then Jac not want to vote her and I can't switch my vote :/

*Natalie waits a second and then walks away to find Kelley*

Kelley: So are we voting Todd or Dan? Well I guess Cirie already made that decision for us lol. Between Dan and Brenda now.
Natalie: Hmm are you going to be here later tonight or tomorrow? I hope Jac gets on too to see what she thinks. it worries me Cirie doesn't want to vote for Todd THAT much lol. I'd rather Brenda than Dan just because Dan is desperate as hell and would vote out Todd or Cirie if we needed him to, but I don't think Brenda would vote on our side. She's been so shifty. But if Jac and Cirie both want Dan then I'm not opposed haha
Natalie: Have you heard anything about Brenda having this hatred towards Rob? lol apparently she really dislikes him! that could definitely help us out moving forward
Kelley: No but she told me that she was shocked you gave him the immunity, because she told you she wanted him out lol.
Natalie: Lol well I do want him out since he didn't vote with us last vote, but Brenda doesn't know that's the reason
Kelley: Girl let's just do Dan and worry about Todd next round. If Cirie is gonna flip, then she's gonna flip and not much we can do, but at least it's less likely she'll flip if we vote Dan over Todd.
Natalie: Todd's coming after me and you while Dan's going after Cirie. I think I'm still going to vote Todd. I've heard Dan's even voting Todd too lol If Todd and Jac both vote Dan then my vote won't even matter, so I'm going to vote Todd just to send him a message lol he needs to stop asking everyone for alliances! That's so sneaky and shady. I'm really scared for next round because him and Cirie are such a tight pair, and there's only room for one tight pair in this game Wink haha but I'm sure we can just get him gone next, especially if Brenda really does hate Rob that much lol
Kelley: Yea we'll see what happens. Hopefully there are no 3 votes against one of us, that could be bad.
Natalie:  I mean the worst that can happen is Cirie flips, or it's a 3-3-1 vote. And if it is then on re-vote I of course vote Dan. But i don't see how it could since we have us four and then Todd as well. And if Todd is lying well it'll still be 3-3-1


Natalie (confessional): Now the biggest trouble will be getting them to vote for Todd instead of going against each other. I could play the easy game and tell Dan "Sure let's vote Cirie" and tell Cirie/Kelley "Sure let's vote Dan" but then I'd have to betray one of my alliances and show my true cards. I don't want to do that yet, so Todd is the perfect option for me. Going forward, I want everyone in the game to be the people I talk with the most. We took out Robb, who I never talked to. We took out Crystal who I didn't trust. We took out Spencer because he didn't talk to me. All that's left is Todd and Brenda, and then the final six will all be my "friends". Friends who I don't think will target me until it's too late for them. I'm reminding Dan that Cirie probably has an immunity idol (lol) so that will hopefully get him to vote Todd. We'll see what happens.

*All this walking around has made Dan tired so he sits down and spits out his emotions*

Dan (confessional): Considerin' I'm the likely guy to get voted out I tried to make amends with Todd. I know I was kind of a dick to him when he asked about an alliance. I tried. Did he say 'Yeah bro, its a game' or 'No problems mi amigo'? Not at all. He responded with "I thought you were goin' last time and I was shocked when Spencer left". Yeah, we all were, thank you Captain Obvious. Those of us who didn't vote Spence out were surprised. If the powers that be, Jaclyn, determine Todd should go well yipee kiyay

*We see Cirie and Todd hugging*

Todd: So what do you think of the vote?
Cirie: I have no idea. What are you thinking I havent heard snytging from anyone
Todd: Dan?
Cirie: im good with that if that is what you want to do
Todd: Ok let's hope it's not one of us

*Cirie leaves Todd to find Natalie*

Cirie: I will vote whatever you want you just let me know
Natalie: I'm down to vote Dan or Brenda, it just depends who Jac will vote! If she doesn't want to vote Dan or Todd or Brenda or whatever, then we won't have enough votes :/ I'm hoping she gets online soon.....Okay I just talked with Kelley about this! With you/Todd/Kelley/Jac's votes then that'll be majority, so my vote doesn't really matter. I'm going to throw a vote to Todd just to send a message that he needs to stop aligning with everyone, it's just way too shady for this part of the game!! Hopefully he'll think that Brenda voted him or something and he'll get more scared!
Cirie: Okay sounds good to me. I wanted to talk to you before I voted. I hope Todd is not lying, ties scare me a little. I hope dan does not have an idol
Natalie: I feel like if he had one he would have already played it!! So unless he's just been saving one then I don't think he does! But idk for sure I guess

*Rob pulls Jaclyn and Todd aside to talk*

Rob: Moving forward, can we discuss who we're voting. These past few weeks I literally felt like I was pulling a name out of a hat.
Todd: I won't be back til late tonight I can talk to you guys then.
Jaclyn: From what I'm gathering you guys, everyone has long term games except us. These votes just don't ever make sense. The girls and Cirie are together. There's a room with them that I'm in. Dan and Brenda, Natalie and Kelley. I never hear about Rob, Jaclyn, or Todd. This makes the most sense for us. Nobody will see this threesome coming. What move can we do to assure that we can wipe the rest of them out before they get us?
Todd: So what do you think of the vote?
Rob: I don't have a vote because I'm immune. Have you two decided what you want to do?
Todd: I am Thinking dan is that ok with you Jaclyn?
Jaclyn: Yeah that's the other name I'm hearing. And Cirie. But Dan's made it too far already.

*Natalie approaches Jaclyn with the intention to gossip*

Natalie: Okay so everyone is so stupid lol. Brenda for some reason has a vendetta against Rob and wants him out. Cirie and Kelley want to vote out Dan, and Dan wants to vote out Cirie. So we just need to decide if we want to go with one of the sides, or convince everyone to vote for Todd. Because both sides somehow believe that Todd is in the other alliance lmao I don't understand it. I guess he's just so inactive that he's not aligned to anyone and everyone assumes he's against them since we've blamed votes on him? Either way, we've done well haha Since Dan wants Cirie and Kelley/Cirie want Dan, I think it'd be the most hilarious to give NO ONE what they want and get everyone to vote Todd! Basically everyone's looking to you because Brenda/Dan think we're with them, and so do Kelley/Cirie. And they know they need our votes, so right now they're all waiting for you to get online and tell them who you want to target and they'll go along with it haha. I'm hoping we can convince both groups to vote Todd and that will confuse the FUCK out of everyone when the votes are revealed. Let me know if you can think of a more hilarious way to play this vote. And if you're down for the Todd plan, then just go on the different group pages and say that Todd's trying to make alliances with you and he needs to go. Maybe even "I've got to go now for the day but I just voted Todd!!" lol play up that "inactiveness" angle and that'll force them to vote with you or risk being voted out themselves. I'm currently cracking up at the thought of these two sides fighting so heavily about who to vote for and then being SHOCKED when it's a 6-1 vote against Todd lmfao or 7-0 if he penalties lol!
Jaclyn: K I'll push the Todd thing!

*Jaclyn smiles and obnoxiously walks away leaving Natalie leering at her for saying one sentence in response to an essay*

*We see Jaclyn’s real purpose for leaving was to gossip with Rob*

Jaclyn: This is an important vote.Sorry for not being on. I don't know if we can trust Todd either. I think I wanna vote him, Natalie, or Kelley. Me/you/Dan/Brenda is the best final four at this point. It seems the easiest for us too, to beat them. Dan might be difficult but us 2 together can beat him. I'll let you know what I decide.
Rob: Okay yeah! Let me know. Obviously I have our best interest so whatever you want to do, I'm cool with. I can't vote this week, which is why I'm sure Natalie saved me. I don't know if they have an idol or not Cirie... But we gotta be careful. I agree that teaming up with Dan/Brenda is our best bet... But we still have to beat them.
Jaclyn: What I've gathered is, the vote is Todd. I guess that's okay since Todd wants to vote Dan. I can't do that. I think our best interests is with Dan and Brenda cause: Natalie gave you immunity and I'm sure it had more negative aspects than positive ones. She's lying to the girls, but I can tell she's also lying to us. I am wondering if maybe we pull a blindside on her next...But for right now I'm gonna vote Todd to trick her to think she's got control. We both want it anyway, plus it might make her try a little less hard at immunity. I will definitely be here I'm on vacation from work now:) I kind of did like the Todd/me/you idea cause he's so random and probably easy to be for jury votes but nah, the other option is Dan and like I said I think we have better end game options with Dan. Natalie/Kelley/Cirie gotta go next.
Rob: I just thought of something... What if the plan is to idol Todd? And then Dan definitely goes ? I hope I'm paranoid.
Jaclyn: I hope so too. It sounds like it. I got the impression Cirie doesn't have one. But if we lose Dan then we'll regroup but I think it's paranoia. It's quiet for sure tho.:/

Jaclyn (confessional): So Today I decided to vote out Todd and side with the Brenda/Dan/Boston side of things. Next, I will probably make a really complex move but I haven't figured it out yet. These people are actually waiting on my vote. Set myself up perfectly! Obviously, we won't need to make Todd's room as Todd is going bye bye today. Thanks for playing, Todd, we have some nice wine baskets prepared for you at Ponderosa. Better just stick to alcohol you're not that great at this Survivor stuff anymore.

Tina: Welcome to tribal council. We'll now bring in the jury. Aubry, Robb, Crystal and Spencer, voted out at last nights tribal.

*Spencer looks smug*

Tina: Natalie, are you keeping immunity?

Natalie: This spy box is crusty af with Tina's moldy toe socks and Sandra's moist knee-length stockings COVERING the place. I want out of here so I'll give immunity to Rob.

*Natalie leaves the spy box and Rob is locked in*

Tina: Dan, how did last night's tribal council affect the game?
Dan: It affected the game because we had a plan and people went against the plan. Even now I don't know who exactly voted for who. Once again, Im thinkin it could be me. How many bullets can I dodge right?
Tina: Brenda, what do you think is the most important quality to have in this game?
Brenda: Alliances Tina. People you can relie on.

*Crystal is shown staring daggers into her*

Tina: Cirie, was your immunity decision strategic or kindness?
Cirie: I did it out of kindess, Todd is the last person left from my original tribe so we have to stick together.
Tina: Jaclyn, how have you made it this far in the game and still not eaten the apple in your hand?
Jaclyn: It's not for me to eat. It's for someone else.

*the soundtrack stings as Jaclyn looks on with a blank, sociopathic expression*

Tina: Todd, is the show helping your sobriety?
Todd: The show is 100 percent helping my sobriety. I am having a lot of fun so far. I really hope it's not me tonight.
Tina: Kelley, do you think the jury will value social ties or aggressive strategic decisions?
Kelley: I hope they value strategic moves over social ties, because you don't want to upset the fans if the best player loses the game to the popular girl *coughMichelecough*

*Tina z-snaps but then coughs to hide it*

Tina: Alright time to vote. Dan, you’re up.

*Dan approaches the booth and writes down Todd’s name*
Dan: It looks like it's you or me pal. Unless everything changes at the last second.

*Natalie votes*

*Brenda votes*

*Jaclyn votes*

*Kelley votes and reveals it to the camera* Episode 10 MzAyJgn

Kelley: I kind of just want to vote for Natalie because I am that mad. But I dont want to screw things up. Hopefully you leave, please take your nasty ass out of hereeeeeee!!!

*Todd votes*

*Cirie votes*

Tina: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out must leave the game immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote..


1 vote Dan, 1 vote Todd.



2 votes Dan, 2 votes Todd.



3 votes Dan, 3 votes Todd, 1 vote left.

Eleventh person voted out and the Fifth member of the Jury....

Todd Herzog

Thank you so much for agreeing to play. I'm  sorry you didn't make it all the way but you'll be on the jury to help decide the winner!

Todd - reveal
This person def exceeded my expectations for him in this game. I thought he'd forget about the game and leave early but he fought and actually made it to the mid-jury stage. I'm very proud to say Todd was cooltu101

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Edgic chart - so far
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